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+ 16 = 146

DH is accusing me of throwing things out just to meet this challenge… smile.gif
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Originally Posted by tm0sweet View Post

+ 16 = 146

DH is accusing me of throwing things out just to meet this challenge… smile.gif


But as long as it's not stuff you use/need/want to keep, isn't that the point, since it's basically decluttering?

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Originally Posted by bmcneal View Post

But as long as it's not stuff you use/need/want to keep, isn't that the point, since it's basically decluttering?

That's what I told him! I'm just more motivated to declutter than usual and he gets defensive when I start going through his things mwahaha
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+ 1


594 out of 2013


1419 to go ...

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9 - 7 bags of trash, 2 bags of recycling

3 - bags of cans and bottles for redemption center

163 - various kids items (clothing, bibs, towels, etc)

2 - carseats that we scalped for new buckles when my daughter broke the tabs on her car seat

13 - DH's tee shirts that were deemed too ratty and holey to wear any longer (they've been repurposed as rags)

8 - pairs of DH's pants that he either never liked or didn't fit right - Goodwill

1 - highchair - Freecycled to a new home

8 - books I gave to my mother for her trip to Florida

4 - stacks of paperwork and receipts gone to the tax guy for our home business

33 - random items from my bathroom - old separated lotions, half used items, things I never liked...



New Total: 398...slow and steady, right?

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+ 17 ( mostly from DD2's wardrobe => some for the bin, some to give to school - for when they have "accidents"- and some i'm going to try giving tonight at a mom at DS's sport session)


611 out of 2013


1402 to go

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Still cleaning off my desk. 100 papers to recycling and/or burn = 10 items for the challenge.


I can see half of the desk surface - I am getting excited to see it all!


New total 194/2013



1 pr socks

2 books

1 cell phone holder  - Goodwill


New total 198/2013

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only + 4 items this morning .... and 5 yesterday apparently (have started a reminder on paper with 3 columns to try remain "in focus")

so +9 in fact

620 out of 1393


the reason i'm so happy today about  decluttering (although i fidget and feel anxious when i open a plastic bag where i shoveled it all "for sorting in later") is that

- this morning i gave 4 or 5 items of clothing at kindergarden

- this lunchtime, someone should be coming to pick up second hand books to send to Haïti

- tonight, i'll wait near the recycling bins in the next street so as to pass on a few american size 3 ring binders to an expat

i've already counted these items in previous days

BUT the big thing for me is to SEE stuff leaving, all on the same day

like ... i'm finally LEARNING the way things should have been for ... years ????

i was thinking i should be doing it .... and now, i am slowly making it happen YEAH !!!!!

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Took stuff to various places this week, including the big consignment sale. A few of my stuff at the sale will be returned to me if not sold, so not counting those until I know they're gone. The rest will be donated if not sold, so they are GONE.

48 things taken to Goodwill
1 pair jeans given to friend
444 items taken to consignment sale smile.gif

so 493 + 53 = 546 items gone. 1467 items to go. 27% done!!
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7 non-perishables we can't use- given to my mom

10 dried out markers- trash

1pr pants- donation bag


New total: 618/ 2013

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Thread Starter 

50 dvd's

25 books

5 pairs shoes

4 bags stuffed animals

4 laundry baskets of clothing

2 garbage sacks misc baby items



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slow start with this. i got rid of some things in jan. but forgot to post, good old mama-brain going on!


3 baby einstein music toys

1 pillowcase

1 comfortor

2 polar fleece blankets



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Tidied sock drawer. Tossed some old pairs not worn in ages. Counting 5. 

Sorted one box of old kids clothes. 3 bags to charity bin, handful bits to keep for sentimental reasons, rest planning to try on ebay whe I have more time. Just counting the charity bin bags, was probably 30 items. 

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am going to count what i sorted from DH's wardrobe => + 16 items


636 out of 2013


1377 to go !

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146 + 6 chewed up baby spoons = 152

Slow and steady
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+ 7 pairs of shoes from the kids


643 out of 2013


1370 to go !

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36-winter boots with soles coming off and leaking (thrown out)

37-non-working heater (thrown out)

38- pair of jeans son outgrew

39-41 22T pants that I shrank out of!!!!!



44- lunchbag

45-piece of fabric





57-confused tealight holder- why would you mix egg shapes with christmas/winter decorations?  Is it Easter or Christmas?

58-59- pegboard holder things

60-61- plates

62- tweety bird pants daughter outgrew. :)

63- 4" heels

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I am a late starter...

2 old broken garage cans....to the trash,
26 children's books......to a local early education center to be used in a preschool classroom,
29 adult books......to the local library to be sold in their used book sale.

So 57 items in total and a long way to go.
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40 old computer games (recycled carboard)
6 old software
1 ruined pair of pants
2 ruined shirts
1 ruined pajama pants
1 old ruined comforter
1 old garment bag

1 small block decorative foam
1 bag spanish moss
2 golf shirts - G
3 duffle bags
1 blanket
2 pillowcases
1 wooden cross
1 sewing machine
4 packs of x-max lights
6 books
14 dress pants - LN
3 dress tanks - G
2 formal dresses - LN
8 dress shirts - LN
1 vest - LN
4 formal suits - LN
1 formal skirt - LN

Old Total: 140/2013
New Total: 247/2013
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3 cookbooks

2 thermoses



1 cookbook

1 vase

1 ceramic mug

1 ice cube tray



1 pile of papers from my bathroom and dining table


= 10 more  -- 762/2013

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