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affordable landline phone options

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We are looking for landline phone options.  We currently have voice over internet with Comcast.  Has anyone else used something like Magic Jack?  What other options are out there?



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We've used MJ for about 3 years now. It works for us.


You have to have a computer and internet connection that can support it (DS1 has to stop online games if a phone call comes in, otherwise it goes choppy) but TOTALLY worth the $30-$50/mo savings.

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I'm also considering this. Do you plug it into the computer?  can you use cordless phones w it?

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We have a Magic Jack and 3 cordless phones with it (1 on each level). My husband did the research. He said the calibre of customer service isn't as good as for other alternatives, but I figured we'd give it a try anyway because for the amount we saved we might be able to put up with some ways in which it was less than ideal. We've had it for 2 months and so far so good. The only issue is that the main phone has to be pretty close to the cable modem for some reason, which has it in an inconvenient location on top of the TV. 

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my babysitter has been raving all over facebook about the magic jack just today, I had never heard of it so i looked it up and i guess the new "plus" version has some good reviews...

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Magic Jack here too! It's really good for us because I can call USA and Canada (family is in Canada). I don't know if we got ripped off but when we ordered it on the internet we ended up paying 80$ for a year (instead of 20 as they say in the commercial), but still it's pretty cheap! Sometimes the connection isn't great but most of the time it's good!

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What about Skype? We have a skype in number and a monthly subscription for U.S. and Canada.  It works well for us.  I have had it for at least five years now.  It makes sense for us because we also have smart phones and so skype is portable on our phones as well.  So, if no one is home and we are at Internet enabled location, we could take a phone call through it.  I love that I can take it with me when I travel internationally as well.  As long as you have a good internet connection, the call quality is great.

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We just upgraded to the plus so we won't have to keep our desktop computer on all the time. I'll keep you posted.

We only have a portable phone hooked up to it. I'd actually like to get a hard-wired phone instead so that it's always in one spot.
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We tried the magic jack about three years ago. We gave up on it. It was not a good option for us. I like to talk on the phone.

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3timesamom, why did you end up disliking Magic Jack? Just curious what we might expect with it. 

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I talk on the phone with a friend for about an hour or more when we chat. It would cut off the call. If the kids wanted the computer (which was necessary to allow such a long convo) they couldn't use it. It would push buttons as though someone were actually pushing them. Sometimes she couldn't hear me. The computer needed to be on to recieve or make calls which I also found to be a pain. I mean the electric bill alone! This caused problems with the computer booting up as well. We got a landline back and that too was a pain in the bum! Oh and the area code was not local so no one could call it.

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Good to know, thanks for posting. We have a wireless router and I think the phone is set up to go off of that, not the computer... plus I'm one of those people who leaves my computer on all the time Sheepish.gif So hopefully we won't have the same problems. 

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I hope it works out. I hear they have a new model that does require the computer.

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