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Dakipode- I pm'd you the info :)


AFM- I just found out they are doing housing inspections today.  Yay...not.  Of course they would pick a day where my house has been torn apart by children (two of which were not mine) all weekend and my plan for the day is to try and put it back together.  Ugh.

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John16n33: Could you please pm the info too? Pretty please?? :)  Although, I don't know if it will be any good; every time I find websites where I can watch DA, they don't work cause the browser knows I'm in Canada...grrr!!!


Good luck cleaning up!!


Back for more later!!

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Wow, this thread's been really active!


Xerxella, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I had not heard of PGD. Is that something your doctor told you about? I hope the busy holidays are helping.


Dakipode, we are NTNP buddies. :-P It is a nice little break.


John16n33, elementary education sounds like fun! When I was younger, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, but somehow that's not where I ended up.


Oasis, I'm glad you're letting go of the craziness. One cup of coffee really should not be a problem anyway.


Welcome Prescottchels! Sounds like you found a great guy!


wave.gifto everyone else I missed!


AFM: It's probably near O time, but I'm not thinking about it much since I'm NTNP until I get my polyp removed. One of my friends told me that her MIL had polyps and got pregnant right away after getting them removed. I hope I have the same luck. I've been pretty distracted from TTC because I got really wound up about my job interview last week. I can't tell how it went. Phone interviews are usually awkward for me because there are no visual cues.

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coati- I hope it went well!

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I always thought I wanted to be an elementary (early grades) teacher and then I was one, kind of-teaching handwork in a waldorf school, except I taught 1st-8th, and realized that I'm an introvert and being "on" all day drains the life out of me. So I switched gears. 


Someone-still getting to know you all... asked how DP is handling the TWW, much easier than I lol though I'm pretty sure he thinks about me and the potential babe a lot it's different for him cuz we don't see each other some days and well it's not his belly that's full of energy...he knows I want it to stick so bad and he's really good at staying positive and being empathetic. I'm so grateful for him. 

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So sorry, Xerxella...I know you had a hunch this wasn't a sticky bean, but it still majorly sucks that you have to go through this yet again! Sounds like you are holding up well...can I ask, did you have any problems conceiving your first two?

So, I am thinking we will NTNP next month...on one hand I'm giddy and excited, and on the other I'm like "oh, gosh, what if it works?!" I just don't know what would be the best timing for our family...and I'm 28, so I know my peak fertility is past and I wonder if we'll have problems conceiving if we wait too long, and DH is older too, so I don't want to wait too long to expand our family....argh! It's so hard to know what the right choice is...if we don't get lucky next cycle, we will be avoiding until mid-summer, which means another winter/spring baby, and I really like the idea of an October baby, which seems like a silly reason to TTC, right?

Ok, rant over wink1.gif
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Originally Posted by Lidamama84 View Post
and I'm 28, so I know my peak fertility is past

I try not to think about my age too much because it gets me down, mostly because I start thinking that I should've started earlier. And woulda-shoulda-coulda never leads to anything good...


oh and the boots:


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OMG - those boots are gorgeous!

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Those boots rock, Dakipode!! I got some similar this fall by Born, instead of a buckle they have a skinny leather piece around the ankle that ties in a bow love.gif  I get so many ooh la la comments when I wear them winky.gif

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Super cute boots, Dakipode!!! Re: age and TTC, that is why I told DH as soon as I got a permanent job we were going to TTC, because I didn't want to wait and then find out I had problems. Which means I was 2 months pregnant when we got married, so we have still not caught our breath as a married couple, but hey, it's our "normal", and we'll have lots of time as a couple as our kids get older, right? RIGHT??  ROTFLMAO.gif

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Love the boots dakipode! Good luck on the O!!! And, I'm floored anyone else on MDC would even know what UFC was! Fox has been carrying some fights lately and in fact they just had one Saturday night! LOL

coati - I hope the job interview went well! Phone interviews are always tough. When will you have the surgery on the polyps?

john - What's the housing inspection for? Are you guys buying/selling a home?

Lida - You're young yet. I wouldn't start worrying until you're 30 and then don't really start worrying until you're 35. I think you have some time yet, but it's nothing that can wait forever. You asked about my first 2 kids. We had ZERO troubles. My son was one time, first try. (We were on a camping vacation with his family (!) but I figured well today is cd 14, I think that's when you're supposed to get together, right? Ahhhh, the ignorance.) My dd was the thrid month trying while still nursing my son. No previous losses. greensad.gif
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So sorry to hear that, Xerxella! I wonder why your body is doing this now...it's like you said, you can't take anything for granted, whether it's your first of fifth :(

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Xerxella-  House inspections are just an Army thing.  They randomly inspect different homes in the unit or company to make sure you keep it 'livable', that their are no signs of depression, hoarding, or neglect.  It was annoying because most people get like 2 days notice of an inspection and I got a few hours.  I just don't like random people being all up in my home.

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Helloo! may I join you, ladies? upsidedown.gif

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John- I am the same way about unexpected visitors- and I don't even have to deal with anyone actually inspecting my home! How annoying.


FEimusic- Welcome! Tell us about yourself :) How long have you been TTC?

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dahlia- well i should be about 13dpo right now.. I should have started af last night/early morning but didn't.eyesroll.gif I'm like clock work.. and I never cramp until i start bleeding but i've been cramping on and off for the last week! also, i keep thinking that af arrives but then i go to the bathroom and nothing, i'm just really wet at timesshy.gif My name is Rachel, from florida, would be first pregnancy so I have no clue what to expect! i just know that these symptoms aren't normal for me at all!

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Good luck!! I hope you get your bfp soon!

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john - That would completely SUCK! I would be SO angry! Like, do you have a search warant? No? Then you're not coming in my home. I know how it is in the military, though. I'm too "don't tell ME what to do" to ever have a career in the military. (I DID do the National Guard right after high school. But, I just bit my lip hard, gave them one weekend a month and let them pay for my college. It was SO worth it!)

FE - You don't need to be here! orngtongue.gif Just do to your nearest Dollar Tree, buy a $1 pregnancy test and test tomorrow morning. At 14 dpo, you'll definitely have an answer one way or another! Good luck tomorrow!!!!

Lida - I sometimes wonder if I'm just unlucky? Each loss has been different and each, basically, with an explanation. Like, my guess is, this one will clearly show chromosonal abnormalities.

AFM - I have now heard about Parsley Tea to get a imminent miscarriage to happen. So, I'm off to the store to get the parsley. Anyone else heard of this?
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Welcome FEimusic!


John, I can relate on the home inspections thing. The house we rented last year was for sale, so we always had people coming through to look at our house. Then, when it did sell, the inspector came and ran our water and such. It drove me nuts!


Xerxella, my surgery is scheduled for Jan. 14. I wanted to do it this month, but the scheduling didn't work out due to holidays and such.


Thanks for the well wishes on the interview!

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Welcome femusicforever! Hope you have a little bean in there  dust.gif


Xerxella- Never heard of parsley for that. Although when I add it to my green smoothie it is extra cleansing!


AFM- Had a post coital and HSG test today. The hsg seemed to go ok. My left side was slow going but eventually filled. My right side had a difficult start then quickly filled. So we'll see what happens. I suspect I ovulated yesterday. My body signs were there but only had a very weak positive opk. They test my progesterone next week. I hope the hsg removed any debris and this cycle or the next will result in a bfp. I finally feel like I can let myself get hopeful again.

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