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I went through my daughter's dresser and freecycled all of her outgrown clothing:


*7 pairs of jeans

*3 pairs of pajamas

*baseball pants

*baseball shirt

*soccer shorts

*2 soccer shirts

*3 woolen sweaters

*5 tee shirts


I also removed her old partnerless socks and outgrown undies but am unsure if I should count them as decluttering seeing as we'll be replacing them with fresh new sizes tonight. ;)


I also gave away a bag of Mega Blocks and a wooden marble run toy on Freecycle.

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Old Total: 247/2013



6 hole-y socks

1 ripped tshirt


New Total: 254/2013

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Picked up my unsold items from the sale and only got 2 back! So 25 more items gone from that
25 items sold at sale
5 misc. items trashed

30 + 546 = 576/2013.
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Originally Posted by Curlyfry7 View Post

Picked up my unsold items from the sale and only got two back

That is fantastic! Congratulations!

I went through my three year olds closet this morning and found twenty things to give away. Plus a bunch of other stuff.

My total is now 280/2013 = 13.9%
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3 plastic bottles cluttering my counter for the past couple weeks. urgh.

1 pair of shoes, worn today and made my feet achy. yuck.


=794/2013... =39% and it's only the 2nd month of the year! wooooot! this is a HUGE accomplishment for me!!!

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Oh no I am only ay 341! That is only just under 17%. I guess I am just on track if each month was the same but I crave faster progress. I shall see what I can do this weekend.

On the plus side I found a wonderful book I will actually read now, a book I was meant to return to my dad last year, and some razors that finally matched up handle to blade for the first time in years!
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Third garage sale!  Got rid of morrrrre stuff!  Again, I didn't keep track of how many objects. But I estimate 100. 


Comes to 19.32% of 2013. 

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7 coffee mugs

1 drink pitcher

1 veggie steamer to the free store


new total 207/2013

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I cleaned out my son's closet and got rid of things he doesn't wear (i get too many great hand me downs). New total 423. I was giving them to someone and took the opportunity too give them books and toys too.

I also got rid of three boxes that were the first three hundred things at the local community center. Yahhh nothing went back in my house!
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Broken CD player

Broken keyboard

Misc toys from bottom of the box (8)

19 misc trash items from bottom of toy box




4 clothing items



376 + 35 = 411/2013 $323 in my pocket

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I away this weekend so nothing going to happen with clear out, but during the week I rehomed a set of 6 pasta dishes, and a can of coffee grounds we didn't like. Also gave a pair of old wellies to the daycare, and tossed a pair of sons jeans with broken zip. I think that was all, bu nmight have forgotten something. This thread just keeping me motivated to keep trying, so I'm gradually just getting there. Thanks again. smile.gif 

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Broken GI Joe

Christmas box

Broken wand

Comics (5)

Broken Clock

Broken Pocket Watch

Another old keyboard



toy drum

knit bracelet

xmas ornaments

cat toy tube

3 CDs

2 workbooks

10 books

alphabet letters magnetic

flash cards

alpha tape

GI Joe clothes

rubber ball

video camera

flower seed roll 


DVD case


(Can you tell I was cleaning out a kid's school area!?!?) 


411 + 39 = 450/2013 $323 in my pocket

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1 bra

2 mismatch hangars

2 pair of socks

1 walkman

1 discman

1 tunic

1 dishcloth



6 boxes



3 uneaten leftover food containers


=18 more; 812/2013

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9 magazines and newsletters on work related topics to the recycling bin


New total 216/2013

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ooops.... it's been a while since I updated 2whistle.gif


This week's haul....


Taken to the waste/recycling centre:

4 rusty old garden chairs

1 rusty table

1 old broken seat

1 old laundry basket



34 clothing items

5 pieces of play jewellery

1 bag


Electrical recycling bag:

1 old modem



1 pile miscellaneous crafty bits/threads etc.

1 v. old pair runners

2 old mismatched socks



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*6 puzzles

*3 board games

*7 children's books

*3 wooden vehicle toys

*wooden easel

*8 recycled glass jars from spice cabinent

*5 bags of expired herbs/spices



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1 pair old trousers - binned
1 book - donated
1 rusty bucket - binned
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Isn't it crazy how much garbage lives with is? I went through my kitchen JUNK drawer and tossed over fourty things! And moved about another twenty to their rightful homes. And old holey socks? Why do we keep them?

I am up to over 400 now!
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HappyMonkey- It really is crazy! I'm trying to be compassionate with myself as I see the pile grow and consider how much time, money, and energy has gone into the accumulation and care of the "stuff" in my home/life. I often joke that half my life is spent shoveling "stuff" from point a in the house to point b. The growing giveaway boxes prove it. ha!


*7 cookbooks

*2 pairs of shoes

*4 bottles of chemical reeking washable tempera

*box of 48 Crayola colored pencils

*4 plastic children's plates


*never used ink stamps

*lace doilies

*2 floral design books

*box of National Geographic back issues

*dried bouquet 

*5 nature study books

*outgrown winter hat

*large metal mixing bowl

*box of paper crafting supplies

*tealight candles

*tea light candle holder

*box of nearly new hair styling products





Have any of your read this blog post about "aspirational clutter"? Link: http://www.365lessthings.com/cindys-weekly-wisdom-is-your-clutter-a-pile-of-should-ready/

I've been mulling over it today as so much of what I've been purging in recent weeks has been precisely that: shoulds and aspirations that will never authentically and truly be me. I figured the message is a welcome one to many of the posters on this thread. :)

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14 items of kids clothing donated

1 bag of parts to a breast pump that I am no longer renting -  to the trash


new total 231/2013

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