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Kawaii Baby Diapers

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Any input on these?


They have 20% off everything right now, so I'm not sure I can resist.  What I don't understand--- what are the different types good for?  Also, has anyone used the Pure & Natural and how long did they fit for (they say 0-15 months, but up to 22 lbs--- how big was your baby when they outgrew them?).  Which variety did you like the best?  Do all their One Size options fit the same?



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I've read this thread, but I'd love more input:



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I've used Kawaii, and I give them an... "eh" rating. If they are the only diapers you can afford, go for it, but if you can spring for a better brand, I'd pass on them.

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We use pretty much only kawaii since my husband made us switch from prefolds (he hated them).  I bought the bulk package of heavy wetters figuring I could just not use one insert during the day.  So far they're working very well.  My daughter is only 4 months old, so I'm not sure how they'll hold up in the long term.  I use a wool cover over them overnight to catch leaks and we have not had a leak/blowout yet.  They're a little bulkier than some, but I don't notice a substantial difference between them and my BumGenius.  More importantly, I can't see spending $20-$30 for a diaper.  The Kawaii were the right price and work well for our family.

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I have a pair along with pretty much all the other diapers and was not impressed. I had a snap and a velcro and they are compleatly different diapers, in terms of cut. After a few washes the velcro was already looking shabby. I do not see them lasting years.


I have had a few problems with diapers delaminating etc and good brands (specifically Bummies and FuzziBunz) have had great customer service and replacements. I would not expect that from Kawaii.

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