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Red are cashmere, $9, white are unknown upcycled maybe wool or wool blend, 5$. Both made by my sister for DS. Excellent for nighttime EC in colder weather if you've been braving the naked baby in the bed, or just for around the house, esp for a bub who can take themselves to the potty but can't work the clothes yet.


Red: Waist: unstrteched 7.5" side to side. Stretches easily to 11". Length waist to cuff: 18". Wide cuff is very easy to roll and stays up well.

White: unstreched waist 7", stretches to 11"+ easily. Length: waist to cuff: 17". Wide cuff also easily rolls and stays put.


GREAT wool slightly felted cover pants. 8$. We used these for winter pants outside over tights. Also great if you keep the house pretty cold in winter: they are quite warm and super cozy. Waist 7.5" side to side unstretched, they have a button hole adjustable waist elastic inside the waist band. Length: 15" waist to cuff.


These are size large fleece from Continuum Family; green on left are split-crotch, blue on right are chaps (sizing:

L  18" 19" 18-24 months and up)

They were $18 each new, the green pair on the left were never worn (they are VERY warm, and we lived in the South at the time). My sister modified the blue pair with a button hole, adjustable waist band, so they could be rolled up and worn by a smaller kiddo (my DS was FAT! he wore them around 8-10 mo)

Asking $10 for both, or $6 each.