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Holistic Childbirth Preparation

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Hi everyone,

I am a certified birth and postpartum doula as well as a certified holistic coach.

I work with women from conception to motherhood, to increase chances of conception, to feel good during pregnancy, to release fears around childbirth, to guide women to connect with their inner wisdom and their birthing guides, to empower them to make choices that are right for them so they have a powerful and transformative birth. I also work with women postpartum helping them adjust to life with a newborn, feel confident in their choices and ultimately be an empowered mother while remaining true to herself.


I offer various programs:

  • Baby-Making Programs (we look at diet, toxins, lifestyle, energetic, mental and emotional blocks and we work together to provide the best environment for conception - I also support couples going through infertility to increase their chances of success)


  • The Complete Holistic Childbirth Method (Through various exercises and coaching, women achieve amazing results, from eliminating fears of birth, fears of not being a good mom, accepting her growing curves and feeling beautiful, being empowered at all levels, making choices that are right for her, re-connecting to her inner birthing wisdom and so much more)


  • The Empowered Mother Method (we work before and after birth to create a sacred space for this new family unit. Mothers feel confident, breastfeed longer, bond faster with their baby, have more energy quicker and sleep more)


I invite you to visit my web site Birth In Harmony (birthinharmonyDOTcom to know me better and see what I offer.

Classes are in person or virtual.

I offer a free consultation to be sure I can help you and to discover what you want.



Happy Holidays, Sev

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Hi Sev!  Welcome to MDC!  I just wanted to draw your attention to our advertising rules:


Advertising & Solicitation
We don’t welcome people posting their wares in discussion threads. There are proper channels for advertising (contact advertise@mothering.com).


I do hope you'll stick around and become an active member of MDC.  I'm sure your experience would be helpful to many.

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