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First, Loveourbabies, you're amazing! Excellent work, high five and all of that! Woot!

Second, ten days till Christmas: OMG you're totally right! So glad I'm all done with gifts.

Third, I'm out for 2013, made it about 1/4 of the way. We'll declutter over Christmas while DH has a little time off and I'll count that towards 2014 in 2014 smile.gif

Good luck everyone and I'll definitely be subbing for the 2014 thread smile.gif
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13 stuffed animals to charitable cause

1 kitchen appliance to goodwill


New total 622/2013

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5 more things sold on Ebay - couting as 405( 4 lego sets and a 5pc book set)  $393.74 



$1051.47  (all of this is going to pay bills and past due accounts)

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I also turned 10 skeins of yarn into 'gifts'   Didint really like the yarn.

4 skeins became a scarf that I actully ike and will be keeping

1 skien became a ear muff/head wrap (just need a button)

2 are becoming a slouchy hat

the remaining will be a scarf


counts as declutter right??




$1051.47  (all of this is going to pay bills and past due accounts)



after xmas we are going to clean the closets and take a hard look at clothes.

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I've got a few more items leaving! I thought I was done, but I'm starting to get ruthless in the final cleaning session and there are a few more things that can stand to leave. 


One book of mine

One souvenir

One baby book

Six erasers

More papers shredded


Total 2680

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100+ papers shredded

One manual

Two books

One folder

One photo frame


Total: 2710


I'm happy to report that my dresser is almost clear (minus a couple books and a handful of documents that are to be attended to/sent off tomorrow. If that sounds like something menial, then perhaps I should disclose that I have not seen the top of that dresser for over 2 years now. It was completely covered in papers, manuals, books and small boxes. 

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12 wooden toys

A few pens




.... Not done, but I wanted to document my progress as it happened. Still doing the big clean up following the remodelling and finding more stuff to purge. And I said I was finished for the year :dizzy 

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Just got rid of about 50 old toys. :D Very happy

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Fantastic! I have been gathering old toys on a shelf downstairs. I should get rid of them too before they get integrated in again. That already happened once.
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1 pair of shoes



$1051.47  (all of this is going to pay bills and past due accounts)

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13 random bits of broken toys from my DD's toy basket into the trash.


New total 635/2013 - beat my personal goal of tossing more things in 2013 than I did in the year before. Yea!


Of course, now my house is full of NEW items from christmas ..........................

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I'm looking forward to joining 2014 in 2014

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She doesn't have the new chart up yet but here is where we got the one last year. You get it when you sign up for her list.

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300 out of 590.

I've been distracted by some bad news regarding my FIL, who got really sick but it's fine now (heart disease and respiratory crisis). Now i'm getting back to my decluttering sesions! I've decided to follow Springshower's advice and plan on getting rid of ornaments and decorations. My MIL loves Xmas and gives us all sort of stuff connected to this holiday! Lol! Am I the only one who has a MIL that loooves gifting small figurines, decorations and knick knacks?
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Originally Posted by Paxjourney View Post

I'm looking forward to joining 2014 in 2014

Me too! Something tells me that starting fresh with the whole group on january may be more motivating than joining in as late as i did! redface.gif
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I am going to join the new thread too. Maybe we should start it now?

2014 in 2014!
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38 items from DS closet.....

5 expired items from the fridge door




$1051.47  (all of this is going to pay bills and past due accounts)



Still have to check the laundry for 'bad' items and go thru the bookshelves.... at this point its all donation  

plus the holiday decorations are being checked before put away.

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I've really slacked on this the last couple months due to being busy with other stuff but have managed to work on it sometimes.
22 boxes of DH's stuff gone
7 books to friend
4 shirts to a friend
3 holey socks trashed
31 items to friends/goodwill
40 items trashed

107 + 1916 = 2023 items decluttered in 2013 smile.gif

I will be gearing up again for next year's challenge right after the new year. I am thinking if I can meet the goal again next year we will have the house where I'd like it to be smile.gif Congrats to everyone who decluttered this year, no matter how much you got done....it's still a step toward your eventual goals!!!!! smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Springshowers View Post

I am going to join the new thread too. Maybe we should start it now?

2014 in 2014!

Sounds great! Guess i'll be ditching my current goal (590) so i can start fresh! Is that cheating? Lol!eyesroll.gif
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You have to start again as it is a new year!!!
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