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My grannie was a huge fan of gin and tonics.  I must say I'm partial to them myself.


And honestly, who DOESN'T love Murder She Wrote????  Anyone who claims not to has some sort of issues, I'm sure. winky.gif

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Oh I don't know, I've been wearing cardigans in the summer for my entire life -- and I could go to bed at 7:30pm every single night.  

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My "granny" thing is wearing thick hiking socks all the time with regular shoes. More padding, thus more comfort - I cannot abide uncomfortable feet. 

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I saw a crocheted turban today, worn by a young woman with hoop earrings.


Could it be?


It did make me think about those plastic rain scarves all the grannies wore when I was a kid, to protect your 'do.  And those clear galoshes that fit over your work shoes.


Missing my grannies!

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i like granny panties bag.gif the bigger the better and VPL be damned
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I wore granny panties (I called them "granties".) once heavily pregnant.  Somehow, that thin cotton helped me feel like sneezing wouldn't result in my unborn darling and viscera shooting across the room in comic fashion.  Those things are hard to find!  Good lord.  I had about 5 pairs I just kept washing.  Seriously, no where (I shop) could I find the granny panties.  I was starting to picture grandmas in hiphuggers.

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Ooo, gin and tonics are granny you say? I like those so much. I also recently discovered that I do like the taste of white zinfandel! I hadn't tasted it before because of the stigma. 


This reminds me, has anyone seen those "Hey Girl" images with Ryan Gosling? I love the one where he says, "Hey Girl, I was thinking we could hang up some bunting around the apartment." 

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Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post

Ooo, gin and tonics are granny you say?


Well, MY grannie.  But they are kind of a classic.  At least they help ward off malaria!   They've totally worked for me, haven't had malaria once winky.gif  (Just don't notice that part under my profile pic where it says I live in Canada... not relevant at all...)

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I LOVE the Ryan Gosling Hey Girl memes!!! I watched a video where they had him read some of them and he couldn't get through them without laughing. Have you seen the home birth Ryan Gosling ones? So awesome.
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I like the granny panties.  To be honest, I don't know what non-granny underpants are.  I mean they have to come up on your waist so they don't roll down.  My underwear are made by Fruit of the Loom or Hanes Her Way.


My grandmothers are long dead.  My mom's mom died in the 1930s and my Dad's mom died in 1974.

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I like granny panties, too- just can't handle a wedgie anymore. My 16 yr old DD is a total granny, and always has been. Definitely not in the hipster sense: more in the so uncool it's endearing sense. She loves the Victorian nightgowns, wears cardigan sweaters all the time, warm or cool weather, and is frequently known to sport a shower cap or hairnet... She's also a great knitter and cat lover. It's very cute watching her grow up as a perpetual old lady. smile.gif
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this is interesting. i cant wear granny panties. i did have some after my c-section and i guess i might still have a pair or two leftover from then. 


the thing is i am short that the panties almost reach my bra line. anything above my belly button and i feel suffocated. 


i have the same issue with pants. i always wear low waist. i had a pair of high waist dress pants, and i just could not be comfortable in them. 

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Must google Ryan Gosling reading his Hey Girls!

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My long hair is always up in a bun, with pretty hairsticks or combs.  Does that count as a granny trait?


The thing I got from my own grandma is frugality. :) We can mend almost anything and find use for almost anything.  Although we don't really need to be so frugal, I enjoy having this habit.

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Originally Posted by Poddi View Post

My long hair is always up in a bun, with pretty hairsticks or combs.  Does that count as a granny trait?

not necessarily. depends on the bun and how you wear it. smile.gif what looks chic on one could totally look granny on the other. i know people like that - those who would make sack clothes appear chic. their messy hair would appear chic. 

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I yell at the TV. I'm always cold. I love to knit and crochet. I love the PBS Agatha Christie mysteries. (Poriot, Miss Marple) smile.gif
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Originally Posted by MrsGregory View Post

My grandmother wore pants, smoke, gambled, drank, and drove way too damn fast.  I enjoy all of those things as well... although the Benson and Hedges are on the back burner for a while. 


Oh... I like fruitcake.  Barmbrack, to be specific, and it's that time of year to make it!  eat.gif

I like the dog shows on TV.  I like the hounds. 

I wear sweaters in 80 degree weather.

The first thing people hear when stepping into my house is:  "Didja eat yet?" and so help me, if the answer is no, you will sit and you will eat.

I collect bunny figurines.  There are multiple bunnies in the front of my house, and dozens of bunnies on display in the dining room.  I love a bunny.

I complain about the quality of produce at the supermarket.


I'm sure there is more.

Hahaha are you me??? Everything on this list I do, down to the bunnies! Our babies were born in the year of the bunny according to the Chinese zodiac, you know.

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I indulge a handful of my old fashioned likes, here!

I love underwear that comes up to my waist but the skinny jeans need something lower.. I guess I'll have to try a few pair of modern panties soon.
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Originally Posted by onlyzombiecat View Post

I don't know. I didn't really know my grandmothers so I couldn't say what they liked or if they really would have done things differently if they could.


I like wearing clothing actually appropriate for the weather or task and I imagine previous generations did that more than many people seem to do today.


I don't have a cell phone and don't want one.

AND I have a BIG rotary phonebag.gif

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Originally Posted by Nazsmum View Post

AND I have a BIG rotary phonebag.gif

ooooooooh i would LOVE one. i miss them. 

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