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The short version is that I would like to invite any of you who have G+ accounts to join;


I'm an active member on G+, which has opened a new feature called "Communities". I think having something more than the mainstream standards, right from the start, will have a positive impact on the overall G+ network. So, I've actually started a couple communities in areas no one else has thought to, yet. One such is UC. I've been over there since betas and have really enjoyed the experience of getting in on the ground floor and helping to build the network in directions that are important to me. This is another way I can do that. So, if it's of interest to you, please join and help me grow the UC community over there.


This is in no way suggesting that g+ replace mothering's UC forum, btw. I use them both myself, and feel they have different uses...even if some of the subject matters do overlap.