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Lol thx, what thread do I go to now? I'm new here lol
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Congrats, Serena!!! If you like, you can head over to the Septemer 2013 due date club social group, though I'm not sure if it's been created yet ;)  You are also welcome to stay with us!! The groups are located under the community drop down menu at the top right of the screen, under Groups. HTH!!

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Congrats Serena!


AFM-  I am going to focus on finishing as many projects as I can and organizing our hallway closet before AF is supposed to arrive.  I think the busier I keep myself the less I can obsess.

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Good luck to everyone waiting to test!


AFM I keep switching back and forth between feeling slightly more at peace, and excited to try again this month, to feeling really down about what happened. Its so confusing. On one hand, if I want to use the term grateful, I guess I'm grateful that it happened so early.. just because this means that I don't have to wait to try again.. but then I feel guilty for even thinking about trying again. I really do believe that when I do get pregnant, and have a viable, healthy pregnancy, that it will still be the same baby.. like maybe it just took more than one try to stick. Does that make sense? I feel like it's my baby, trying to reach us. Gah, I'm sorry, I'm babbling. just trying to work through this I guess.

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Serena: congratulations! May you have a happy and healthy nine months!


Dahlia: Don't worry about babbling. This is a great place to get all your feelings out, sort through your confusion etc. You can be both sad about the past and excited about the future. hug2.gif


AFM: After carefully studying my past charts I've come to the conclusion that I am not pregnant. I'm a bit disappointed of course but then again my expectations were low since we missed peak days. Having this charted history is so enlightening and it has become clear to me that my body sends very distinct messages based on morning temps. I may call the clinic to talk about renewing my Clomid prescription.

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Wishing everyone lots of BD'ing!! And baby dust!!!
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Oh my goodness everyone! I got a BFP this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The test line showed up so fast. I've been pretty crampy for the last 4 days and we were only NTNP this cycle, so I thought I was out. I'm still pretty nervous it won't stick since my doctor told me my polyp can cause miscarriages, so I think I'll still hang out here for a while. I'm so excited and shocked!!!!


I'm still visiting family, but I just had to pop on and let you all know. I hope everyone had a good New Year's!

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Congratulations coati and Serena -- what a wonderful way to start off the New Year. Wishing you both happy and healthy nine months! 


Hi everyone else! Hopefully this thread will see some more BFPs following on their coattails. 


AFM I think I'm about 6 DPO but due to traveling and time changes and not sleeping at all and over-indulging in holiday libations I'm not really sure since I wasn't able to temp much at all and O came like 10+ days later this month (I suspect due to said traveling). In light of all of that, I'm holding out almost zero hope for this month as I've pretty much done everything you're not supposed to do when ttc -- no rest, alcohol, stress and lots of caffeine, sugar and other bad foods. Nevertheless, our trip back to the States was a good refresher to me -- made me feel more connected and gave me a good sense of perspective about ttc. It was the first time we had seen our families and friends back home in seven months so despite the fact that the trip really threw a wrench in our ttc plans and delayed O big time, it was still totally worth it. Plus it was great to party with friends this one last time (hopefully!). I'm just hoping that by this time next year we'll be able to share a new baby with everyone. 


Also, January is the deadline I've set for myself for consulting a fertility specialist to run preliminary tests on DH and myself so I'll be busy working with insurance to set that up this month. December (if unsuccessful) will be our 5th unsuccessful cycle and because I chart and know for a fact we have well-timed BD, I'm not willing to wait any longer to start investigating a potential problem. I hope getting some answers (or learning there's no real problem) will help cure some of my obsessions and insanity about this.  

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Serena and coati - Congratulations!!!!!!
Wishing you a happy healthy 9 months!
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Just popping back in to say congratulations to the proud new owners of a BFP!  I hope there are more to come!

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Congratulations Coati!!


Oasis-  They say that sometimes the most nonchalant TTC is the most successful, I'm hoping that's the case for you this month.


AFM- I'm still trying to do anything but obsess over here, and IT IS HARD!  I had a minor success yesterday when I went into wal-mart and did not allow myself to buy anymore pregnancy tests lol.  If I'm late (or if the commissary has anymore 1.00 ones) I will get more, but other than that I will not allow myself to do so.

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Coati: congratulations! joy.gifKeep us posted.


Oasis: I did the same thing and saw the fertility specialist after 6 months and it did help me feel like I was doing something to further this process. If anything it'll reassure you that both of you are in fact capable of reproducing and it's just a matter of time. And if you do find something then you can move forward with the next plan/treatment...

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Happy New Year Everyone!


Big congrats to Coati and Serena! Wishing you both easy and healthy pregnancies and births! jumpers.gif


John16n33- Hang in there! Wishing you a bfp soon smile.gif


dakipode- Good to hear from you. Hope you get a answer soon if AF is coming or not.


AFM- Had a neg pregnancy test yesterday at the Dr.'s office and stopped the progesterone last night. AF should be here in a few days. I'm fine with that as I wasn't expecting much this month with all the testing going on. We didn't try real hard, lol.  So the next cycle with be heavily monitored with clomid and progesterone combo. The still have to do the 3 day blood test for estrogen and then I'll be done with testing. I think.  The Dr. wants to go straight to IUI. I'm not quite comfortable with that yet. I will see him next week and will discuss all the options. I really just want to do a few medicated cycles first. I think dh needs a small break from the payments too! I'm thinking I will need a small break before we go full head on into the IUI route too. We'll see I guess!

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Congrats Coati!!!!!

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Cross posted in Bajingo thread.

Soooooo... What do you ladies think?



I took it this morning after DH left for work because I never have a 14 day LP. I'm tempted to wait till after the weekend to call for blood work just in case it's an early loss.

Not sure what to think. I'm excited about the possibility of course but dreading going for an early ultrasound for fear that it might be another ectopic...

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dakipode that looks super positive to me! congrats!! I hope it sticks for you!
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Looks good and positive to me dakipode! biggrinbounce.gif 'Though I understand your caution. Sticky dust.gif for a properly implanted makebabe.gif .
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Congrats Coati!!!  Yahoooo for a BFP!!


Dakipode I'd say that's a BFP!!  Think happy thoughts that that lil fertilized egg is in the perfect spot in the lining of your uterus. Envision it. Feel it. Breathe it in!  love.gif

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Squee!  Coming out of lurkdom to wish you a very sticky baby this time, Dakipode!

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It looks positive to me dakipode!

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