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Southern California

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Looking for Chicken Pox in Southern California! 

If you don't agree with pox parties just move along. This is not something I'm debating. thanks.gif

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Have you tried a local yahoo group (that was a popular way to find pox when my oldest was young). Or, maybe Facebook? Perhaps the local API? 

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Also, you may want to edit your title to reference pox parties.

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We have a large group of Mamas on FB actively looking for CP. We thought we would try other sites with like minded folks.

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I'm looking for pox too!  To the OP, if you find any, will you please let me know?  Thanks so much!

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I'll keep you posted if I find any! 

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Just found pox - my out of state nephew has a full blown case. How do I get it from him when he's out of state?! Any suggestions? Can't believe I finally found it.
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I emailed you. Better get to driving to Utah! orngbiggrin.gif

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