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Learning to tolerate the carseat

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Does anyone else have a baby who hates the carseat? Our little guy generally cries and cries and cries whenever we go anywhere (there are RARE occasions where he won't...including the ride home from the hospital, so we mistakenly thought we were home free!). Last night we took a trip of about 45 min and when we got home, he was soaked in sweat from crying the entire ride. I felt AWFUL. It is SO stressful going anywhere. The pacifier helps sometimes, but not much. If my husband and I are together, usually one of us will sit in the back with him so that we can stroke him and try to comfort him, but even this doesn't seem to help (not to mention it would be nice if we didn't have to do that forever - kind of feels like we're perpetually in a taxi!). Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get him to tolerate it better?

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oooh, mine did this last time.  She seemed to get motion sick, mostly.  We tried taking the carseat out of its "bottom lock" and just straping it in the car (one of those portable basket type carseats), and chanigng the angle of the seat.  For her it worked to have her head lower, but a friend's baby prefered head up more.  Anyway, she loved it once we moved the seat angle around.  I also tried making sure she hadnt eaten immedeaitely before a ride, apparently some babies get acid reflux from the car seat because they can't sit up completely straight.  

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Our little girl also fusses in the carseat. She just doesn't like having to defer nursing until we get to work (a 20-minute trip); feeding her before we go does help, but sometimes she awakens halfway. She also chills out as soon as she's warm again (having to take off her blankets to buckle her up causes a conniption). 

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Ds screamed in the carseat until he was about 7 months old.  It was super stressful and made me not want to leave the house with him.  As he got old enough to be interested in toys and to notice my face in the mirror that we put on the seat head rest, it subsided a bit, but it was still bad for a long time.  Not saying this to freak you out, just to say that sometimes it's a temperament thing that a lo has to grow out of.  I hated when he cried for so long that he eventually stopped because I felt like he was crying it out.  But the truth is that I talked to him the whole time. He knew I was there.  It was different than cio, and it was just necessary for us to get in the car sometimes.  No getting around it.  So it still stressed me out, but I got a bit better at dealing with it over time.  Definitely hope it doesn't take so long for your lo to tolerate the car seat.  Good luck!

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Oh gosh, I hope it doesn't last 7 months! We have a 4+ hour car trip coming up next weekend and I am so dreading it. I'll be in the back with him, but like I said, that doesn't seem to help. You are right, though- it is not CIO since I'm there. Thanks for saying that and I'll try to remember it when i'm in the moment, feeling like a horrible mom! i get so anxious any time we go anywhere. greensad.gif
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Oh man,, that crying really gets my hormones going.  If she's sleeping, we practically don't stop for anything, but thats hard with two.  And its totally not CIO, some things just have to be done.  If it goes on more than 20-30 minutes DH will usually stop to change her diaper, try to feed/calm her again before taking off, and sometiems this works!

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I have had good luck with keeping my girls calm in the car with playing static on the radio.  Or playing this video on my cell and putting in the car seat with them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KaOrSuWZeM

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What kind of seat are you using? DD3 HATED the bucket seat, we moved her after a few weeks into a convertable seat. She tolerated it since it was a different position, but opposite of faye she wanted to be sitting up more instead of laying down.

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It's a Chicco Keyfit 30 - is that a bucket seat? He definitely prefers sitting up to lying down. We are literally about to leave on a 4+ hour car ride- I am so nervous. Fingers crossed.
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Allison hates the carseat too.  She can tolerate about 30 min and then the rest of the trip is just screaming.  We live in a rural area and have to drive 40 min to get anywhere, so it's not easy.  I think Allison just wants to snuggle and the carseat doesn't do it for her. 


My 2nd child (other daughter) was the same, perhaps even worse.  

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Genevieve hates it unless she has the pacifier in (yep, she's a binky baby;-)  But, unfortunately, the binky pops out a lot.  Thankfully, though, she seems to sleep if the car is moving- if we're in traffic, she's screaming.

