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Lida your situation is kind of what I'm aiming for w/DP winky.gif I figure we have all the time in the world for a relationship, but only limited time to make babies and he feels similarly, thank god! 


Xerxella-I've not heard of parsley, but I have heard of mega doses of Vit C. I'd be having a chat w/my body too no matter which way you choose to go. Good luck and blessings to you.


FEimusic, I'd be testing tomorrow morn if I were you too!! Good Luck!! Hopefully you'll be able to join a due date club instead of hanging out here lol though of course you're welcome wave.gif


AFM-DP and I walked thru a house for sale this afternoon for a smokin awesome price. 1/2 acre lot, on a quiet dead end road, non-livable house-which I thought, "surely it can't be THAT bad" lol I was so wrong. Ugh. It was pretty beat up, w/nicotine & grease stains and stinky moldy pee pee smell, oh man it was bad, but sooooooo much potential. We're both pretty frugal and have experience w/construction and remodeling so it was exciting to ponder the possibilities of the house and land. It had some out buildings w/potential too so it'll be interesting to see where it goes. Apparently DP's mom offered to help finance it if he wanted to take the project on. I guess they've built and/or flipped a lot of houses over the years...

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Hey ladies...


I'd love to join in. We are on our first month of TTCing our third. For the last few months I've been off BC but haven't been able to TTC due to some medical stuff I had to get cleared for first (all set there, thankfully). So I've been waiting and waiting since we decided we were ready a few months ago but couldn't try. DS was conceived on the first try and DD took 6 months so I have experience with both. I hope it goes quickly this time. I know you all know how easy it is to get obsessed with all of this. I follow CM and CP (can't temp this time since I frequently work nights) and I thought for sure my OPK would be pos today but nope, BFN. I just want to get this show on the road! Sigh.


I hate feeling this impatient and I'm not even in the 2WW yet! I'm trying so hard to chill out since I remember this from last time where I was so anxious every step of the way at first and as the months rolled by it was just harder so I'm trying not to get all wrapped up in it from the get go this time. So far that plan is not going so well! blush.gif Anyhow, hopefully I'll get the pos OPK tomorrow and until then we'll be BDing just in case! lol.gif

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Good luck FEimusic hope you get your BFP, keep us updated!


Welcome katiecornflakes!


Xerxella I hope the parsley works for you...


Prescott and Lida, I think that no matter your age, when you decide you're ready for a baby, time is suddenly of the essence, regardless of how much of it you supposedly have. I'm 28 and I know friends and family have all said over and over: "Oh, you've got plenty of time" but the fact of the matter is, when you want a baby you want one like right now -- it feels no less urgent even though statistically speaking it probably is. 


Coati -- Bonne chance with the surgery. Hope everything goes well. 


AFM I'm pretttttty sure I'm 1 DPO today. I'm typically a slow-riser as far as BBT goes so I like to take a couple days to confirm but based on past patterns I'm thinking the ship has sailed. So begins the tww! But with the amount of trains, planes and automobiles we're about to be on, I'm hoping it's a quick and distraction-filled two weeks.


Christmas baby dust to all, hoping the New Year brings lots of BFPs!!

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I've been stalking this forum. I'm 3 dpi and quite excited!!
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Thought I'd share this; hope December is as lucky for me as it was for all these ladies ;)



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katie - Welcome.gif I hope your stay here is short and sweet!

coati - January is coming up fast! Good luck!

justjenny - You know, there are tons of stories of women getting pregnant quickly after the HSG. Sometimes the fallopian tubes just have a slight narrowing and the HSG fluid forces them more open. I have to say it certainly sounds like that's what happened for you. I'm hoping for a quick BFP for you now! smile.gif

prescott - That sounds like it's got great potential. But, it sounds like it would almost be a tear down! That's a lot of work. But, I LOVE houses and everything about them. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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hi im new here, dont know all the acronmys yet lol

but im trying to conceive, had an early miscariage in oct and now trying again. im 36 so ive left it a bit late and hoping it works.

im now waiting for the begining of january to see if it worked this month. going a bit crazy and googling everything preganancy related.lol

no symptoms yet, so fingers crossed.

