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Who has used Procardia?

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Hi Moms, I am on my 3rd pregnancy.  I am now 24 wks and began (as I did with my 1st 2 pregnancies) contracting. This contracting has been stopped with Mag and I have been on Trebutaline with my previous 2 pregnancies.  I had great success with Trebutaline, other than it's a bit scary that I went into labor as soon as I stopped taking the stuff.  Anyway, my doc wants me to go on Procardia this time.  I've done my research and I see Trebutaline is no longer suggested for use for preventing pre-term labor.  I guess I am nervous about trying something new because I have had success with the other.  So, I am looking for personal experiences with Procardia.  Doc prescribed 10 mg every 6 hours.  Thanks for any comments!

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I did! I had PTL due to a huge pocket of blood in with DD. The bleed/PTL was at 28 weeks and for 10 weeks I was either in the hospital due to other complications or on strict bedrest at home. I really liked the Procardia, way better than the Terb and way, way better than the mag and Terb cocktail. I did find that I needed to remember to take it exactly when it was due or I'd start getting crampy. I was on it until I hit week 36 and I went into labor (PROM, so still no contx) at exactly 37 weeks. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply. I ennded up going to hospital and was there all week. Mag was used and now I am home on procardia. As long as I am seriously laying down.. the contractions are under control. I am 25 weeks.. such a scary time. I will have cervical length measured again in a week to determine our next step. Praying more than ever!
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I was on procardia with my first daughter from 24 to 36 weeks and from 30 to 36 weeks with daughter number 2.  It worked so-so with the contractions - I still had cervical shortening and dilation on it, but they made it to 37 and 36.5 weeks, respectively.  


I'm now 25 weeks with daughter #3 and my peri is planning to prescribe procardia if need be, along with the daily progesterone gel I started taking at 22 weeks.  Hopefully that's helpful to you!  Bedrest is stressful stuff, especially in those weeks where every day makes a huge difference.

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I am now 28 weeks 3 days.  Had I been typing 4 days ago I would say everything has been great.  My ultrsound I had after being released from the hospital showed a cervical length of 3.5 and no funnelling.  Procardia seems to have been working.  But the last few days I have been contracting heavily during afternoon/evening.  My doc checked me last night and I am not dialating, so that was GREAT news.  But, I can't believe how strong these contractions feel!  I got the ok to double up to 20 MG with my Procardia when I feel the need to.  Bed rest was sort of written off, as though it wouldn't make much of a difference (was rather surprised by that).  They are happy enough for now that I am not dialating with these contractions.  I hit my first goal of making it to 28 weeks, and now I am SOO very hopeful to hit my next goal of 32 weeks.  I can't imagine going through these contractions for the rest of the pregnancy!  They really can be so uncomfortable.  Thanks for the replies ladies.

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How are you doing now? I started contracting a bunch and had some spotting, so I'm here at L&D getting procardia and steroids. My cervix is measuring less than 2 and beginning to dilate. I'm now 28 weeks 3 days and losing hope that I'll get my homebirth after all. I hate all these monitors and the stinking IV, but I know it's for the greater good.
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I realize this is an old thread, but I am wondering about the outcomes of your experience with Procardia and Progesterone to delay preterm labor.

I too was on Terb for my last 2 pregnancies  and had both babies the day I stopped taking it (one at 35 weeks and 1 at 37 weeks).....Like you my doc this time says that the terbutaline is no longer suggested and I am sooooo scared. This is baby # 4 and I cannot imagine having another baby in the NICU 1 hr away with 3 kids at home....I have an appointment to see if I am a candidate for Progesterone in a week.

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