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Switched to Charlie's, got rash. What now?

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I think my babe is getting that rash that I hear happens to some babies with Charlie's Soap. I used Biokleen free and clear before, and I prepped the washer the way it says on the container, but I wonder if that was enough. Is the issue the icky build up of a previous detergent being rinsed from the washer into the diapers? I use organic cotton prefolds, should I "strip" them? If so, how? Running them through the wash several times with only water? Should I discontinue using Charlie's, or will the problem resolve itself once the residue is gone from the diapers? Ugh, sorry for all the questions. We were happily diapering before this began!



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When washing cloth diapers with Charlies, they recommend using a disinfectant since the detergent does not include one. Instructions here http://charliesoap.com/images/pdfs/DiaperWashing.pdf

"Charlie's Soap is not a disinfectant. Follow care instructions on your child's diapers, but make sure to kill bacteria that might have survived the washing process: boiling, sunning, ¼ cup vinger (rinse), ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide (rinse) or 1 tablespoon bleach (wash), etc. Left alone, such bacteria can cause severe, burn-like reactions."


That is an extra step, so unless you are having a problem with BioKleen, I would just go back to it. I also love Country Save and EcoSprout

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Thanks! I guess my question now is, if I switch back to BioKleen (which I plan on doing), should I do anything to the diapers before switching back? I figured I should run them through hot water washes several times, maybe that will do it? I really REALLY don't want this rash to continue on my babe, it's not fair to her. And now that I've read about it, I have heard that babies get horrible scarring rashes. I want to switch back immediately to a detergent I know will be alright. I want to do it right before putting any cloth back on her.

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I have bought Nellies All Natural on the Internet and my kids have never had a problem. A friend had a little boy with terrible rashes-it turned out they were from allergies. Nellies at least kept her poor little boys bottom from bleeding. Even with Charlie's he got open and oozing sores.
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What works best for me when I switch detergents is to soak everything in double the regular amount of new detergent and hot water for two hours (but not wool, or PUL covers), then wash everything (including PUL covers) on hot with an extra rinse, but no detergent.

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