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worries about future transition back into workforce

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Before having kids my DH and agreed it would be great if I would stay home until they were in school full time, in Ontario that is 4 years old (full day starts in jk). Until very recently I didn't think that financially that would be an option now that it apears we could manage ok on just his income I am starting to have second thoughts. Mostly around how I would manage to transition back to the workforce. My mom stayed home when i was a kid and has only ever found receptionist type work since , she has a masters degree. I am worried about something like that happening to me. I have an engineering degree, i havn't worked as an actual engineer but i did require the degree to get into the job. Has anyone here bewn in a similar situation and have any thoughts to share?
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I know that if I were to try to go back into the paid workforce right now, it would be really hard, because my skills are outdated (I was in software which moves really fast, and it's been nearly 10 years). That said, I know of other moms who did it. Some kept working part time or freelance from home, some did a bit of volunteer work, and others just went back to school. It can be hard depending on what line of work you are in. If you can swing just cutting back to say, 10 hours per week, that might be a better idea. Or finding a way to get flexible hours so that your dh can watch the baby while you work from home or something. 

I think either Mothering or the La Leche League magazine had an article about this back in 2003. They had a name for it but I forgot what it is. 


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Sorry, no advice, but I am in a similar situation with the same worries.  I usually don't have time to think about it, but when I do, I can't imagine how I'll be able to get back into my previously chosen profession without just going back to school for my PhD.  I had just gotten my master's when I got pregnant, so I have education, but little to no work experience in the field.  When DD gets a bit older, I hope to start doing some volunteer work so that my career world doesn't seem so distant from my brain anymore.  At the moment, that part of me is almost like last night's fading dream...  I'll definitely be watching this thread for tips and advice from other moms.

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I remember the word for it, anyway: sequencing. Here is a book about it:


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I am trying to transition back now after ten years and its tough. My circumstances are a little different bc I need to pass the California bar exam before I can start working. It's rough bc we have no extra money but I need at least some child care to study, and if I want a good chance of passing I need a ton of child care. And if/when I do pass I have no idea what it'll be like to get a job.

OTOH, I think it was completely worth it to stay home w my kids.

If you're doing something that would allow you to put in ten hours a week, I think that would be the best of both worlds.
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I have no plan to return to work in the near future. I wanted to share what most of my friends are doing. Volunteering their time to gain work experience and transitioning to paid positions.

Most of my once stay at home mom friends are working now. That is what mostl did. One did a complete career change and went back to school.

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