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Thanks everyone! These frozen pads sound kind of crazy, but I can imagine since they'd be sort of like soothing ice packs, they could feel pretty good on those parts that just got a good workout. And I appreciate the cloth pads advice too. I often have pretty heavy periods, so I'm pretty well-stocked on thick absorbencies already. smile.gif I might get some disposables for that first week, but otherwise it sounds like I'm probably good. I certainly *much* prefer cloth over disposable against my nether regions. I might have to experiment with freezing some of the cloth ones - see how it works!

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A squishy squirt-bottle you can aim at your nether-regions so you can rinse after using the toilet rather than doing a lot of wiping.  MUCH more comfortable.  Of course, if this were a civilized continent that had more bidets, we wouldn't need peri bottles.


(Edit: although, you can put a bit of witch hazel in the peri bottle which makes it even nicer.  Can't do that with a bidet.)

I agree.. My parents have a bidet, and they love it! I wish I was able to use it, it is much better than a peri. 


I am going to have to try the witch hazel in the peri, that sounds devine!

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Originally Posted by Chapsie View Post

We have a diaper sprayer (from bum genius) and to be honest, I wouldn't ever use it on my postpartum bottom!  It's hard to control the flow and it is VERY cold water.  Just an FYI... Peri bottle is way easier.  If you are having a homebirth, you can just buy an empty ketchup bottle from the dollar store-- it does the same thing.


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We had a diaper sprayer for diapers, too. The water was under a lot of pressure and FRIGID and pretty sure I'd never want to spray that on me. :) I'd have to be careful not to get the diaper residue all over the bathroom.


I have a peri that I still use from last time and plan to get another to have on hand. I like to have a rinsing utensil in each bathroom.


We sell the fuzzi bunz sprayer, so I was just going to take one of those from the shop and hook it up next month. Hopefully the pressure isn't too bad, but if it is I'll go with the peri.

I've read how some of those sprayers are so strong that it's hard to keep the diaper poo from flying out of the toilet!

I would hate to use that kind of pressure on sore nethers blush.gif

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