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Whoa, did not know you all moved over here and thought the thread had died!!!  I will catch up when I have some time


Happy Holidays!!!!

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Originally Posted by 2sweetsparrows View Post

Whoa, did not know you all moved over here and thought the thread had died!!!  I will catch up when I have some time

Happy Holidays!!!!

yeahthat.gif. Livingsky so happy for you!!!
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Thanks Tear78 smile.gif Can't wait to see pics of your new babe in spring!!
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Congrats, LivingSky!  I was updating the TTC thread and saw that you had joined up with the Sept. DDC! 


I thought the bajingo mamas thread had fallen asleep - but when I looked for the new thread boots talked about, here it was!  Yeah for cute Christmas baby pictures!

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Hi ladies, I changed my screen name because I realized I was using it multiple places and it was easy to search out the gory details of my pregnancy/ttc.

Happy new year, mamas and babies! Hope everyone is doing well.

It's actually getting down to freezing in AZ at night, I saw ice on the sidewalk today maybe for the first time ever since moving here 7 years ago.

Let's hear some updates, hope everyone is well.

It's unbelievable to me that Lyle will be 6 months on 2/3. We're having a "half-birthday" party in my mom's group for all the August babies since there are so many (just a simple park day, but still sort of cute)

Penny, sure you are welcome to join, I will get the front page updated soon.

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boots, the half birthday party sounds like fun.  Once a group of my friends sprung a half birthday for me since we were in college and didn't see each other in the summer when my birthday is.  It was a blast! Hope your mommy's group is just as much fun or more.

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Finally checking in!  Remember me?!  I've been thinking about all you Bajingo Moms and wanted to let everyone know that baby Cormac was born January 2!  He was 8 lbs 8 oz, and 21.25 inches long.  :)  My big boy!


He was 2 days past his due date, and I was measuring big and showing no signs of labor (cervix hard, no dilating, etc.), so we opted to be induced.  Not an easy decision, but looking back, it was the right one for us.  So we went in to the hospital the evening of Jan. 1, and I was given cytotec to start softening my cervix.  As it turned out, the cytotec was all my body needed to jump start labor.  Two hours after the cytotec, I stood up to go to the bathroom and heard an audible "pop"... my water broke, gushing everywhere.  The contractions started hard and heavy almost immediately.  I was in such terrible back pain, and as it turned out he was posterior, hence the back labor.  His feet were pushing on my spine, which helped me rule out an epidural because the anesthesiologist said it probably wouldn't be very effective.  I've never experienced pain like that in my whole life.  My DH was great, very stoic, and let me squeeze his hand.  I remember gripping the side of the hospital bed, and just sobbing while trying to breathe.  The contractions kept coming, only about 20 seconds between each one, and every time the nurse checked me (every 30-45 minutes), I was another centimeter or two dilated.  So my water broke at 10:30 pm, and my doctor arrived at 3am, and Cormac was born (after 3 quick pushes) at 3:11.  So my total labor was about 4.5 hours.  I couldn't believe it was over so fast--and how incredible it felt immediately after he was born.  The pain was just GONE, and he was so beautiful and perfect. 


So far we are doing well at home!  Breastfeeding has been a struggle, as I developed a double nipple infection when he was 6 days old.  They were bleeding and scabbed over, and I couldn't get milk to come out due to the scabs.  Finally we got him back on track but my supply has been lacking ever since.  It's sloooowly getting better but we have supplemented with formula and I don't know if my body will ever catch up to him.  Good thing I am so stubborn because I would have already given up. 


I hope everyone is doing well and the new year is off to a good start!  I am sleep deprived but happy.  :)  I can't believe one year ago we didn't even know if we could even get pregnant, and now here we have a gorgeous new baby.  Life is funny. 


Cormac, just a few minutes old :)



....and sleeping at home :)


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Congratulations, LivingSky!  And pitchounette, big congratulations to you also! I don't know you so this may be kind of impolite, however, how could you look so amazing only a few minutes after giving birth?! :) Your son is adorable too.


