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Weekly Chat ~ Dec 17 - Dec 23

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Here is our new week's thread with a few posts from last week's to get us rolling...
Originally Posted by jacquelinej View Post

Hi Ladies,

I'm still around although a lot has happened in the past weeks. I went back to the US just before thanksgiving to visit family (for a thankfully drama less visit, mostly) in Baton Rouge, then went 'home' to Boston to have a MW appointment and any doctors for this pregnancy. The doctors were not happy with the medical treatment I am getting in Japan mainly because the OB here is treating me as a low risk but accoding to them I am high high risk. This is due to my history as well as the rheumatoid arthritis and celiacs. They are anxious (as am I) about the heart scan. They did a long 3d/4d (over an hour) but still could not determine the status of the heart at 17 weeks but we definitely know what we are having. I had an appointment every single day I was back in Boston - 7 days! I also had a consult with a genetic counselor due to DH age (41, didn't know that was an issue) and my pregnancy history. There also seems to be a problem with my blood pressure. Mostly its way down 30-40 points below my normal) but sometimes it skyrockets (30-40 points above). I think it's leveling out but I still have days when I feel like a train ran me over. There is also edema (swelling) in my ankles and feet which they can't pinpoint as pregnancy related or rheumatoid related. Rather disturbing. But the maternal fetal ob warned me that I could go into a flare from RA at any time so I should be prepared to go back to my injections and onto a steroid (ick!). So much for as natural as possible. He also told me that although its early yet, I have a partial placenta previa and that if it becomes a full, I will be on bed rest and no vbac for me.

Then I returned to continue the family visit in Baton Rouge for another 5 days where I gave my daughter a birthday party at an inflatable place. It was expensive but so worth it. I would have been too tired otherwise to even enjoy the friends and family that did make it.

We are moving, this time officially on January 25 from Tokyo back to Boston. It's only 6 weeks away and it feels like forever. We have a lot planned for the coming weeks in Tokyo but jet lag has really hit me and DD hard this time. We had virtually none when we arrived in japan the first time, and nearly none when we arrived in the US last time. And now neither of us can figure out why we are so miserable. Unfortunately this means packing for moving is inevitable and when we arrived we were packed for a stay of a year. So now I will have to either sort it out myself or let DH have a go (which he has already volunteered to do!). I did already bring back 2 large parachute bags (highly recommend for packing clothes if you are going overseas or away for a long time! They fit a huge amount) on our trip last time. We won't make it in just suitcases mainly because of my books. But I'm hoping that's about 4 small boxes of shipping only...bound to be more if I do the packing though.

I did get to buy some maternity clothes in the US, but they are still swimming on me at 18 weeks. So much more comfortable.

I hope to be able to catch up to the threads but it will take a while. I'm still finishing prepping my applications for grad school which are due...and did someone mention Christmas is almost here redface.gif. Thankfully I'm prepared for DD already, DHs birthday is Dec 30, DDs birthday is on New Year's Eve, so we have quite a week ahead of us. I brought a small fake Christmas tree back with us since they are hard to obtain here. DD can't wait to decorate, as soon as we can stay awake long enough/have the energy.

I hope everyone is well and are heading into a wonder filled holiday!
Originally Posted by BaileyB View Post

wave.gif Hi Jacquelinej! I have been thinking about you the last few days. I thought I had remembered right that you were moving or something around now-ish.

That sounds like a lot on your plate! Sorry about the complications you are having, NO FUN. Good luck with the packing, I hate packing and moving, although it is a nice time to get to go through your stuff and chuck things you don't want or need anymore. Sounds like you DO have a busy week (or 2) coming up. We have all fall and winter bdays here too, but more spread out than yours. DH is Nov 4, mine is January 29, and DD's is 5 days after that. Mix those in with the holidays and it seems like some sort of party every few weeks.
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Good to hear from you jacquelinej smile.gif Sounds like you will be busy! 6 weeks seems like a long time, but it will fly by pretty fast I bet! How is the packing going? Have fun with all the holidays and birthdays smile.gif I hope your complications get better and you don't have any flare-ups!

