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1 wall shelf

3 tupperwares

2 Tupperware lids

1 old toaster

1 hangar


=8; 859/2013

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Just finished the session with the professional organizer.  It is amazing how much faster it goes with help.  We didn't even focus on getting rid of stuff, just on organizing what was here.  So I didn't purge nearly as much as I had hoped.  But we made good progress and I still shed a good bit.  


Trash: 110

Donate: 208




That is only 167 more to go to reach my "mini goal" of 1000 by May 1!

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Great progress mamaruga! I'm stalled at the moment. My 2 year old just weaned herself due to my pregnancy, stopped napping as a result and I'm having a very hard time with all that. I aim to start on my closet this weekend and weed out a lot of old bras, undies and socks. Then it's DD's closet where we're making room for spring and summer stuff, then finally sort through the old baby stuff and decide what we're keeping for the new arrival.
Then finally, the dungeon aka basement, maybe the attic too if we're feeling particularly ambitious. I don't know if we'll make 2013 in 2013 but we will surely try!
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You're very ambitious, skycheattraffic!  I can't imagine being pregnant and mothering a 2 year old AND tackling the 2013 challenge.  I don't think I'd have the energy for it at all.   It is probably easier to do now, though, then with a baby and a 2 year old!  Good for you!

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Thanks mamaruga but to be honest it's just me trying to avert disaster. I'm not a great housekeeper but even I can keep my new, decluttered downstairs clean! My kitchen (while not spotless) is functional and neat each morning and cooking isn't stopped by yesterday's dishes. Best of all, my DD is picking up the habit of putting toys away! Not spontaneously all the time but she is definitely responding to the order and neatness and is thriving. Honestly most of that stuff can wait but the progress already made (under 400 items) has literally changed my life. I couldn't handle my 2 year old plus a newborn plus a kitchen always piled high with dishes and a living room that needs an hours work just to be vacuum ready. It's a matter of survival and sanity but I love being called ambitious with respect to decluttering!! You just made my day hug.gif
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+ 13 (sorting out my sewing box)

1040 out of 2013

973 to go

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I need to get going again... I have been busy getting our house ready for showings and not digging for give away stuff. I find it has created a habit though. Probably on a daily basis I am getting rid of five things and not even counting. It all makes a difference though doesn't it?

Even before putting our house on the market suddenly the house is just cleaner and tidier. I am starting to think I could have a beautiful house that is nice to live in soon.
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took me ... more than10 hours to get round to starting on my big challenge (the accumulated plastic bags in my bedroom, where i shoved loads of stuff in a hurry, last week AND a while back too ), then 5 hours of slow, slow progress, sorting through mostly papers, but not only, so as not to throw away something important

have 2 and a half bin bags full to throw away, more than 200 items i'm sure


+ 200

1240 out of 2013

773 to go

- i still haven't found the watch i baught when i got my diagnosis in August 2011 ... when i came back home in order to start my treatment, i ... shoved it somewhere, cannot remember where ... nor what it looked like since i had just baught it, ... i just know that it was one of the few that met my criteria for practicality and style ....

- found DS's final summary of his eye re-education sessions ... & where it's written that i should make an appointment with the eye specialist ... for now !!!!

am going to ring tomorrow & have stored it in one of my two newly revamped household folders, so as not to loose it again !

i need to go to bed now, only 1.5 hours until the alarm clock is going to ring .... not sure what state i'll be in for the roller blading class !!!

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5 necklaces from my childhood passed on to my niece

1 bracelet, also to niece

1 jewelry box, to my niece


859+7= 866/2013

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Tossed 5 mouldy bath toys and the mouldy net bag they were stored in. 

266/2013. Need a bit of a speed up. Not sure I'll make this goal, but it's still motivating me to look for things we don't need around the house so I'm happy. 
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I am up to 1571 now.  Mostly trashed things today (and I didn't count each individual thing, but just the "piles" of like things as 1), but I put quite a few things in the donate pile as well.  I don't count those until they actually leave though, so my number should jump up whenever I hit goodwill again. :)  There is so much gone, but I still can't "see" the difference.  All the obvious stuff is gone now, so at this point I am just going through things over again every few weeks and seeing if I missed anything the first time.  I feel like I want to have so much less, but we still have so much!

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Amazing, wife&mommy! Impressive numbers. I'm still under 400 but already it's made a big diffference. Keep plugging away and give yourself some well deserved kudos for all your hard work!
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Amazing, wife&mommy! Impressive numbers. I'm still under 400 but already it's made a big diffference. Keep plugging away and give yourself some well deserved kudos for all your hard work!
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I gave away the old wooden porch swing that has been waiting 10 years for refinishing.  Threw away two old pairs of underwear.



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2 tubes lipstick - tossed

3 bottles nailpolish, bagged for giving to my sponsor child's mom in Haiti during my visit in may!

1 silverware tray

1 painting


7 more = 873

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Clothing and photo album donated- 10

Feng Shui stuff to STBX- 5



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Up to 1712 today.  Most of the stuff gone today was from things the kids didn't want anymore, and some shoes.

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I was side tracked for a little while and unable to remove any more clutter from our house due to other commitments. Today, I got back on that train and continued.. Got rid of another 25 items. The lot was comprised of toys, unused boxes, clothes, shoes and general house stuff.


One corner in our small living room is now empty!


Tomorrow and Sunday is 'shredding' and 'organizing all my stuff for selling on ebay' weekend. Fingers crossed I get it all done!


426 / 2013

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Did a mega clean out of the master bedroom and bathroom and now my count is up to 1801! Getting so close.

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Another 5 items gone...


431 / 2013

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