Happy New Year to all! Evy just turned 6 months and is starting to try some foods. 6 months seemed impossibly far away when we were having so many struggles with PPD, breastfeeding, etc. in the beginning. Glad we made it. :) She is awesome.

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Oh, pitch, your little boy is so adorable!  Congratulations!

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Ha, what Scowgirl said! What a beautiful mama and a beautiful baby! Congratulations, Pitch! Hang in there with the breastfeeding. I also had bleeding, scabby nipples in the beginning. It finally got better about three weeks in.

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Pitch, congrats to you! Great job persevering with the breastfeeding, big challenges are pretty normal whether in supply, infection, etc, but I promise it will get easier. I have talked to so many moms and almost all had some problem in the beginning.

3 pushes! I am so jealous ;) Hey take video of that little guy just lying there sleeping or nursing. I wish I had.  I know it's SO cliche but they change so quickly and you'll forget what he looked like in just a few months when he's smiling and grabbing and being a busy big boy.

Ugh, I am stressed about solid and iron as brought up in scowgirl's thread, being so anemic myself this stresses me out but I also know how nasty iron supplements are. We have not started solids yet, Lyle will be 6 months on the 3rd.


Lyle has RSV and it's been a very long week, except another one not going anywhere or seeing anyone. Now I'm a bit sick as well. I think he's on the mend as his cough is better but he still is wheezing which freaks me out because I'm asthmatic, too. He's on antibiotics because he was starting an ear infection and I'm not thrilled about that because I had a bit of mild thrush on my nipple beforehand. And it seems to be making his tummy upset. Doing probiotics but no change yet. Didn't know how EBF baby poop could get runnier but it did, also a diaper rash. Fun fun fun around here.


blowkiss.gif everyone

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Bumping this, miss you guys!
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Bumping this, miss you guys!
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Gosh, I am sorry I have been so bad at posting since getting ready to go to back work and then actually being back! I miss my sweetie sooooooo much during the day and pumping is annoying, but in other ways I am glad to be at work. Also, I am totally not a facebook person, but I have been much more active (relatively speaking) on our ddc facebook page. Maybe we should set one up for Bajingo ladies?? 


How is 2013 treating everyone and their babies? M did phenomenally on the flights to Spain and back and has adapted pretty well to daycare (been there a month so far!! Crazy). He's even stronger from all of the physical exertion of much more tummy time and other activities and can sit by himself almost reliably (well, he topples over less and less lately). We also discovered that since he doesn't use a woombie there, he sleeps on his tummy. It was a battle to get him to use a bottle, but now he's even taking it from his dad (I doubted that would ever happen). Just found out that an infant (not sure if he's in M's room and they can't tell us?!) has the chicken pox, so I'm hoping he's still got a bit of my immunity in him. He got sick at the end of the first week there (lots of snots, slight fever, cough) but that's been it so far. I was terrified he'd be sick every week after seeing him sick his first week. 

I just love his serious expression in this photo with his dad :)





Pitchounette, such a lovely baby and I'm so impressed with your birth story!


Boots or iixiv..., Lyle must have passed his 6 month birthday by now and well on his way to 7 months! What's going on with him? M is going to turn 6 months on the 23. Insane!!!!


Hugs to everyone! I hope to read some updates from Caly, Sparrows, CA Country, Scowgirl, Living sky, Tear, Catheleni, Birdie and all the amazing bajingo ladies!

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Hi ladies! I think of you often and hope to see some updates soon!


Andaluza, what a gorgeous guy! Glad to hear he's an easy traveler and has adjusted well to daycare. It gets a little easier to be away from them during the day over time. Occasionally I'll get so busy at work that I don't think about Cara for an hour or two. I'm always a little surprised when that happens. Are you working full-time?


We haven't been as fortunate when it comes to illness. Cara is sick ALL THE TIME, and she shares the love with me. She has basically been coughing since the beginning of January, and she was sent home from daycare yesterday with a fever. Her temp when I put her to bed tonight was 101. I see another trip to the pediatrician in our future. Other than the constant sickness, she is an absolute joy. She's such an easy-going, fun baby. She can pull herself to standing and is dying to be mobile, but she hasn't quite figured crawling out yet. She has six teeth (most of which are on top) and two more coming in.


