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Aquadoula vs blow-up pool

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I need to decide if I want to spend 100 bucks to rent an aqua doula, or spend much less to buy a blow up pool.

All the blow up pools I've found mentioned in past threads here are 22" deep. I can't find anything online that tells me how deep the aqua doula is. Anyone know?

I'm not too worried about the heating situation -- last time I used a big metal trough that my MW has and we had no problem w/ temp. I'm mostly worried about space. The trough last time was too small and I had to move my position between contractions to be comfortable. It was also definitely too small for dh to join me in, and also too small to for the baby to be born into the water. I'm not sure where I'll want this baby born when the time comes, but I want to have the option of staying in the water, yk?

So, anyone who is familiar with both options ...any thoughts?
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I too am curious about the difference, but mainly because of the heating issue! In the hospital with my first baby, I spent a good 4 hours in the tub. They have an endless water supply, so keeping the tub warm was not an issue. I, however, in our little 1924 house, do not have an endless hot water supply. Dh and I can't even take back to back showers. I can't imagine the tub staying warm enough for 4+ hours, so I am leaning towards the aquadoula.

In the spirit of not stealing your thread - you can find the dimensions online for the aquadoula and a blow up pool. I remember looking at it myself, and I think there was only like an inch difference between the two.
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The AquaDoula is 24" high, I believe.

Here is my page on creating a birth pool for less money

Also, if you do a search on "fishy pool", you'll come up with some threads that this has been talked about in depth!
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Hi - I've used both the AquaDoula tub (my last birth) and the Spa In A Box (first birth). Between these 2 I greatly preferred the Spa in a Box, but if I was in a position like yours where I wasn't concerned w/maintaining the water temperature, then I'd just go for the kiddie pool too. I found this page awhile back & bookmarked it. They sell kiddie pool versions of waterbirth kits:


The pool they sell is 22" deep and the other 2 tubs I mentioned are 24" deep. I actually didn't even fill the tub all the way up last time b/c I felt like I would have floated away! It was still plenty full to keep my enormous belly submerged though. Good luck with your decision!
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The fishy pool that I've most seen talked about is the 22" high one, a simple round pool found here.

But they have another, which is 25" high and bigger all around, and it's here.

There's only 2 dollars difference between the two!

We're trying to figure out our space allowance for a pool, and what my needs might be...time's running out on us though!

As for heating, we will likely get one of those emergency blankets with the reflective backing, so if we fill it then I don't want it right then we can cover it for awhile. Also we'll likely have pots of water boiling on the stove, to add if it starts getting cold just as I need or want it.

The Aquadoula looks cool, it's just too spendy for this happened-too-quick-to-save-for pregnancy.:
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My vote would be for the smaller one. Except for being 2" shorter than the AquaDoula, it's the same in dimensions. Also, if I were doing it again & someone would GIVE me the AquaDoula over the kiddie pool and keeping the water warm was NOT a factor, I'd take the kiddie pool hands down. I really didn't care for the AquaDoula (hated the liner and the heating element got in the way). So don't worry about it - the kiddie pool will be great. I've only heard good things from women who have used them. Oh, and my midwifes once told me (when I was contemplating renting a tub) that in their experience women tended to prefer a smaller space to a bigger space in water. I liked to be able to move around, so I wouldn't want anything too small, but a 5' diameter tub is more than sufficient IMO.
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"in their experience women tended to prefer a smaller space to a bigger space in water"

Interesting and good info! Did they say *why* women prefer a smaller space? I'm so unwieldy that I would think I'd need the bigger space, but can also see wanting to be able to easily touch all sides, etc.
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No, they didn't say, but I've read other stuff that indicates that too (not water related though). Like if you read http://www.babycatcher.net/ (which is just about the best birth book I've ever read!) she has quite a few birth stories where the woman would go off and hide in a corner or a closet or something and labor there. I guess it's like when our cat had kittens, she did it under the couch. I think it's a natural response to want a space that feels safe during labor and a smaller space might give some women that feeling of security. I needed to move around myself, but I found that the 5' diameter of the tub was more than enough. I kind of just floated from side to side when the pain was real intense. It was kind of like an effort to just do whatever I could to make it more comfortable. And if, when you're in labor, you feel like you have too much space in that tub, revert to your regular bathroom tub! Whatever works for you!
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Aha. Well that makes sense.

I must be in a bigger is better mode.

It's so hard, figuring out what one might want for a first birth! Perhaps this is why so many people go with hospitals for their first kid, so they easily learn what they don't want next time. :

Thanks for answering my questions.
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Thanks for the replies Pama, I have looked at your page, it was one of the things that made me think a blow up pool would work! I just wanted to compare depth, b/c 22" doesn't sound very deep. But, if the AD is only 24", then I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm short, anyway

Thanks for all the links and replies, everyone
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I had my daughter in the fishy pool, and I plan to get one for this December baby as well. I thought it might be helpful if I posted some pictures of me laboring in the pool, since those pictures of the Mom n' Kids playing in the pool make it hard to imagine.

In these pictures: I first got in the pool, with no water, when I was about 5 cm. I just leaned on the sides. They held me very well. Then, after I labored on the toilet for a while, I suddenly felt I had to push! Stupid us had not finished filling the pool; we thought labor was going to take longer than 2 hours. So while I had pictured myself laboring and moving around in the pool a lot, I really only got in just in time to push. Once in, I did NOT want to change positions, which is how I ended up in that kind of reclining squat! Next time, I'm filling it right away! But all things considered, I *loved* my fishy pool.


Hope this link works.
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Thank you for the pictures! It does help.
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OT - Molly - I just had to jump in and say that I also had a May honeymoon baby! We were married on 8/28 and had our ds on 5/21! Congrats!

Now back on topic - we will most likely be using the fishy tub as well. I was in a big hydortherapy tub at the birthcenter last time....I was in the tub for 2 hours and then dd was born....I am hoping that the heating dosen't become a problem, but we will do what we can to avoid that. After paying out of pocket for our midwife and doula I can't afford the Aquadoula LOL!
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