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With ds2 I bought a bunch of swaddlers, they had a hole in the back so he could be safely strapped in and then the swaddler went over the buckles. We called it his straight jacket orngbiggrin.gif haha. It was the only way he would sit in his seat for 3 months.
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Well, Everett will be 4 months on Tuesday and still screams in the car. So that road trip my mom, sister, E and I were going to take from from Indy to Baltimore this weekend (10 hours)? Yeah, I just spend $250 on a plane ticket to get there.... Perhaps we should have planned it around month 6 instead of his fourth month of life! Smart. 


I've tried a bucket seat and convertible but he's let us know loud and clear he'd much prefer my arms to anything. I'd seriously pay $500+ if someone invented a baby carrier carseat!


Maybe we'll be in the clear by month 5?

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@Sarah....Does he sit all alone in the back?

My LO can sit in the car seat all day long...provided I sit next to him and hold his hand throughout the trip. We also have a few of his fav soft toys with us in the back seat to give him company.

As a new born, my LO hated car seat and we had to find a parking space and stop every 5 mins whenever we took him out....coz he wont stop howling and my heart would just ache to see him cry that much.

We then started putting him in the car seat when at home....just for 10 mins initially...and gradually increasing it to half hr. I think he then got used to it and we could eventually do our grocery trips with him without any stops :) Now he hates it if he is in a car seat and the car is not moving. He loves motion :) and hates red lights!!

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Wantabeanbrat- Maybe we should try the carseat in the house, that's a good idea. DS1 is in the backseat with Everett and is so sweet trying to sing to him and hold his hand. Eventually DS1 sits in sad silence while E screams and I drive like a maniac (safely) to get home and sing at the top of my lungs. Everett doesn't care but it at least the singing makes me feel like I'm doing SOMETHING. 


Well, E really IS getting better and will fall asleep or stare out the window happily at times but I'm looking forward to that happening 75% of the time not 25% ;)

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My daughter hated her car seat for the longest time... she will be five months on Friday. She seems to do a bit better now, but still fusses and cries when I put her in the seat itself. A friend told me it'd correct itself once she was forward facing, but my new seat (Graco Click Connect 40) allows for my DD to be rear facing for two years.... I'm not facing her forward until she literally outgrows this seat so that's that. So that's not an option. We found that by covering her seat (putting a blanket over the handle) she calmed down and seemed more content. We also give her a favorite toy to play with, but she usually just rips her shoes or socks off and chews on those. I think the stimulation from driving rear facing gets overwhelming for her. We also play her favorite song if she seems to fussy, music always works to calm her and she loves Beautiful Dreamer. Maybe try a mirror, I've heard those work wonders! Good luck hunny!! xox

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I guess I should give an update since I started this thread. K has been SO much better in the carseat since he was about 3 months old or so. He still cries in it sometimes, but he is quiet (or just babbling!) more often than he cries now. It was SOOOO hard there for a while! We couldn't go anywhere or if we did, I would be super super anxious and stressed out the whole time. We went on a trip about 3.5 hours away at Christmas and he cried the entire time. It was heartbreaking. I am so glad the worst is behind us. It will get better for those of you who are still dealing with this (really, I did not think it would!). We tried everything - pacifier, music, white noise, a comfy liner, strap covers, etc...nothing did a thing! In the end, he just needed time. Your babes will get there too. Hang in there...I know how hard it is. (All that to say, just this past weekend he cried constantly to and fro on a trip of about 30-40 min...so we're not 100% out of the woods yet! When I got home, I told my husband, "He cried the whole way there and back!" and my husband was like, "Yes, but why are YOU crying?" haha)

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E still cries most car trips :/ DS1 outgrow his car-crying at four months and today E is five months. Just goes to show they are very different kids smile.gif We're hanging in there but staying home a lot more than we'd like. SOON! Soon it'll get better smile.gif
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my Emily hates it..cause she feels tied down.. but she gets over it seconds.

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