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Still here, mamas. I wanted to pop in and share this with other mamas: http://www.lovenaturalbirth.com/conscious-conception.html


I really love the idea of a language shift of "trying to conceive" to "opening, allowing, and receiving." I think a lot of the inner work I have in this journey focuses on letting go of the "need" to have a rainbow baby. If I hadn't miscarried my first pregnancy this year, I would have a "due date" on the winter solstice. Instead, I miscarried twice more. I enter a very emotional time, surrounded by a season so focused on birth when my own body lost so many babies this year. I had hoped that I'd have moved past the grief, and while I continue to make progress, I still can't imagine what it would look like to be "over it" without a healthy pregnancy.  My own children's birthdays start to seem near, and I try not to panic about the widening age gap.

Lida and Dakipode - I try not to think about age, too. Sometimes, I feel so bitter, to have had my first miscarriage at only 17, to have miscarriage after miscarriage at 25. My birthday comes in a few days, and as many wonderful mamas I know who conceived naturally in their forties, adding another year to my age just discourages me.


I try so hard to stay positive. I have some affirmations that I have placed on my water bottle to remind me of this.Does anyone else, especially those who have gone through multiple losses, have affirmations they'd like to share? I had so much trust in my body's ability to nurture a pregnancy in the past: I birthed both of my children out of hospitals. I really want to regain that.


Sorry for being such a downer.

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Revolting: Thanks for sharing that link. I definitely "feel" another child hanging around, waiting to join our family. So, even though I could and should be satisfied with my beautiful family, I don't feel like we are complete. And, while I don't have the experience of multiple losses, I can only imagine that it makes the feeling of someone missing that much stronger. I hope you can find a way to grieve your little ones lost and feel a sense of calm once more.


Prescott: Sounds like you have a great DP :)  Also, that house may have a lot of promise...only...I'm not sure I would want to tackle cleaning up strong smells while possibly in my first trimester...just a thought


Welcome to everyone new! Hope your stay with us is short!


AFM: I started feeling some nausea the last few days. I don't think it means anything, but maybe...Either way, I'm due for AF Jan 4, so we'll see then. I don't know when/if I O'd this month, so meh, probably just a bug. I have no idea how soon nausea can show up after conception, but I don't think this early...OTOH, I remember having some very early nausea with DD2, so maybe this is the same. Eeek!

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Ok, I know we're sposed to not be symptom spotting and such, but this is so out of the ordinary for me I have to ask..."anyone else have itchy breasts as an early sign?" hide.gif  cuz mine have been noticeably itchy and I've never experienced that before. Itchy hip bones are common for me during winter, but never itchy breasts lol and I haven't changed my laundry soap or shower gel or anything like that.


ETA: Anyone watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition? It's on hulu...  It totally slays me every. darn. time. bawling.gif but the stories are so amazing I can't help myself, but watch luxlove.gif

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Thanks for posting, Revolting.


prescott - have you been to twoweekwait.com ? If you haven't yet -- I apologize for introducing you to this time-sucking, obsession-inducing site :) But you can do specific searches and you'll read about lots of ladies on there who had your particular symptom during their tww (and incidentally many who say they had every symptom on BFN cycles and no symptoms on BFP cycles) ...It's entertaining (in a weird way only women who are ttc would think so) and can be informative to a point but I try to take it with a grain of salt!


Welcome Cindy and Serena!


Feeling pretty frustrated today as my temp this a.m. was way below coverline so I didn't O like I thought I did (despite a positive OPK 4 days ago!). The weirdness and the late O (it's CD 17 for me) is making me think this cycle is a wash...

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Serena - Welcome.gif I hope your stay here is short and sweet!

Revolting - Big hugs. grouphug.gif I was worried at one time about the age discrepancy that would be between child #2 and subsequent children, but then I realize every family is different and there really is no "perfect" age spacing. A closer spacing and they can really play together and relate to each other. A wider spacing and an older child can be more of a guiding influence while giving the younger child more time to just be themselves without the competition of a close sibling. I've seen very successful families in every imaginable combination. There's plusses and minuses to everything.

