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Non-CIO Pedi in the Marlborough area

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My husband and I are looking for a pediatrician in the Marlborough area for our six month old daughter. We are currently with Southborough Medical and we are very unhappy with them. We believe she has some gas issues and have been to them four times now her four month and six month checkups as well as two special visits where we brought up her gas issue. We have seen three different pedi's and each one has told us we are crazy and we just need to let her CIO, which we are against. I'm hoping to find a pedi who is anti-cio and will listen to our concerns. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I see your post was missed. I thought I'd bump it up to give it some attention and see if anyone has a recommendation to share. bump.gif

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I am not in the area any more. Back in day the I got great advice from moms in LLL Marlborough. They meet in both Sudbury and Marlborough.


In my experience gas issues were related to diet. I was exclusively breastfeeding. Dairy was a big issue.


I have 3 well adjusted children who co- slept and never left to CIO.


We only go to the pedi for well visits. I wouldn't put much faith in a traditional pediatrician.

We see a chiropractor regularly.

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I'm in marlborough and after numerous tries,including southborou medical which was awful, we finally ended up driving to Acton Medical to see Dr. Cooper. He's amazing, super laid back and I believe his wife's a lactation consultant. Totally worth the drive.
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I just moved from Acton where we have been very happy with Dr Cooper and the rest of the pedis and nurses for four years. Wonderfully gentle, examines my baby on my lap if necessary and practical to do so. Never a problem to spread out vax. They have even administered some shots WHILE my son was breastfeeding. : )
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I don't have an answer on the pedi, but I have a woman who can truly help you find out what is going on with your daughter. She is amazing at figuring out nutritional issues, food sensitivities etc. I would highly recommend her. find her at www.healingyou.com  She is in CT, but she also works over the phone and through email to avoid multiple trips. VERY reasonable prices. 

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