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Congrats Marci and welcome Korbin! I am so glad you had such a positive birth experience. smile.gif
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Congratulations, Marci! I hope you continue to recover smoothly at home and that you enjoy your sweet Korbin!
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Aug 4--today!--is my due date!  baby #4, girl :)

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Congratulations Marci and welcome Korbin! Sounds like your unexpected c-section worked out really positively; your sunny outlook is inspiring! Way to go, mama!
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Congratulations, Marci! Welcome to the world Korbin! I'm glad that you're happy with your experience even though it was different than planned. So happy for you!

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Congratulations marci, it sounds like that was the best possible entry for your little guy!
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Yay!  joy.gif Welcome Korbin!!!  Congratulations Marci.  stillheart.gifstillheart.gif

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Congratulations, Marci and a big Welcome to little Korbin!

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Our little boy Oliver Wolf was born 21/08 at home. Congrats to all the other August babies and best of luck to those yet to be born xx
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Congratulations, Edwina!
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Congrats Edwina!

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Congrats Edwina and welcome Oliver! smile.gif

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Welcome, Oliver. Rest up, mama.
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Bump! Anyone else wanna check in? Hopefully all the August babies have now debuted (or there are some seeeeriously tired pregnant ladies out there!).
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Edith Mirabelle was born August 20, 8 lbs. 2 oz., after 23+ hours of unmedicated labor. I went into the hospital feeling defeated as they were scheduled to start cervadil the night of the 19th, but I was already in early labor, so they said I didn't need it. After that, contractions picked up and at 4:23pm at exactly 42 weeks, Edie was born. Everyone was shocked I came in for an induction and went into labor-- but really, I had been in labor since that morning.



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Big congrats, Jane!! Welcome baby Mirabelle! Love the name btw wink1.gif
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That's awesome, Jane! Congratulations!
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Congrats Jane and welcome Edith!

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Congratulations Jane! Welcome sweet Edie!
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