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I have been sucked in!!!

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Its official I am now addicted to learning about cloth diapering.. And I love making things provided I accually save money by spending my own time making it rather than buying the item already made.. I am a SAHM so I have the time, Kids are in school.. New baby due in march.. I want to start making wool soakers and longies, and skirties for this baby girl.. I have 4 sweaters.. One says

pure wool it is accually a sweatervest typs..,

another says 100% wool and its a zip up sweater,

then I have a 100% merino..

and a beautiful oh so sweet and soft blend.. its 70% wool 20% rabbit and 10% nylon,


I read on another post that it will still work.. I am so excited about the thought of useing wool.. I just found out and started researching wool this week and have read NOTHING but wonderful things about it.. And I like the natural factor over the PUL option.. I mean I will get pul covers but would love to make a TON of wool soakers and longies, they just seem so much more comfortable.... Well let me stop rambling and ask you BTDT moms, What is your fav tutorial, do you have any advice, share some pictures.. LETS TALK WOOL

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I love wool.  I have a few pockets- but for the most part I use wool.  I haven't used sweaters- I have had good intentions- but never followed through.  I do knit Longies though and I love the picky pants pattern.  So I say buy a set of size 8s and some amazing yarn and start knitting... Youtube will show you :)  I also am not very careful about how I care for my wool- I have even run them through the washer on hand wash cold a time or two....  The most important part is having the most spectacular fitted diaper under.  I LOVE the diaperkit.com pattern.  I use 4 layers of flannel or jersey for the body (usually a pretty on on the outside with old sheets for the middle two layers.  I then make a double soaker of 3 layers (half an old receiving blanket per diaper).  So that is 10 layers of fabric in the entire wet zone.  Most awesome diaper ever with wool...


Have fun!

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I love wool! I actually use wool pants almost exclusively for pants around the house in winter even past the diapering years. So warm and cozy for the littles.  Upcycling sweaters is lots of fun, and yes, even the blends will work just fine. 


Good luck!

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