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Sold a set of baby gates on Kijiji!



1 old cell phone contract
4 invoices
1 letter from the bank
3 receipts
5 birthday cards
2 pairs of baby socks
2 stained bibs
1 piece of cardboard
1 broken baby tie
1 torn baseball cap
1 membership renewal we aren't going to use


6 small plastic bags for the fairly newly acquired dog's walks


1 butter dish still with the wrapping on it



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+ 9 this morning (baking supplies i never use )


652 out of 2013


1361 to go !

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counting 7 more items because i deleted myself from 7 email subcriptions that I never read and clutter up my email inbox. Yay!  Hopeful there will be more to come to get a handle on that crazy clutter!



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Been a busy week! I can always tell when I come back and the thread is pages further than where I last posted! WTG FOLKS! 




Leather Business Card Holder


CD's x4



Shrink wrap for soaps

Nursing padsx6 sets, wet bagsx2, washies, hatsx3, outfit, headband



Broken flashlight


352 + 24  = 376 / 2013 $323 in my pocket

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I am just joining.... gave away 19 pieces of clothing so far today!
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+38 for a total of 57!
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3 books

2 toys



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This is addictive. I am up to well over a hundred. I will post the total at the end of my day. Half broken stand for the poker keyboard... gone! Broken tablet case.... Gone. Yahhhhh!
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152 + 17 =169
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+ 5 items (from the bathroom)

657 out of 2013

1356 to go !

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2.5 months until moving day and I'm decluttering in a focused and liberating way. 


Sold, gifted away, or sold this weekend: 


7 cookbooks

12 mugs

8 specifc baking pans (think shaped pans and madeline tin)

27 cookie cutters

13 various gadgets, extra spoons, etc

16 cloth napkins

2 tablecloths

1 picnic basket

Cusinart ice cream maker

donut maker

electric knife

extra rolling pin

2 metal rectangular pans

7 vases

a large box of floral arrangement supplies

a large box of sewing patterns, notions, and fiberfill



extra mattress & box spring

garden gazebo


rocking chair

wicker furniture set


large bag of bed linens

old comforter set

a large bag of clothes, one for each family member

a bag of baby clothes found hidden in a closet


crystal flowers

5 framed prints

3 wooden shelves

7 Precious Moments figurines

a large box on seasonal decor

wooden wine rack

a large box of outgrown toys



I honestly feels as if a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that more than mere material possessions have been shed. Focusing on deowning and realizing that anything I hold onto is depriving somebody else of using this item has been a tremendous focus as I purge in anticipation of my family's upcoming move. 

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First ever yard sale!



Toy train table

jog stroller

2 Tonka trucks

umbrella stand

box of cider mulling spices (eyes roll)

sewing machine

dog crate

cat crate

a fan


2 motion-sensor lights

a bike

sound bridge

a computer tower

gravy separator

dust ruffle

2 pairs linen pants



lawn mower

leaf blower

batting helmet

7 cookie cutters

a can of cake decorating tips

2 platters

handful of pool accessories

13 unopened light switches, dimmers, electrical outlets, face plates

handful unopened sprinkler heads

game table


toy box covered with different locks and latches

2 phones




Oh golly, I can't remember everything. 


I'm just going to say 75 objects.  


Mrs.Mischief, great post!

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More tidying - cleaned out kids drawing/craft drawer, and tossed old crayons/pens etc. Also 2 old pairs of socks with holes. 

I'm not great at keeping count, but I like being accountable, and this thread is just keeping me in the mode of having a clear out. So thanks for the companionship. smile.gif 

Guessing 20 things. So that gets me to 176/2013
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This is so much fun! I thought it would be hard to keep the momentum.... But I find it exciting each time I get to cross off a square on my 2013 chart! I went through my closet again after putting away laundry and found about another ten things. Everywhere I look there is something I don't love in my house. It is great! My house already feels easier to manage. Tomorrow afternoon I have a babysitter, and want to find 25 more things to get rid of. Yahhh. I am up to 259 (from 57 last time I reported).
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brought to work's break room:

2 boxes of tea i don't like

2 boxes of instant office i never drink



1 cell phone holder

2 vases

1 pair of shoes

1 hat

1 pair of pants

2 pillowcases

1 pot holder




2 empty boxes

3 newspapers

2 cataloges

1 huge stack of papers and cardboard boxes


=21 more; 790/2013

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 Focusing on deowning and realizing that anything I hold onto is depriving somebody else of using this item has been a tremendous focus as I purge in anticipation of my family's upcoming move. 



love this... ive also been thinking along similar lines lately and it has really helped me think about decluttering not as "getting rid of something i might someday need" and more like "giving something i never use to someone that could actually use it and may need it... and if i ever need it again, i can buy it again"   (i've never had this need to re-buy though)

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+ 37   (DH's items, easier than sorting out my stuff LOL !!!)

694 out of 2013

1319 to go !!!

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169 + 102 = 271

Kitchen items
Broken blender
Set of silverware we don't need
An entire bag full of bottle caps (really?!)
5 empty rum bottles (REALLY?!)
Chai latte mix
Faux flowers
Silverware container
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87+ 13




slow but sure...thumb.gif

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5 Stained baby shirts
1 Towel - ripped
1 Plastic play hat
20 Valentines for DD
2 Pieces of DD's artwork
1 pair of old shoes

2 pencils
1 eraser

Old Total: 247//2013
New Total: 280/2013
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