Here are a couple of recent pictures:






My breast milk supply has taken a major dip, and I fear we are nearing the end of our nursing relationship, which makes me REALLY sad. I intended to breastfeed through the first year at least. After several weeks of getting less than 4 oz. total during the day, I stopped pumping at work. I'm still nursing during the night and early in the morning, but that generally means only twice a day, and I don't hear nearly as much swallowing as I used to. If I'm working full-time with the next baby, I'll rent a hospital-grade pump.


I hear crying, gotta go. Hope you're all doing well!

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Ah, I love the pictures! Such cute little ones!
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I miss you ladies too!!!

LOVE the baby pics. I still call Kayden a baby even though he's 32 lbs.

boots - Kayden did the wheezing thing a fair bit too with some of his colds. In October he finally had one that just wouldn't go away - he got a cold, then the flu, then another cold - and I took him to the doc. He now has a puffer that we use infrequently, but I like having it on hand. He hasn't been diagnosed with asthma because when he doesn't have a cold, he doesn't cough or wheeze at all even if he plays really hard. But when he has a cough/cold he has a really hard time getting rid of it. I find if I give him the puffer (salbutamol) once a day (at night) or twice a day (morning/night) when a cough starts, then he is able to kick the cough much easier. I also keep a warm air humidifier in our bedroom and at the first hint of K having a cold, I run that thing from 7pm until he wakes up in the morning. Doing this, he has been able to get rid of his last two colds/coughs without needing antibiotics or the steroid puffer that one of the doctors wanted him on. We were worried about asthma because DH has asthma, but I think Kayden's lungs take after mine - no asthma just weak. I had bronchitis all the time as a kid and pneumonia twice.

K is now 19 months plus and going strong. As I said he's 32+ lbs and about 34 inches - 98th percentile for weight and 85th for height. He is a BIG boy. Every time I see other kids his age I can't get over how much bigger K is than them. It's tough on him sometimes because he doesn't understand that he's bigger and stronger so he has to be gentle. We're working on it slowly.

Caly - when I went back to work my milk supply started to tank too. I had to REALLY work at pumping twice a day at work, drinking milk maid tea and eating major milk makin' cookies. It really helped - I still didn't get much from pumping but it was enough to get us through that first year. After that Kayden was eating enough solids that I backed off and let my milk supply do whatever.

On which note, I think Kayden may be on his way to weaning. He's been nursing less and less (probably as my milk supply decreases and changes with pregnancy) and last night for the first time ever, he didn't nurse all night. He nursed to sleep at 7:30pm and didn't nurse again until his nap at 11:30am. I was planning tr try to gently wean him at 21 months so if he starts now on his own, I'm okay with that. I would have loved to nurse until 2 years but with the pregnancy it hurts SO. MUCH. If he really seems to need to continue, we will, but I'm really hoping he'll make the decision on his own to let it go. I'd like a bit of a break before #2 arrives smile.gif

Anyway, my first ultrasound is next tuesday, so I should have a blurry baby photo of #2 to post after that smile.gif I'm 11w5d today. I'll post new photos of Kayden soon as I get them off my camera!

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Hello everyone!

Pitch- congratulations!  Update photo?

Andaluza- good to hear you are doing well. A FB group sounds good (I do my DDC group too), or just message me and I will tell you how to find me.

Scowgirl- they grow up so fast, don't they.

Livingsky- so fun to hear about your new pregnancy.  And good for you for nursing as long as you have.  Sounds like you have a big healthy boy.

Caly-6 teeth!?  We still have none here.

Boots-thanks for maintaining this thread.  Hope Lyle is all better.

Tear-hows it going?


Lilac- how is all with you?  So nice that you keep up with us here.  Want to know how life is going for you.