We found a carpet guy for the basement we are happy with and are scheduled to get carpet in sometime in the Dec 26th-28th range, they had that open since most people are traveling, but since DH is on call we are stuck at home so no big deal for us to get it in then. I really like the carpet we picked out, it's going to be nice, it's decently plush but very sturdy and it is multi-colored so it will hide stains decently which is good for a playroom smile.gif DH also finished the last wall in the basement, he had to move some heavy stuff with no help from me of course, but he was careful and wanted to get the painting done a bit before the carpet guys are in so it can get set well before they might be banging into the walls with carpet rolls. He also got the rest of the outlets in the basement installed so it is done until we get carpet and then we can start setting it up smile.gif I got lots of laundry, dishes and some house cleaning done, nothing much further on organizing, but a little there too.

Finished all my Christmas shopping on Friday (hooray Amazon!) and all but one item have already shipped and that one is for DD and it will be here by 12/24, so that works out. Most should be here today (including her play kitchen) and the rest will get here tomorrow. I have a lot of wrapping to do, but I've got all week and Saturday for the gifts for my family and Sunday and the 24th which I have off and no one else does. I'm looking forward to my day by myself, I'll probably rent or go see something really girly that my DH would never watch, maybe the last Twilight movie as it is the only one I haven't seen and the books/movies are one of my guilty pleasures or some other chick flick. And maybe a warm (not hot) bath too. I'm going to treasure the day whatever I decide to do, I so rarely get a whole day to myself anymore!

I have a routine OB appointment on Wednesday, but I'm sure I'll get a quick U/S peek as it is easier for them to get the heartbeats. Can't wait to see where the babies are now, still can't tell by palpitating, but they seem to be moving a lot!
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jacquelinej, I cannot even imagine having to pick up and move right now!  Ahhhhhhhh!  Between that and the holidays... yikes.  My DH's birthday is January 7th (plus BIL is 12/28, my father is 12/30, and my mother is 1/4) so I feel you on the holiday and birthday crunch, it's a lot to prepare for and I'm definitely feeling stressed out.


Katie, wahoo to you on being done with your holiday shopping!  I am too... except I have squirreled away a few gifts that I now cannot find, oops!  DS moved into the guest room a few months ago, which used to be my hiding place for gifts gathered before the occasion, and I've absolutely no clue what I did with them.  It's two gifts that I can remember, and who knows what else?!?  Wish me luck....


Gosh, Katie, a day to one's self sounds like a divine idea.  I have a cold today but am at work... was seriously considering staying home but came in as I'll be off all next week (but won't be by myself).  Enjoy yourself!

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Oh my gosh can you believe how late in Dec it is already!?

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i cant believe its nearly christmas!! im soooo worried about beign stuck in the middle of nowhere for a week over chjristmas but i dont think i have much choice tbh.. urg.. we'll see how it goes..

Im stil trying with my ex.. there are some days i wanna scream.. but hes a lot better and being really protective of the pregnancy and shouting at people who drive too fast with me in the car and other similar things which is sweet.. im being cautious tho.. hes getting help finally and seems to be working towards actually sorting himself out.. perhaps this is what he needed to sort himself? who knows..

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Good luck with your ex timesway! It's a tough situation to be in.


I just realized this morning that this coming weekend is already the 22nd and 23rd. I have a baby shower for a cousin who lives out of state on Saturday and then we are going to do some really fun things with DD on Sunday. Some local Christmas stuff that I haven't done since I was maybe 10, I'm excited! And then Monday, OMG!!!!, is Christmas Eve!!! Which is good because (I blame the hormones) I cannot stop shopping for DD. And I really wanted to have as non-materialistic Christmas as possible with her but looks like she is getting spoiled instead. She is actually turning out to fit a lot more girly girl stereotypes than I ever did. She was having another bad morning due to teething and having too much fun with her friend that was over yesterday, and since we had to run some errands for food anyway we went shopping. Turns out getting some new clothes and a new pair of ridiculously cute boots turns her frown upside down. On the one hand she is so fun to dress, but on the other hand I feel like this is a bad habit that cannot get out of control.


