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Omg my last productive post was like 50 posts ago! DH took DD to grandma's house and my mom helped me tackle the disaster that was the master bedroom.

19 clothing items
1 lunch box
5 linens
3 pairs of shoes

27 items of old underwear/bras
18 misc

389 + 73 >> 462 / 2013
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Today (so far) has been productive! Not entirely decluttering, but I'm almost done prepping all the baby stuff (over 100 items) for sale on ebay and I managed to declutter.


5 items donated to animal shelter

3 items returned to their rightful owner

82 outgrown/too-many-holes-beyond-repair clothes donated for either wear or scrap cloth

3 peices of small furniture


I'm not done yet, but had to document my progress for today. We still need to shred a good couple hundred documents.


524 / 2013


joy.gif I met my first goal of 500! joy.gif

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We met our goal!  2016 things out!  After a garage clean out and a goodwill run, we were there yesterday!  I am so excited!  Things are starting to be much easier to find around here and I am really noticing a difference.  I want to keep going, but I am not sure what my second goal to be.  We are down to what we use now.  I can go through the office again, I am sure there is some more in there, but other than that, I've done what I can do.  I think I'm going to go back through everything again, because it seems every time I do, I at least find a few more things we can live without.  I'm just not sure what the goal should be, and I need a goal, because without it, I am not very motivated I have noticed.

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Thanks Nazsmum! smile.gif

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+55 makes 1055. It is amazing how much junk builds up in art supplies.
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haven't posted in ages

+ 12

1252 out of 2013

761 to go

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+ 4 (little by little ....)

1256 out of 2013

757 to go

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Been sick, busy at work and battling an evil raccoon that thinks that underneath my porch is homeangry.gif .  So I've been a bit behind as of late.  Hope to pick up pace again.



1 old potty seat
1 stained onesie
1 pair of ripped pants
1 pair of socks
1 old light fixture
1 doll head
2 old lip balms
a ton of plastic bags my couch came in 3 months ago



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413 + 35 = 448

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I've been working hard at decluttering and packing up as much as possible in preparation for painting. When there is less to move/work around, it's far easier to paint.


I've been shredding and I've rid of 400+ documents.. and I'm not done yet! I have another box of papers to sort through and file. The shredded paper is going to our local animal shelter and I'm going to count each 4 papers as one item.


I've also put away 24 books for donation, 1 old electrical appliance for recycling and 1 barely used electrical appliance for donation. We've thrown out quite a few odd bits and bobs that were going nowhere and many cardboard boxes, but I'll just count this as "5" items.


655 / 2013

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223 + 100
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1 bag of recycling from the car

1 roll of old under-carpet layer (whatever that stuff is called)

1 huge box full of flattened moving boxes (probably 20 boxes that were sitting in my porch)


packed for giving to my sponsor child when I visit he and his family this month:

1 Frisbee

3 bottles of nail polish

6 emery boards

5 bottles of bubbles

(I bought him new stuff too, but am packing some things from around the house they could use more than I)


i'm not on a roll these days... gotta get my nose back to the grindstone!


18 more + 873 = 894/2013

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I did a complete declutter of the living/dining room today and got rid of a bunch of stuff, including various school supplies, craft supplies, old cloth diapers , fabric, and tons of CDs and cables.


I rounded to 80, which brings my total to 490.

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Well, I didn't meet my goal of 1000 by May 1.  We've had a crazy past few weeks here.  I'm cutting myself some slack.  Maybe I'll set a new goal of June 1.  


I did give away a sweater today.  Tiny drop in the bucket but at least it I'm getting going again.



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I am packing up my bags to visit a boy I sponsor in Haiti! I leave next week!  As I've purchased items for him and his family as gifts, I've started raiding my own house for anything else that might be useful for them that I do not need... rather than just donate, I may as well give it to my family while I'm there!  Here is my list of items I found around my house to add to the suitcases for them:


3 bunches fake flowers

1 purse

6 sheets of stickers

5 packs of bubbles

11 pens and pencils

1 ruler

4 sticky pads/notepads

5 bottles of hand sanitizer

6 hotel bottles of lotion

4 chapsticks, unused (promotional)

1 stick of deodorant

10 bottles of hotel shampoo

1 pack bandaids

1 pack cotton swabs

5 razors

1 hotel pack of shave cream

5 bars of soap

6 protein-water individual serve packs

9 packages of kool-aid

5 bottles of body wash I received as a gift years ago and haven't used

1 shower cap

1 dusting cloth

3 hot pads

6 bottles of conditioner

5 gluesticks

2 small vases

2 stick candles

1 visor

1 hat

1 Frisbee

4 bottles of nail polish (for mom)

1 pack of emery boards

2 mini perfume bottles

1 collapsible shoe box



I'm sure I will keep adding to the pile, but that's what got packed up tonight!


= 111 things being re-homed to Haiti!!!  :D



+ 7 expired hair and makeup items (while I was digging up the stuff above, found some oooold stuff!)


=118 more items gone...


total 1012/2013 -- I'm halfway there!

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