Revolting - IMO, maybe you should embrace your anger for a while. It's ok to be angry. You've been dealt a shitty hand. Once you let yourself be angry you can move on. Just my opinion. hug2.gif

Lida - High levels of progesterone can cause nausea. So, either you have a bean implanting and your progesterone is rising, you had a GREAT ovulation which just produced a lot of progesterone and there may or may not be a bean in there or it's the flu. wild.gif So, clear as mud....

prescott - Same thing as lida. dizzy.gif Progesterone causes sensitive nipples. So, maybe you just had a good ovulation or maybe a bean is making your progesterone rise. I really do think there is such a thing as beginners luck in TTC! blowkiss.gif

oasis - Could it just be a random temp dip? (Or dare I say implantation dip?) But, let's not worry about that... think zen... think zen... think zen.... namaste.gif

AFM - So mixed results from my bloodwork yesterday. HCG 154, but progesterone 5.4. (For those not obsessively following my story.. HCG 33 at 12 dpo, 65 at 14 dpo, 103? at 21 dpo and 154 at 28 dpo. So, low and very slow HCG the whole time which is a very bad sign. Previously my progesterone was in the 20's. The severe fall means my body is getting ready to move on. And, sure enough I was spotting this morning. So good news there. I just want to miscarry naturally, so I can move on. om.gif
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Hey ladies, I haven't been on a lot in the last few days.  I have just been trying to distract myself with Christmas shopping, projects, and such.  Apparently it's working because we are now on cd 11 (I usually o between cd 11 and 14) and we haven't DTD yet.  We actually planned to last night but Dh got called into work.  Oh well we can make up for it tonight.  On another note I purchased another bookshelf off craigslist yesterday that I plan to sand down and paint for the play room so there's one more project for my list.

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V-E-R-Y interesting about the progesterone and strong O, Xerxella! I wonder...no obvious O signs until yesterday, when EWCM was dripping out on the toilet (sorry, TMI)...So I guess that means I'm o'ing now, huh? I'm so terrible at fertility signs...I really need to get my hands on a copy of TCOYF redface.gif. Again, there seems to be yet another stomach bug making the rounds here, so I probably just have a touch of that ;)

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JustJenny, sounds like your HSG went well. Good luck in in the next couple of cycles!


Welcome katiecornflakes, Cindy-lu, and serena76!


Oasis, maybe there is something else going on with your body that is messing with your temps. One low temp could just be a fluke.


revolting, no need to apologize for feeling down. It's important to let yourself feel whatever you need to.


Lidamama84, you can always take up temping to find your fertility signs if you like. It drove me crazy eventually, but I like understanding my body better. I was never a good judge of CM. On the subject of EWCM, to get that, all I have to do is drink a lot of green tea.


John16n33, that's great that you are keeping yourself so distracted!


prescottchels, maybe it is winter time dry skin?  But oasis is right, I bet you can find women saying either way.


I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

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Well I'm about 7 dpo and no symptoms apart from abit tired, so looking like I missed out this time. I don't really understand all the temp charting stuff, so think I will investigate it all a bit more and try harder next month lol
Thx for all the welcomes smile.gif
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Xerxella Thinking of you and very much hoping that things progress quickly for you. I am genuinely in awe of your strength and your positive attitude. I'm hopeful you are able to find a caring, supportive health care provider to assist you on this journey to discover why this keeps happening. Lots of hug2.gifto you.


Dakipode Amazing boots! I always feel so confident and put together when I wear boots like that.


John16n33 Looks like we are nearly cycle buddies! And I love Sherlock also, btw.


Welcome.gifto all the newcomers!!!



AFM I've been mostly MIA the past few weeks as I have been doing a lot of soul searching and having some serious discussions with DH. DH is still ambivalent, though this is an improvement over last month's completely against TTC. Bottom line, I've not been feeling so zen and I've therefore avoided posting. I am persistent though. I am certainly still feeling that sense that Lidamama described of our family not being quite complete yet, someone is missing. So, despite two consecutive months of terrible meltdowns, I am giving it another go. I hope to remain calm and peaceful, having the holidays as a distraction is definitely a good thing.  I am nearly in this month's TWW, been having lots of EWCM and got my +OPK this morning!! DTD right then - a bathroom lock and PBS Kids is a handy combo winky.gif Thank you to whoever suggested that the female orgasm increased the likelihood of conception. While I am not typically neglected in that way, it can't hurt, right? I am planning to reduce my coffee intake, or perhaps eliminate it, over the next week; I drink 1-2 cups per day. I am drinking my grapefruit juice and green tea regularly. Continuing to take my Prenatals, Vit D and B6 and supplementing with a Vegetarian Omega Fatty Acid Smoothie. I ordered a bunch of Wondfos, 50 OPKs and 20 Pregnancy Tests. I am hoping these changes, being kind to myself and some magical thinking will result in a January BFP!!