Edited to add:


I forgot to say that since I have basically decided that I will most likely be birthing in a hospital now and not at home, that it will be less hassle at the birth if I go to an OB for prenatals rather than only doing my own at home. I discussed with DH who said either way was fine with him but he would prefer less hassle with hospital staff at the birth and then mentioned that if I can get in before Jan1st we wouldn't have to pay extra because our deductible has already been met. Anyway, all that to say  tomorrow at 9:30 I have my 20 week U/S along with a regular prenatal. Trying to decide if I/we want to find out the gender tomorrow or not.

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Hi Mamas! Swamped at work over here, really looking forward to this week being over. Still have xmas stuff to do, but getting there...


Jac - good to see you, sounds like you are ultra busy! I hope you can get through the coming weeks with low stress & take care!


times - good to see you, hope it all continues to be good with the ex.


Katie - awesome that you guys are rockin out that basement!


Bailey - happy 20 weeks! What about a HB MW? You could always call at the last min and she'd clean up for ya. :)


Well, just wanted to say Hi and comment a little, back to work! I am SOOOOOO excited that I get 11 days off after this week! CANNOT WAIT!!!!

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thanks bailey and adventure i hope so too xx.. and eek.. i am buying stuff for ALL my friends with babys.. also cannot stop.. i think its because i feel too scared to buy anything for this baby yet so im going with my friends babys instead, altho ive failed at getting anything posted so far and it was last posts today.. its been a weird couple of weeks tho and ive had to concentrate on trying to make things work with my ex.. i really love him, and no matter how awful he was before, he seems to have changed ( i hope) and if he has i cant shy away from the chance for this baby to have 2 parents who love it AND each other.. plus he wont be moving in.. so it will be different, its been really lovely to go to HIS house and watch HIS films and so on.. i never had that before because he was always here and it makes it so so different..


OMG christmas eve monday? your joking? ARG.. lol actually dont know how i will cope :P im going away on saturdday, still havent bought a load of my presents, need to go see my brother whos in hosp, need to  see my dad.. need to wrap all my presents and attempt to send/wrap other things.. its too much for my poor brain to handle right now.. oh well evening in on my own for a few hours, will give me chance to have a chill and map out my week hopefully , scan tommorrow, people coming round for a christmas gathering just after.. then social workers on wednesday (nervous) and anaesnatist on friday.. how on earth am i going to do all of this without imploding? (plus pack for cornwall and go stay with my family in a cottage for a week?! :o ) dizzy.gif

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Originally Posted by adventuregirl View Post

Bailey - happy 20 weeks! What about a HB MW? You could always call at the last min and she'd clean up for ya. :)



That would be a good idea but the only midwife I know around here I emailed about her opinion of UC's so she might suspect I won't be calling her.

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times- so glad you're back- and I hope things work out for the best with your ex!

bailey- GL with the ultrasound tomorrow!

all my Princess Kate maternity followers- check out this slit! Do you think she's around 10 weeks?
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Originally Posted by TwilightJoy View Post

times- so glad you're back- and I hope things work out for the best with your ex!

bailey- GL with the ultrasound tomorrow!

all my Princess Kate maternity followers- check out this slit! Do you think she's around 10 weeks?

I wish I looked that good when I was sick!

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Hi everyone!


I followed the chat thread last week, but did not have time to respond!  Well, I tried on Friday night finally I think and had this huge response written up, and my cat stepped on my keyboard and bam, it was gone!  Anyway, last week was crazy with work, and christmas shopping, and christmas baking, but this week (knock on wood) should be somewhat sane.  Although DS is sick with a bad cough that developed Friday night.  It doesn't seem to be getting worse, but not better either.  Today I bought a Vics warm mist humidifier and some of the vaporizer for his room, so I hope he sleeps!  Depending on how he is I may be working from home tomorrow (I'd rather go into work, but can make it work if I need to.)


Jackie, sounds like things are crazy busy!  Good luck over the next few weeks!  But I am sure you will be so thrilled to be back on home soil! orngbiggrin.gif


Steph, I hope things go well with your ex and that he sticks with sorting himself out.  Remember, even if you don't stay with your ex, your baby will still have two parents who love him or her.  hug.gif  We are headed out to the boonies on Saturday as well.  We're doing Christmas with my inlaws, and I am looking forward to it.  It's so relaxing to visit them.   There is nowhere to go, and nothing to do, and it's great a week at a time.


