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Boy or Girl?

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I know it's kind of soon to be posting this thread, but I just made my ultra sound appointment yesterday and I am very excited! We are going to be finding out on January 3rd! 


I'm hoping for a girl, the bf is hoping for a boy... either way I'll be happy =) 


When are the rest of you finding out? Or have some of you decided not to find out? Do any of you know yet? 



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Actually, some have found out already and it is mostly girls so far, here is the thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1368580/will-you-find-out-the-sex-why-or-why-not-and-sex-reveals-for-those-who-do

I don't find out until January, but I'm looking forward to it smile.gif
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We are finding our Jan 8th, super excited (mostly to see the babe, this pregnancy has been very abstract so far and it will be nice to really "see" him or her.)


We've struggled w/ whether or not to find out, but DD and DH really want to and I'm not completely against it, so we will find out. DD is hoping for a girl, DH wants a boy, and I am warily undecided.

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Hi ladies! I just joined... need to go back and do my intros and stuff.

I find out January 3rd also! Am verrrrryyyyy excited to know- and I am definitely NOT hoping for a girl. Neither is BF. Or my 5 yr old DS.

And EVERYONE keeps saying I'm gonna have a girl, lol.


Of course, I really truly will be thrilled either way (and a secret, VERY deeply buried part of myself *might* be happy if it's a girl, so I can have one of each), and just want a happy, healthy baby.


...just with an outie instead of an innie ;-)

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i found out already.. im having a boy :D so exciting

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