Juniper is 7.5 months and SOO busy.  She is crawling like a maniac, and already standing up and cruising.  I was not ready for her to be this mobile and am trying to keep up.  She wants to grow up so fast to keep up with her big sister (who is 7 years old now!).  I always forget that I am kind of a cheater in the Bajingo group since I have two.  But they were both in my 30's.smile.gif I turned 37 in December.  Since we had a hard time conceiving #2, I think she may be my last baby, which makes me slightly sad, but she is a wonderful little girl, so I count my blessings.  She is a peanut like my first- just 15 pounds at her 6 month appointment.  I think maybe her size helps her mobility, but after two petite girls, I wonder if my breast milk is kind of low fat.  I just had to take a break from writing because she fell down and bumped her head, which she seems to do almost daily, even when we are keeping a close eye on her.  I feel for you ladies pumping at work.  Since I teach college, I very seldom am away from her for more than 4 hours, so I don't have to pump that often. We are sneaking to Maui in a couple of weeks since my Spring Break is earlier than typical and tickets are CHEAP right now.  So looking forward to the sunshine.  Since I have family there, it is a really doable trip, so I am suffering very little guilt for spending money (or taking my 1st grader out of school for a week).  I will try to be better about checking in here; I am so grateful for the support you ladies have given me.  Here are some recent pictures of my girls.*



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LivingSky, sounds like you are having a blast with K. 


CA Country Girl, the photos of your little girls are adorable. In March my DH and I are starting an IVF cycle with intracytoplasmic sperm injection to get around my DH's extremely low sperm count. I am excited that will start in a couple weeks.

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Caly  and CaCountry! What gorgeous little ladies!


Caly, so great to hear how Cara is developing and what a sweetie she clearly is! The pediatrician said today that it's from now on that M will probably get sick more often because until 6 mo they have immunity from the pregnancy. Gah. He gets runny noses or deep congestion and we run a humidifier, which seems to help (like Livingsky said).


I love bf, but admit that I feel as though I am fighting an uphill battle with pumping. I hear that hospital-grade pumps are great! I am just making it with an Ameda Purely yours, which is fine, but I need to pump a lot (once in the am when he eats before daycare, then around 3x at work). This is with lactation cookies, mother's milk tea and a constant effort to eat more more more (even when not hungry at all) and drink lots of fluids. He is now eating 12 oz consistently at daycare and still not very excited about solids, so I need to keep it up a few more months and hope we can get him drinking a little less and eating a bit at daycare.

I am back to work full time, but I can work from home when I don't have meetings a few days a week (today has been the 1st day since mid-Jan, though). It should get better soon, and I think it will make things easier since I won't have to bring my lunch or drag the pump all over creation those days. 


Livingsky,  congratulations on the pregnancy and can't wait to see an u/s pic! What a big guy Kayden sounds like! As of today M is 40% weight and 60% height, although I thought he was the opposite just by looking at him. As you can see from the pics, people focus on his amazing cheeks. He is super strong and suddenly exceedingly active, though, pinching and squeezing us, mauling our faces with kisses (not really complaining about that for now!). So far no issues raised about this behavior from daycare but I imagine he needs to learn how to control this (he tried to squeeze/kiss the dr's arm today, so funny, but a little troubling).


CaCountry, omg, your girls are so sweet and enjoying each other so much! I am jealous of Juniper's lovely and abundant locks! You'll notice that M still has so very little hair, but it seems like he's got my dad's side of the family's fine straight hair instead of my husband's curly hair. I know it could possibly change, but I always dreamed of a mini dh curly-haired babe. Sigh... I fear M is going to be super active and am a little worried about how we're going to keep up!!! I am getting stressed about child proofing since he's rolling around so fast now. You are certainly fortunate not to have to pump very much!!!! Jealous about your spring break plans! One day.... :) Have great fun! I can't wait to show M the ocean where my folks live and sea where my in laws live up close this summer. I'll send you a pm about facebook. I'm more active in "secret" groups than in reality there, so typical of me :)


Lilac, wishing you all the very best!!!!


Boots, how are you and Lyle? I hope all is well!


M is now over 6 months and his new thing, which I adore, is spontaneous laughter. I can't get enough and it is so entertaining to try and figure out what he thinks is so funny! Usually I have no idea.

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