Katie, yay on the carpet being installed (feels so awesome to get projects done!) and on being done shopping!  We finished on Saturday and it feels great!  My sister took DS on Friday night, and DH and I went to the mall just the two of us biggrinbounce.gif.  Amazing what you can accomplish when you aren't trying to keep a toddler happy who keeps saying "I want to run!"  lol.


Bailey, I hope you are feeling good about your change in plans from UC to hospital birth.  The mess thing was one thing I wondered about myself when first considering HB myself, and I was glad to find out I wouldn't have to be the one dealing with the mess otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd want a HB as well!  When the baby is born I just want to cuddle babe and forget the rest of the world exists for a while.


Well, I'm with everyone else and can't believe that Christmas is only a week away!!  Crazy!

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Wow!  Busy thread already!  Sorry if I miss anyone...


Jacqueline and Times-  Good to hear from you both!  I hope things are moving along ok for both of you! 


Katie- Is the carpet the last thing you need to finish the basement?  That's really exciting.  I have done a ton of my Christmas shopping on Amazon the past couple years too!  Sometimes I feel bad for not supporting more local retailers but a)our choices are limited here and b) it's just so darn convenient to shop online with little ones!     I hope you enjoy your day alone!


Bailey, I hope your US goes well!  I have mine tomorrow morning too!


NStewart, DD2 has had a cough too!  Ugh, it's just residual drainage from her cold 2 weeks ago but I feel bad for her.  It doesn't seem to bother her too much though.  I just went in to give her some honey and she was sleeping so soundly through the coughing that I couldn't.  I hope the vaporizer helps you DS!


Well, our US is in the morning and DH gets to go!  He wasn't going to since he has a staff meeting and felt like he shouldn't miss it since he just started.  I was talking to someone he works with on Sunday night and mentioned that i was bummed he had to miss it.  Our friend insisted that not only could he go but he really SHOULD and it would be totally fine.  We are so glad! 


We survived the busy weekend and celebrated Christmas tonight with my brother's family.  So I am hoping that after the US tomorrow the rest of the week will be low key.  I need to go get a gift for my MIL but she is easy and fun to shop for.  Oh and maybe somethings for DH's stocking.  I am so tired of spending money. 

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First, Thanks for all the thoughts: bailey, quinalla, cadybh, adventuregirl, nstewart and cobabymaker!  It's good to feel virtual hugs!


Bailey, I hate moving too!  Especially as much as we move, grr, it's been great to go places but it's a lot more hard work!  Actually with Chirstmas, the bdays and New Years, it is one constant party for about 2 weeks.  Its a bit much for me and I would like nothing more then to move DDs bday...see below on that plan.


Timesaway, I am with you on the baby shopping.  I can't buy anything for this baby, and I don't know why,  I am just too nervous and keep delaying.  The only thing I purchased was a stuffed owl animal since I will be doing an owl theme and some fabric for baby blankets and a baby quilt which I started.  But nothing else.  No clothes, no other items.  If I am given a shower, I will get what I need after, I think.


Quinalla, I am so envious you have a DH who actually does the home repairs!  I am the home repair person in my neck of the woods.  If I don't do it, we have to hire someone.  It must be super nice to have a play room almost finished.  Packing is not happening right now, I can't face it until after the holiday.  We have to get rid of items and things basically close down from this Friday until January 4th over here, so nothing will be done about recycling used items until after.  And then I'll be a bit more in a panic but I'll have to deal.  Maybe I'll be more in a toss/recycle mode once the New Year hits.  I really hate wasting things, especially money.


Bailey, I am also hospital birthing, if only for the ease and enjoyment, but at the most non-invasive hospital I could find.  HBs seem like a lot more work to me, but that might just be me.  Then DH just told me the other day that when I go into labor, just look for him passed out on the floor!  Silly man!  Good thing I don't have my heart set on a HB, I'd be the one cleaning up.  Good call on the insurance though, now I am so glad I started care in the US with our insurance rather then waiting.  I didn't even consider the deductible angle.


