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Sheffield, PA? Warren, Kane, etc.

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Can anyone tell me what it's like in these areas? Any natural food/health shops? Any midwives in the area? TIA! :)

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I see your post was missed. I thought I'd bump it up to give it some attention and see if anyone has information to share. bump.gif

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A long hike (but isn't everything in that part of PA?) would be to Cloverdale Bulk Foods outside of Cambridge Springs on 408. I was really pleased to find lots of organic sprouted grains, for example. The prices were much better than I'm used to seeing, but you'd still have to calculate in gas. It may be worth it just to have things you need shipped to you. I've only visited family in the part of the state you are talking about, so can't speak to midwives, etc there.
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I do not currently live there but my family is all there and I am about 65 miles away.  In Sheffield itself there is not much, but there is one shop in Warren (not far) but I can't remember the name of it.  There are a lot of farmers down that way so you may be able to find local meat, eggs, honey etc fairly easily.  In Erie where I currently live there is a Whole Foods Coop and it isn't too far of a drive from Sheffield.

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I lived in warren. There are 2-3 hosital midwives. 1 home birth midwife that i know of, and i bought my milk at the dairy. My meat from an organic farm....and veggies all over.

It was a great place. Good luck!!
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