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Mothering Featured Member: Mom31

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Everyone, please say hello to Mom31. She joined the Mothering community about a year and a half ago and has contributed so much in discussions around the forum. We want to take some time to get to know her a little better and allow everyone the opportunity to offer their appreciation for her input and support and sharing of her experiences. Here's our interview with her. Please feel free to give her a thumb.gif and a grouphug.gif or a flowersforyou.gif post of appreciation.



What brought you to Mothering?

In 2003 I had just given birth to my first child, my son, and was having a very difficult time nursing. An acquaintance recommended I join MDC for support and advice. Due to the help and support I received here as well as the guidance of a hospital lactation consultant I was able to get through the tough first 6 weeks and breastfeed for many years.



What do you like best about the Mothering Community?


I like that no matter the time of day or night if I need support, encouragement, advice or just someone to talk to- I will be able to find that here. It has been a lifeline to me throughout my 9 years of being a mom. Being able to connect with other mothers is so important no matter what age your children are. Mothering is very helpful when I need information on a topic I can look it up in the archives and search engine as well.



What do you do when you're not at Mothering?


I am a mom to two great kids, a son age 9 and a daughter age 7. I recently went back to work full time as an office administrator. In the summer we enjoy going to the beach, in the spring and fall we like to go hiking. We all love to read.


I have also started painting furniture as well as anything I can get my hands on that I think would look better with a coat or two of paint! I am setting up a workshop in my garage. The kids are excited and eager to help. This is something I have wanted to do for many years and just never did- I am so glad I have started! It is of course easier now that my kids are a little older.


I have joined a Birth Network that just formed in the area. I am very excited that I got to meet like minded mothers IN REAL LIFE! Many of us have used the same homebirth midwife. It was very nice being able to gather together and I am look forward to working with them to foster change in my community.



Who are your favorite members in the Mothering community and why?


I love all of my single mom friends in the single parenting forum. They are a huge support to me and an inspiration.


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Hi Mom 31 I am new to the community, but I read your interview very inspiring. 

Looking forward to what I can learn and add to this community!!

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