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Suggestion for an easy on/easy off carrier for grandma?

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I have a 1 month old son and my mother watches him occasionally now and will be watching him twice a week when I go back to work. When my husband and I returned from running errands today, my mother was "wearing" our son inside her zipped up fleece jacket, and he was wayyy down low. Oh my gosh, I was horrified. I realized that I need to get her a carrier ASAP! I have a Beco Gemini and a Moby for myself and I love the Moby for around the house, but she wants an easy on/easy off carrier. These are the features I'm looking for - does anyone have a suggestion for the right carrier?


-Easy on/easy off (no wrapping like the Moby)

-Baby can be upright facing in (this is how he is happiest at the moment - I'm guessing this rules out most slings)

-She should be able to use it for a while as he grows

-Should be able to do household chores, eat, etc. while wearing it (I find it awkward to sit while wearing the Beco and very difficult to eat without spilling my food on the top of it/my baby's head - Moby is much better, but again, she doesn't want to have to wrap it...)

-Ideally under $100 but I could try to find a used one if the perfect carrier is above that price range


Thanks in advance!

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Easy to put on/off. --Soft Structured Carrier(SSC). I am using a lightweight version of SSC, the Action Baby Carrier.

Can be in an upright position.--yes.

Able to be use while he grows--Yes. The weight limit is infants to 40 pounds.

Able to do household chores, eat, etc. while wearing-- Yes, though I started wearing when DD is 3motnhs(not aware before that newborn can be worn already..) but, I was able to do things but some are in a different carry such as dish washing, DD is in the back carry. Eating, DD is in the hip carry.

Ideally under $100-  YES! $98 regular price though I had seen they also has some discounts/offers and some custom print or wrap conversion $150. 


Hope Grandma loves it! Goodluck!

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How about the K'atan (or however it's spelled) It's like a pre-wrapped moby.

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I second the suggestion of the Baby K'Tan. I just went back to work (atca cupcake shop) & wear my 7:week old son in it while working. He loves it & enjoys the same position your little one likes.
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A Mei-tei is pretty simple to tie on and can be used this early and for a while. Go Grandma!
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Ring slings like The Maya Wrap are a great choice. Baby should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be carried upright. Cradle carries (where baby is horizontal) put baby at risk of a closed airway.
The Beco Butterfly II has an internal panel that makes it super easy to load baby and in fact, the whole carrier can be taken off with baby still in it, and handed to another caregiver! Totally safe. However, at one month old, current positioning guidelines recommend against using an SSC for a baby before s/he can sit up by her or himself. Same goes for Mei Teis.
Until your son can sit up by himself, a wrap or ring sling will offer him the most support.

Is a great resource for educational videos.
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