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Cell phone safety

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This is a big topic in our family right now. All of my children (13-19) have cell phones and use them regularly. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to protect them from cell phone use risks. Any ideas?

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So I'm confused by this--what kind of risks are there to cell phone use that you're worried about? Are you talking accidents due to being distracted by the cell phone, doing stupid things via text messaging, or something else? 

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I am sure you know about this one, Cynthia, but if anyone is interested in the subject here is a great article we published last year. 


The Risk of Radiation: Cell Phone Use and Children by John Briley

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I was wondering abou this as well. My kids use the i-phones for games only. They are not hooked up for phone usage. I heard i-phones are the worst offenders because of how powerful they are. Is there any science to back this up, even if they are not being used as phones?

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   This is a concern for my family as well. 


  I used to keep my small cell phones in my bra when my husband was deployed so I would never miss a call. Since they discovered my heart beats oddly a year ago I stopped doing this just in case it had anything to do with it. We know they pose a danger but I just don't think there is enough information on them to know the full extent. 


 I review things a blogger and was given a defender pad for under laptops, it is supposed to help keep people safe from issues that are similar to cell phone issues. I now keep my cell phone on it as well. 


 My husband can't bring his cell phone into the building he works so it stays in his car, when at home it stays with his keys, and he rarely has it on his body. 


 Our teen had a cell phone, she was told to keep it on the charger or in her purse. She is not addicted to it yet so it does not get all that much use however she is getting a smart phone for Christmas and we are limiting the data on it. We homeschool so think it is good for her to have the internet at her figertips when she is out in the world. I will reminder her though, not to keep it near her body. 


 I am thinking, if there are products for laptops to help keep us safe, there should be ones for cell phones right? 

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