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Hi, I just recently started to learn more about this type of discipline, and I really think it is something I could use with my own child in the future. However, I am very doubtful that her father will do the same. So my question is, what can I do to convince him to read about this area, be more supportive and actually do it with me? Also, is there any research or articles I could read online about it? Thanks!

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I'm confused, what type of gentle discipline are you wanting more information on? Are you thinking along the lines of time outs, natural/logical consequences, playful parenting, up/cl? Here are some basic resources I have found very helpful:


* the Positive Discipline book series by Jane Nelson:



*Dr. Laura Markham's new book and website:





*Hand in Hand Parenting:


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I also liked the "The Secret of Parenting" by Anthony Wolf. It's focus isn't gentle discipline, but it really shows/talks about how to communicate with your children.
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How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk - Faber and Mazlish.




Good luck.  Hope this helps.

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Thanks for all the info! I actually have been on the Aha parenting website before, and I love it. The other part of my initial post was the question of how can I get my partner to do gentle discipline with me? 

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