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7items of clothing
1 pair shoes
1 book (ds's sole contribution to the pile.... slowly but surely ;-) )
1 bag noodles given away

=10 more for 1134 total!
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HI! I'm a brazilian 29yo and have just joined Mothering so i can participate in this thread! Love the 2013 in 2013! Dear partner and I are trying to simplify our lives and maybe go for a light minimalist lifestyle but we are not tehre yet. I've been decluttering non-stop for the last year and a half and the obvious clutter is pretty much gone but i still have to get rid of the deep clutter and objects i hold on to. Why is it so hard to get rid of certain things? Anyway.... because i'm joining this in the middle of september i'm only going to declutter 590 things. I did the math and this is the amount of stuff one should declutter till the rest of the year if they were decluttering the same number or things on a daily basis. (2013 in 365 days =5, 51 things a day. 107×5, 51 =589.57.). I guess i could declutter 2013 itens till the end of this year, but that just seems a lot in such a shorf period of time. Maybe i can do 2014 in 2014 though.

Is is what i decluttered today:
1- set of bracelets
2-3 -books
4-5 - jeans
6-12 - shirts
13 -skirt
14 - fancy blouse
15 - party dress

Oh, and please forgive my mistakes; my english is good, but rusty!
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Welcome! Make sure you print out the chart. It really is wonderful checking things off. It was from this website:

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+ 4 this morning

need to find out my tally and work out how many that is up to now

need to run some errands but hoping to get another 30 to 45 minutes to delcutter later in the day ...

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just got rid of a LOT of summer clothes...:joy


:cold here comes winter.

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Originally Posted by Springshowers View Post

Welcome! Make sure you print out the chart. It really is wonderful checking things off. It was from this website:


Thak you, the form makes me want to declutter even more so i can check more boxes! Lol

I donated lots of gardening stuff, mostly old plastic pots. My wardrobe is really minimalistic at this point bu i've donated some dresses that dont fit.

58 things till now.
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You all inspired me. I just printed the sheet again. I got half way there then moved and got rid of more than half my things and called it done.

BUT my new house is getting messy and I think I still have too much. So I have started again and have a goal of getting rid of 300 more things.

How exciting.
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Welcome Marina! :joy


Another 30 or so items are leaving the building. I'm so proud of myself even though it's not a large amount. This is stuff that I debated endlessly and I finally feel like I can part with it. I'm trying to let go of heirloom guilt and not being frugal enough guilt. I threw away some very ratty looking birthday stick candles (that were also warped mind you) yet kept, simply because they still had some use in them (another one or two birthdays).


1986 / 2013

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Amazing you are so close!!!
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I am super excited about it springshowers! :bgbounce My personal goal is 3000 by NYE :)


Another 47 items are leaving (!!!) - mainly clothes, but I have also let go of some home wares.


2033 / 2013  jumpers.gif 

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I am about to say good bye to all the hotel samples my mom put under my bathroom sink!
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Originally Posted by Springshowers View Post

I am about to say good bye to all the hotel samples my mom put under my bathroom sink![/quotDonate them to a homeless shelter.
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10 more to add.


2043 / 2013


I am going to do round two on the clothes cull tomorrow. Three full garbage bags left us today. I hope to have one more garbage bag leaving by the end of tomorrow. I'm going to try an outfit system for each child. Going through some clothes today, I realized that there are dresses/clothing that are so pretty that I've barely seen on any of my DD's simply due to the sheer volume of random clothes they already have and sift through each day. So I thought an outfit system would probably work quite nicely - 12 summer/spring outfits per child (1 dress or 1 matching dress and skirt is equal to one outfit). I would also be keeping a small selection of backyard clothes that they can happily get all muddy in (poly-cotton tracksuit pants and tees), 2 cardigans per child and 4 sets of summer PJ's per child. Winter/autumn clothes will be the same, except it will be 7 outfits per child (pants/long tees), 1 winter jacket, 4 winter PJ's and 1-2 winter outfits for special occasions. I hope it works out well.. I'm confident it will, but only time will tell. Has anyone tried something similar? I think keeping the volume of clothing low will also make me a lot more mindful about future clothes purchases, because I won't be purchasing random clothing anymore (purely because it will fit the child, as opposed to whether or not it makes an outfit).

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I got hand me downs for my second and have away three quarters of them right away. I definitely find less clothes is easier. It is nice though when different things coordinate too so it is easier to make sets.
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I filled up a bag and a half of clothes that don't fit anymore. technically I shouldn't count them yet because they're not out of my house wink1.gif I was able to sell a couple items on the internet, but the others aren't moving and I need to just donate them instead of waiting to see if someone will take them.

I was so impressed this summer when I visited my parents' new home. it's spotlessly clean, and my parents were never tidy people before. now mind you they still own their old home, with boxes of old nostalgia there that need sorted. but they decided not to bring any of that to the new house and have a very minimalistic lifestyle there. my dad said "we just don't have very much stuff, and we pick up after ourselves." seeing it in action really made me want to give away most of my stuff orngbiggrin.gif
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I did 75 this week. I am starting the chart again (I got to around 1200 before then moved and got rid of thousands of things. I missed the joy of crossing of the last half though so I am starting again).

I wonder what my goal should be? I think I will set a goal of another 600. I would love to hit a thousand though.

75 / 600 = 12.5%
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This has been a slow year for me, but I am okay with that. My persona goal (if I can't hit the 2013 mark) will be to clear out more items than I did last year.


3 study guides to my niece

13 clothing items to goodwill


new total 450/2013

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Back from vacation a week and a half ago, and back to decluttering!
88 items taken to goodwill
15 items to a friend
15 items trashed
14 pretty shells given to mom
1 baby carrier sold smile.gif

133 + 1783 = 1916/2013....only 97 more things to go!!!!

Yay for everyones decluttering!
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I have actually thrown out/donated at least a couple of hundred things since I last posted here in January!

Old total:  544/2013


10 random items from laundry

26 kids clothes sold

1 top of mine donating


New total:  580/2013

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5 magazines, recycled
14 old textbooks (made a whopping $4.... man textbook makers rake in the dough!)
5 maternity items sold on eBay ($13 netted after shipping)

24 items today, $17 added
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