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Post Nasal Drip - AGH!

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I am about 5 weeks pregnant and yesterday I started some really bad post nasal drip. Overnight it got really bad & I woke up a few times overnight because my throat was getting really scratchy from it...


I read a lot about post nasal drip and stuffy nose as a pregnancy symptom. It is actually one I had a lot of interest & worry about because I had sinus surgery back in 2006. My ENT told me before I got pregnant that we will play it by ear (no pun intended) as far as my sinuses go when I do get pregnant (this conversations was about 2 months ago) since pregnancy can go either way with our sinuses. He had patients that completely cleared up during pregnancy, had others with no change at all and had others who got more congested...


I'm not really congested yet - just PND and runny. My question is... how long does this runny/post nasal drip thing last? 


I am already taking a variety of medications for my sinuses - all already deemed safe by OB:  Flonase AND Claritin (plus Singulair & Pulmicort for Asthma). So I don't want to *add* any medications. I can *deal* with it if I have to, but want to mentally prepare myself if this will be a long-term thing.



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I'm 24 weeks along and have had sinus issues (congestion/drip/sneezing fits/you name it) the Entire.Time.! It's been my most obvious and annoying symptom and has caused problems because even though the m/s is gone, I'm still nauseous from the PND. Hopefully it wont be so bad for you, but that's what I'm dealing with right now.

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I dont have allergies and didnt even have kleenx in the house before pregnancy.  However during pregnancy my nose ran non stop for no other reason than being pregnant.

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