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Just having a hard day!

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Feeling flat and having a hard day. A big weekend was had by all with it being ds1's 5th birthday friday and his picnic yesterday. Now I am left to clean up the aftermath, I am tired and sore. And my darling boys are being challenging today. I sense they too are tired. Just feeling a little overwhelmed, DH's birthday is tomorrow as well. And my anxiety is back with a vengence.


Anyone else having a hard day?

What do you do to get through?

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I just keep moving toward a better future.
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*deep breath* the only quote I can think of right now is from finding nemo "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"

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Yes having a very hard day. I'm just making a cup of tea and trying to list all the things I'm grateful for. That always makes me feel better. Hope it helps
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The jury is still out on whether it will be hard or not... but for the moment, the Advil hasn't kicked in yet (I fell down snowy stairs taking the garbage out on Saturday) the kitchen is a disaster, and my 10 year old won't get out of bed to go to school. 

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I hope your day turned around, mine seems to have. My kitchen is still a mess but my son decided to dummy up and go to school. Then my husband came home (he works split shift, but usually end up working through) and we went to a hobby shop and I'm slightly more prepared for Christmas now. No back spasms yet today, but I just looked out the window and it's snowing again! My poor girl is probably out walking in it, too... they're on a field trip. She's in grade 3 and her class is going to the middle school to do some Christmas baking today.

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Thank you for your support lovely ladies, My day did turn around in the end, put some music on nice and loud danced with the children then got on to the task of tidying up the disaster which was my kitchen. Dh came home wearing his super hero cape and all was well in my little world. Today is a much better day. I have also just been and bought some herbs and vitamins to help with my anxiety until I can see my dr.

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I also picture Dorie from Finding Nemo and mutter "Keep swimming, just keep swimming." to myself!  OH, hello there other awesome person!  Hang in there!  Keep swimming!  thumb.gif

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I am going to my dr today to get my anxiety sorted, I have tried the natural route, but it has gotten progressively worse over the last 8weeks to the point of wanting to curl up and hide. Dh's birthday last night and we went out for dessert, I felt scared and spent most of the night huddled behind him closely with my head down. So yeah not ok, time to make a new game plan.  

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Ugh, I'm sorry you're dealing with anxiety. It sounds like it is time for help, you deserve to enjoy your life. I have an anxiety disorder an the times when it spiralled like that and I got help, it got better surprisingly fast, I hope the same is true for you. It's a hard time of year, lots of social obligations and extra tasks to accomplish, kids are all wound up with excitement and can't go outside to burn off the energy as much with the short days/in the cold/rain/etc so there's that to try and keep a handle on, too. It all adds up.

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Thank you Mummoth, it really has spiralled out of control and without me being completely unaware of it. Looking back over the last few months I can see many occassions where it was bad. This year has been very stressful and even leading up to the end of it, I don't see an end in sight to the stresses unless I seak help. My husband is amazing, after I made an appt with our dr, I rang to let him know and he said he knew how hard that was for me and that he was very proud. When my anxiety gets bad (which not many/hardly anyone knows about) I tend to isolate myself from people. I haven't been to crafting group for months. and a friend who I was spending a lot of time with I have withdrawn from because I just cannot cope with her family stress on top of trying to keep my disorder to myself and under control. I seem to put on the vizard of being really strong and capable a little to well. Makes me wonder when I do go through these bad patches whether or not I am crazy greensad.gif

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Could the shorter days be part of the problem? Vitamin D, a full spectrum light, fresh air, sunshine and exercise may help.
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sadly no Pek64, I live in the southern hemsiphere and its summer down here, full on blearing sun from about 5:45am until at least 8:45pm. Don't even get me started on the winter blues.... Lets just say I intensely dislike winter time.

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I guess I should have guessed what the NZ stands for. Sorry you're having a tough time. Make sure you get enough to eat & drink, and enough sleep.
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Managed to get 11hrs sleep last night, so feeling pretty good this morning. Well my dr has diagnosed my anxiety/panic disorder as moderately severe and I also have mild agoraphobia. So I have just started medication which should help me to find a medium in which to function and cope better without having as  many  attacks as Ive been having lately.

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I overheard a conversation in my local natural food store about memory loss and depression being related to too little cholesterol. There was a mention of a book or books by a former astronaut on the subject. Just thought I'd pass that along.
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A good nights' sleep makes a world of difference! 


One thing that I've found really helps me is to crochet, because it keeps my mind occupied. If there's anything you do that's like that, where it takes a bit of focus but you can still carry on a conversation while you do it, maybe picking that up for a while will help? 

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Bizarrely singing helps, I do knit which does also help. Must start a new project to keep me busy over the festive season. Tonight I have watched a film while attacking the task of wrapping Christmas gifts. I am looking forward to Christmas itself, I love to see the joy my children experience. But the stresses leading up to it are not fun, thank goodness for my most amazing husband, he's is incredible and just holds it together so I can cope.
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