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Things adults ask children

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What kind of questions do adults typically ask your children directly?


I'm thinking more of social settings like a party or ceremony where an adult may be meeting your child for the first time or do not know them well at all rather than a fleeting encounter with someone at a grocery check-out.

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you mean strangers - friends of friends but not really friends of parents - to break the ice?


which school do you go to? which grade? what is your favourite subject? what is your favorite thing to do? where do you like to go to more often? what kind of things do you like to do....

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My daughter is 2 so they couldn't ask her the name of the school and the favorite subject? So they asked her if she loved her father or mother more. I don't know if they were expecting an answer or that they expected her to understand the question. But it kept me wondering what her answer would be.

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Originally Posted by rajithagopinath View Post

My daughter is 2 so they couldn't ask her the name of the school and the favorite subject?

My son is two and people have asked "What's your favorite subject?" After they said it they realized it was silly to ask but they did ask it! It's happened a couple times.


Generally, the questions my son has gotten most frequently are:

- What is your name?

- How old are you?

- What is your favorite color?


Right now my son is pretty talkative so he goes right up to people and starts telling them things randomly. They often respond by asking a question about what he told them. So for example, he will bring a toy up to somone and say "This is my toy." so they might say "Oh yeah? What does it do?"


If it's at a party and people are meeting him for the first time then sometimes they'll ask "Who is your mommy?" or "Where do you live?" to try to match kids to adults.

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Mostly typical small talk stuff: 

How do you do? How's it going? 

Are you enjoying the party/ceremony/event? 

How is school? What is your teacher like? What are you studying now? What is your favourite subject? 

Are you looking forward to vacation/travel? Where are you going? What do you have planned? 


If the adults know some of their interests, they'll ask more specific questions, such as what DS thinks about a particular new song released by a band or whether DD has seen a new play. 

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I have noticed that older adults who speak to dd seem to ask questions about school. What grade... what are you studying... what is your favorite subject.

Younger adults seem to ask about books or hobbies more.


That might make a kid (and their parents) feel pretty awkward to be asked if they love their mom or dad more.

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Last night, I was getting my hair done, and the stylist next to me asked a little boy about 2 yrs old (in a VERY babytalk voice) "Are those your shoes?!?!?!"  I just looked at her like "Well, they are on his feet... who else's shoes would they be?"  And how is it she couldn't come up with a better question.  LMBO.  


I wanted to laugh..but, I was sitting in the next chair with foil all over my head...so, I just silently snorted.  

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see - minus the baby voice - in fact quite the opposite - i ask those type of questions to toddlers all the time. 


in fact i've even asked them why are they wearing my shoes. most of the times i get a response. the kids dont quite know what to make of me because they dont see adults behave this way. it helps them come out of their shell and it turns into a laughing silly jokes time. or a pretend magical story.


of course some kids have given me the 'you've got to be kiddin' me' look. 

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