Nstewart So good to be home again!  If only for being able to navigate the medical and gluten issues more easily!  I have been wishing we could have foreseen this coming and stayed in the US for the holiday.  But, I would have had to be away from DH and that would have been hard.


Cobabymaker, GL tomorrow on your US!



Life is speeding along, 5 weeks 3 days to go until take off...oh boy.


No shopping for me or rather very very little.  I did get DD some small items, legos, a book, an I Can Be Barbie dressed as an archeologist, a Disney Cars car and something else.  That took a LOT of willpower not to go overboard, but I kept thinking to myself 'If I buy it, I'll just have to pack it later!'.  We did get her an 18" doll, Target carries the Our Generation line or My Generation?  (I think that's what it is called) and there is a doll that comes with a mermaid outfit.  DD is absolutely CRAZY about mermaids.  But she caught me in the act...


I shipped the doll and the carry case to my mother before we left Japan.  When I got to Louisiana, I was so busy with everything that I didn't unpack the doll right away.  DD went to visit her father for a few days and while she was gone, I opened the boxes.  I think I might be just as excited for her to get this doll as she is to receive it, it is pretty cute.  Anyway, I left the doll out so my parents (who I was staying with) could see the doll before I hid it.  Well, in my rush to leave the house the next morning, I left the doll out.  And then DD came home a little earlier then me that day.  OOPS!  I called my dad to ask him to move the doll when I realized I had left it out, but he couldn't find it.  This is so typical for him, it was in a really obvious spot.  But I thought maybe I did put it away.  LOL.  No pregnant brain, you did not.  I came home and at first DD said NOTHING at all.  For about an hour, she did not mention it.  Then she came to me and in a deadpan voice said "Momma, you know, if you are going to give me a gift for Christmas or my birthday, you should make sure you hide it before I see it.".  OH!, it was everything I could do to not to laugh out loud with tears in my eyes.  I turned to her and said, in the rehearsed lines my mom and I came up with on the way home when I realized my mistake, "Elizabeth, just because you see a gift out doesn't mean that gift is for you.  We buy gifts for other people too and grandma makes doll clothes for other people.  She is making doll clothes for that doll for someone else's gift."  Oh I lied, I lied, and I hated it but I had to go outside in the backyard after this and laugh until I cried.  I did ask her if she really liked the doll and she said she did so that we should put it on her wish list.


I know she will be disappointed on Christmas morning and her birthday (December 31), if she remembers (highly likely).  We talked about having a half birthday in June when I have my birthday because she feels it is unfair to her to receive all the gifts at one time in December for Christmas and her birthday.  And I see her point so I suggested she have her birthday party in December this year and then in June DH and I would give her our birthday gifts to her.  She really likes this idea, but I was really torn about the doll.  Since it is so big, I decided to leave it at my parents until we return in February or March.  I think we might give it to her with a birthday cake in April/May, before the baby comes or maybe after.  Not sure I can wait that long though!  This is hard since I can't wait to see her face when she opens it.  


What would any of you do with this birthday dilema?

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I'm with everyone, Christmas can't possibly be here yet, but it is. I usually organize the Christmas gift for our boss (we're a small company, just 13 of us) and I totally forgot to do anything until last week, oops! We did end up having to pick new carpet as the carpet guy called all apologetic that what we picked had been discontinued. He stopped by last night though and we found something I think will end up working better. It isn't as "fun" but it is probably more practical and just as soft and plush and still a multicolored one. And since I haven't heard from him yet today, I think we are good to go! I really need to start wrapping presents, I was lazy last night and DD wasn't coughing a lot and waking herself up, so I didn't get anything done.

CoBabyMaker, yeah, I do try to support local retailers when I can, but I usually can't find what I want locally. I do check first (I looked everywhere for a play kitchen locally, but no one had what I wanted which was not pink, not super flimsy and big enough. I did get tea from a nice local tea place here for my SIL, but that was about it. Couldn't even get the book and calendar for my Mom and sister at the local Barnes & Noble as they didn't have them in the store.

