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Please let me know If I should redirect this message to another board...


I had a breast reduction 5 weeks ago. I nursed my kids for 3 yrs each and then discovered through a Chiropractor the severe effect my 36JJs were starting to have on my body.  I was ready to end my "suffering".   I had about 6 lbs removed, and just when I feel like I had begun to round a corner I have broken out in extreme itching.  Given the extent of my surgery (I told my plastic surgeon to go small) I have dissolvable stitches throughout the interior of my breasts.


Online forums suggest it can take over a year to resolve, that my wounds may begin to open up and kick out stitches, that this explains some of the extreme fatigue... etc.


One friend on facebook mentioned sueing.  Thoughts, support, suggestions?


The itch level is between poison ivy and fire ants... with atarac and steroid cream, I itch still but can function.


Very irritabel with my kids.... ack!   I loved my Dr. until he told me yesterday what this is and after finding out  the extent of the consequences.