Just curious, what supplements do you take? What brands:? And why (for both). What plans do you have for the holidays, besides THOSE plans (wink, wink)? Also, what do all of you do? I know we've discussed some about jobs before but I feel like I know lots about many of you but not exactly what most of you do.


I am a Health Teacher at a local private school. I teach Middle and High School students. I spend much of my class time focused on birth control and decision making around sexual activity, your not so typical, I hope, Sex Ed. It is in many ways ironic right now, particularly the looks of horror on many of my students faces as they consider the idea of pregnancy and childbirth. I previously taught Maternal Child Public Health at a local Medical School and for the local Health Department. I LOVE my job and I am thrilled that DD can attend the same school, which we would otherwise not ever be able to afford. She previously attended a Montessori School where tuition was far more manageable. It is so much more convenient to be in the same location with the same schedule and she's thrilled to have me there. Last year when her classmates had a lot of questions about a pregnant teacher she told them, "My mom will explain all that to you in Middle School." This year a classmate made a comment to the effect of, "when I was in my mom's stomach..." to which my DD replied, "Well, you were never in your mom's stomach!" Her Spanish teacher relayed the story and told me he stopped her before she went on to explain about a woman's uterus, he quickly changed the subject as he was not prepared to have that conversation. shrug.gif I have always answered her questions truthfully and as fully as she's desired.


I'll stop my rambling now. Happy Friday mamas!!

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Sparkle-  That's adorable about your Dd, we tend to answer our Dd as truthfully as we can without going into ALL the details.


Serena- 7dpo is too early to count yourself out!  There are tons of people who do not have any symptoms at that point.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!


I am currently taking Rainbow Light Prenatal Ones and that's about it.  I am going to try to start eating like I am pregnant and kind of do a loose Brewer's diet (with a lot less calories).  I just want to try to get used to eating 4-5 small meals a day and getting all those food groups in.  I think I will plan for 3 actual meals, a protein shake, and a juiced smoothie each day.  I am also trying to exercise each day and I want to continue that into pregnancy.  If we don't get pregnant this cycle I will probably start taking extra folic acid.


For the holidays all we are doing is hanging out with some friends of ours here on the island (they have two boys around Dd's age).  Monday we are all decorating cookies and then going to the Christmas eve service at church, then Tuesday we are having Christmas dinner at their house (we had Thanksgiving at ours).


And I am a SAHM/student.  I am supposed to be student teaching in the spring (but it still hasn't been scheduled and I'm getting nervous).  I am going to school to get my bachelors in elementary education with an emphasis in early childhood education.


AFM- I am currently on cd12, I *should* o tomorrow or Sunday if my cycles stay the way they have been.  I started having EWCM yesterday and we DTD last night (and plan to through Monday or Tuesday depending on when my temp shift is). I plan to test on New Year's even though I will only be 8-9dpo.  I just think it would be fun to find out on New Year's lol.

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Sparklemaman: Good for you working things out (as much as you can work out anything of this sort) with DH. Welcome back to the thread ;)  And good for you, DTDing in the bathroom!!! I'm way too conventional to do things like that :) And since my drive is way lower than DH's, it's usually only him who finishes Sheepish.gif. But I do feel like the female orgasm would def help with pregnancy. Also, very cool job!!! And especially that your DD can go to that school too!


Oasis: I did try temping a while back, but it doesn't really work for me because of co-sleeping and frequent night-wakings, as well as the children stealing my thermometer when I try to temp. For me, it was way more trouble than it was worth ;) Good to know about EWCM, I really thought it was only with O. Although I did notice an improvement with my CM after starting to take EPO.


Sparkle was asking about supplements: I have been very lax the past few weeks, but I usually take a prenatal (expired, but prob still good...I hate to throw it out...), EPO 1000mg (I think), Vit D (3000 IU in winter, 1000 in summer), B-Complex, Fish Oil capsules (although I am stopping those after this batch is done. I was taking them cause I don't eat much fish, but apparently they are not very useful in pregnancy...), and probiotics (in winter).


To answer the question of the week: I work for the government. I proofread and edit documents. Not very interesting, but it's a secure job with good pay and benefits. And I feel like it's not so mentally consuming that I can't have my own interests and hobbies outside of work :)

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I am having some pretty severe cramping in my left side, either it's o (which would fit into my usual O patterns) or I am having a cyst rupture.  Ouch!  We plan to dtd every night up until o is confirmed.

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