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Just wanted to chime in that I had/have a big guy too. At 12 months he was 38lbs and 33 inches tall. At 24 months he was 49 lbs and 38 inches tall. Now at 33 months (3yrs in March) he's 43 lbs and 41 inches tall. So he didn't start to slim down until he hit 2 years. I should mention he's been breastfed this whole time - almost exclusively until about 18 months when he finally became interested in "real" food. But like the others have said, just focus on healthy foods for your whole family.

My ideas about my own diet changed a LOT once I found out that my son can't have wheat, dairy, or soy. Since nearly all pre-packaged food has one of those things, I was forced to learn how to cook from scratch for the first time. I wouldn't ever go back. It takes some adjusting but if you limit yourself to the produce, meat (fresh, not processed), and dairy sections at the grocery store you really will find everything you need. All of the other aisles become unneccesary. Get yourself a good cookbook and go for it wink1.gif

Some other good places that I've found to be valuable in my health journey are www.mercola.com and www.westonaprice.org. And a great documentary is Food Matters.

Just go forth from here! You've got some big strong babies and that's great. The rest of their health depends on you. Blessings!
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My kids are breastfed, but still, DS weighed 31lb at 12 months. He didn't eat any solids at all until 11 months. Kids can't be obese on breastmilk and nobody ever gave me grief. He started walking at 12 months and now at 4.5 years he weighs 38lbs. He gained 7lbs in 3 years. He's proportionate. Dad was a big baby. He's leaning out. DD has been skinny and tall from the get-go on the same diet. Genetics!


I would do the nutritional counseling or do some online research to analyze what you guys are eating. We don't do juice because it's pure sugar, we rather eat a banana. Unfortunately, most peds will tell you to give kids juice by 6 months (bad for weight, bad for teeth!).

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A great cookbook we find really practical is Alice Waters, The Art of Simple Food. Hope that helps!
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