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Swan song thread

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I know some people are ticked off over recent incidents and the new guidelines and thinking of leaving......


I hear you and I get it.


Don't leave without a swan song, though! 


Make a post.  Make it concise and meaningful. Say what you have always wanted to say, or your boiled down message.

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I will go first.  I am not sure I am leaving, might take a break and check in once and awhile, but really, I need to get over my internet addiction anyways.....


1.  Not believing the many, many parents who claim their children were harmed after vaccination is so patronising, and anti-parent.


2.  We live in a pharma-culture.  This influences everything and you need to decide when and how to be a wise consumer of pharmacopia.


3.  I am not sure we can figure out if vaccines are safe or dangerous, and to what degree.  We have some baseline numbers, but little else.  Vaccine studies are done by pharmacy companies, the CDC has members of vaccine companies sitting on advisory panels, not all studies (even perfectly good ones) make it to the light of day, we have no idea how many vaccine reactions happen as vaccine reaction are regulalry dismissed by the powers that be...and more. 


4.  Your primary responsibility as a parent is to your childs health....other people's health is secondary.  This kind of sucks, but what sucks more is your child being the one to "take one for the team"

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Well, Kathy, I would surely miss you if you left.


I'm not going away just yet.  I am not happy with the debate forum turning into a nasty free for all like it has lately, and I don't think the new guidelines will help keep a civil and respectful tone.  I'm going to try to ignore that forum, I think, and stick to the INV area for now.  Honestly, I don't just want an echo chamber, though.  I appreciate that differing viewpoints keep the discussion lively and draw out information that can either strengthen or challenge my opinions.


I guess I lurk and read more than I post, so I'll probably still read the debate forum some... I just really disagree with tolerating bad behavior, and I suppose the best way to protest is to keep away.

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Thanks, Jenny.

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I just can't put up with baiting and trolling, sarcastic remarks, and just generally rude behavior by anyone who doesn't seem to agree with the topic at hand. ...there's no useful information being exchanged when people engage in discussion and debate using that kind of communication.    For that reason, i stay out of the discussion and debate forum. Rudeness as such that is displayed over there is not for me, nor worth my time reading either. I could read something a lot more educational than sarcastic remarks and rudeness...if i want that, i'll go to a mainstream media site on their comments section and post,  where posters have no compassion or concern for anyone else.  

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I haven't been to the debate forum, and likely won't be visiting anytime soon. I came here a few months ago as a non-vaxxing mom looking for support from like minded souls, as I often do feel judged & vilified for my parental decision of keeping my children vaccine free, and therefore choose to keep my kids vaccine status under wraps, except of course, from here. Kathy, you have been a source of comfort & knowledge to me since I've joined, and hope dearly that you rethink your Internet addiction .... some addictions are good for us. smile.gif
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I think the recent bout of troll-ish activity is actually a good sign.

It means the desire and search for alternatives to pharma-culture and justifiable doubt and skepticism toward this money-driven system is reaching the majority to the point of changing public opinion and thus threatening profits. No wonder the shills are out in droves all over the Internet!

But the system is untenable; the shot and pill-pushing MD has no clothes and now confronts the crowd in broad daylight warts and all. No white coat will save him from long-overdue scrutiny.

This forum is just a reflection of the changes going on in the larger world.

Those who stand with the dead old ways can shriek bait and clamor all they want but the tide is changing. The future is here and we are its representatives, not them.

Someday people will look on the madness of shots and pills and cut poison burn the way we look upon cupping, bloodletting and trepanning.

It doesn't matter to me that some refuse to see the madness for what it is. The only reason why I ever post is to stand in solidarity with those who want to see and those on the verge of developing a new vision.
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Well, I'm not around much and don't really visit other boards, so I'm not sure what new guidelines you're referring to. I did belong to another parenting site a few years ago, and I knew better than to visit the debate board. My blood pressure can't handle the ridiculousness of some people. Sitting at a computer and debating with people you don't know who are never going to see your side is just a waste of precious time, IMO.

I've been disappointed in the number of lurkers and negative comments in threads on this board, and can't for the life of me understand why these people continue to read our posts if they are pro-vax. I do believe that many of them have an agenda, and their main reason for posting here, and maybe even being on this site is to try to discredit non-vaxers. 

However, I love that we have a place to come and chat with like minded people, and if anyone knows of any great PRIVATE places that non-vaxers can go without the drama, let me know!


I should add that I do think that a board such as this is so important to have, because there are so many of concerned and conflicted parents, and it's comforting to read the posts and gather the information that you wonderful ladies provide. I, for one, found it helpful back when I was deciding on how to proceed with vaccines. I think it's really important to keep posting here, and please try to ignore the drama and the trolls and just simply pass by their posts, because there is a greater good here, and it really does help others!

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