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Hi, all! I'm a bit late to the party, hope you all don't mind redface.gif . I'm due August 10th, and this will be #8 child for our family, and our second girl.

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Hi! I'm new here! Expecting #4, a boy, guess date Aug 27th!

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I'm due August 8th with my second child, and I'm 28.  My first is 3.  

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Hi there!

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Hi :)  Forgot to add it's a girl, and I'm naming her Madeline Grace :)

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August 11th - JillyMama of 2, expecting #2 (boy)

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Hi to our new friends joining us! Welcome!
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Expecting our first, a girl, around August 6th!  


Wish I had come to this group several months ago instead of the other website I was on!

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Better late than never, NaturallyJane! This group is an awesome one. Welcome!
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Hi! I just joined! I am due 8/18 with boy #2! I have a son who is turning 5 on 8/6. It's going to be a busy month!! love.gif

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Welcome emcol!  I am also having boy #2, due the 27th!

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Welcome to the group!

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Welcome emcol!!
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I can't get a pic to posy for some reason but would like to announce my new arrival! Korbin joined us yesterday at 720 pm and weighed in at 7lb2oz and 19". He came via unplanned csection after an hsv outbreak risked me out of my home birth plan. Though this was not my plan I had a beautiful birth. Korbin was given to me for skin to skin immediately and I even got to experience him doing the breast crawl and nursing while my surgery was completed! They delayed his cord clamping and cut, he never left me and the surgeon did an amazingly low and small cut to deliver him. I feel amazing and hope to get home to my other children tomorrow. Korbin has nursed like a champ and has had plenty of changed diapers! He's lost 3 oz since birth but my milk came in this evening so I expect he will put that weight back relatively quickly.
As I worked to calm myself over the initial shock of my plan change I reflected on the bead swap notes and was comforted. Thank you all for being part of this group. I've not been incredibly active due to my schedule but have stalked as I could and really enjoyed the shared transitions we have had!
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Congratulations, Marci mommi! Welcome little Korbin!
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Congratulations Marci and welcome Korbin!  I am glad the change of plans ended up so positively for you both!  joy.gif

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Congratulations, marci! Welcome to little Korbin! I'm glad you are at peace with the unexpected change in plans....you are an amazing mama! joy.gif

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