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How to be selective?

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I have a 5 mo old and I've been fighting her dr about getting her vaccinated. I want to wait until she's about 6 mo-1 yr old. My dad does alot of vaccine research, because many people in my family develop irritable bowls and one of my cousins has regressive autism. My first daughter is 6 and the poor girl has the worst issues with her BMs!

Anyways, I'm not opposed to the most important vaccines, but trying to figure out which ones those are is so confusing.. I feel like the Hep vaccines aren't important because they only transfer through fluids and such. And those chicken pox vaccines and all those new vaccines for every little thing are def not on the list of vaccines we need.


What vaccines have you moms chosen to get and when did you start vaccinating?


Also I've tried asking my pediatrician for the info on the vaccines they have and she said they throw out the boxes and keep all the vaccines unwrapped in a fridge... Maybe I'm just not asking her the right questions? Isn't it illegal for them to just throw out that stuff? They are obligated to provide me with that info if I ask for it aren't they?

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I was in the exact same spot as you with my first... I was interested but didn't have the foggiest idea where to start educating myself. It seemed at the time that Dr Sears' book on vaccination was really popular so I started there. I have also read Stephanie Cave's book "What Your Dr May Not Tell You about Children's Vaccinations." They are similar in that they break it up into discussions around each vaccine and the related diseases they are intended to fight off. Helps you better understand the risk/benefit of each. The Dr Sears book also provides HIS suggested schedule for selective/delayed vaccination, although I think each Mom should analyze and adjust it for themselves based on how you feel after reading up.

I also find these boards SUPER helpful as there are some very well-versed women on here from both sides of the debate. It can be dizzying to just start a google search on your own, but here the women are great about sharing interesting links and providing articulate opinions on them.

I would start with one of the books above to begin with... Just a simple overview to get yourself up to speed. Then do searches on here for any additional info you feel you might need to make your decisions on which vax's and timing.

For me, I held off any vaccines until I felt fully comfortable with my decision. I don't think it is something you want to head into without personal conviction in your choices. I ended up choosing not to vaccinate at all but as I said above, that was MY choice and I feel most comfortable with that route. There are such strong opinions on both sides and compelling data on both sides that at this current moment in time I feel only YOU can decide what is best for your child.
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