We still need to get a futon or something to go in the basement, but yeah the carpet is the last renovation thing we have to do smile.gif

nstewart, I need to get out the vaporizer for DD soon. And sorry about losing your post, I hate that! It is so nice when DH can shop by ourselves, it really is amazing how much easier and faster it is smile.gif I am so looking forward to the basement being done, it's really going to make the house feel so much bigger!

timesway, I love shopping for my brothers & SILs new babies! I'm not really worried about buying for my babies, but it is much easier for me to shop for others, when I go to buy frivolous things for myself or my family I can't stand to "waste" the money! I hope it works out with your ex and I understand about wanting to try and make it work.

adventuregirl, thanks, it has been great getting the basement going, really looking forward to it!

BaileyB, sounds like you are going to be busy! I think if you are going to give birth in a hospital, it is smart to go to an OB for your prenatals just to avoid hassles and also smart to use the deductibles as best you can. I know I made sure to use up as much of our HSA as possible this year as I'm sure we'll use it all next year with the birth. If you do find out the gender, let us know please smile.gif

cadybh, oh I hope you find your gifts. That is totally something I would do, I'm so bad about losing stuff if it doesn't have a designated spot!

jacquelinej, yeah I can understand not wanting to pack until after the holidays, I hope it goes quickly for you! I hate wasting stuff too, but I cannot stand clutter anymore so we've been a lot quicker to donate/trash stuff which I think is good and even DH has been better about not buying stuff without thinking hard about if we really need it. It is funny about home maintenance stuff, I think we have about equal skill and I actually tend to be more careful, but he's picked up a lot of it here lately and I'm happy about that as I really don't have time/energy to do it right now. It is funny though because he'll come and ask me questions because of my job I have some knowledge of wiring, plumbing, mechanical, etc. and a lot of times I wish I could be more helpful, but he usually starts doing stuff while DD is awake and someone has to watch her. For the gift for your daughter, I'd probably wrap a small box with a picture of it and a note that says "Waiting for you in the States" or something like that, I know I couldn't wait, though if you won't see your parents for awhile that might be hard on her. Maybe just let her open it as an early present from the baby or something like that as soon as you see your parents again.
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Feeling like I have been on a roller coaster the last 5 hours. I went for my u/s at 9:30, which did seem to take the full hour and then some. The u/s started out with a tech that seemed to be in training and was being shadowed by an experienced tech. Both ladies were very nice. Baby's limbs, organs, face, head size, hands, feet, spine, blah blah blah were great, perfect, measuring on track. Baby was "playing horsey with herself" they said. Very active, etc. Then they said they were going to see if one of the OB's wanted to take a quick look. They went and got an OB I had seen a few times before and he started immediately looking things over, went right for the head/brain. Seems like baby is missing part of it's cerebellum. The 4th ventricle. Which I guess they are saying could/probably is Dandy-Walker Syndrome. Long, long story short baby may be born with some mental retardation and/or coordination problems and/or learning disability. What I am a little upset with right now is that the first OB I saw today made it seem that baby would be either very handicapped or may not live long after birth, and hinted at "talking about my options" aka abortion. So after I freak out and have a breakdown in the U/S room, call my husband, and then meet with my regular OB, plus reading some personal stories online now. It sounds like baby has only one "marker" for the syndrome (I think it is called a syndrome). She does not have hydrocephalus, there is no cyst on the back of the brain, and she does have a completely intact vermis (I think that is what it was called). Also, my regular OB says that there is also a slight chance that the U/S just couldn't see that part of the brain there yet. hammer.gifSo I kinda feel like this right now.


Luckily, since they want to do a second scan when I am 22 weeks along, aka next week, I will get to find out more complete info very shortly. Unfortunately I have to go through Christmas knowing all this not to mention my cousins baby shower on Saturday, which I am already trying to mentally prepare myself for.


IDK, I guess I get to be statistically special. This only happens in 1 out of every 30,000 pregnancies. The cause of our first child being stillborn only had a 0.25% chance of happening too, so I guess my eggs are special.....


But in the fun news department it's another GIRL!!! Which I am excited about. We are calling her Ruth for now.


Just feeling a little sorry for myself right now and yet trying to determine how bad things really are. I really don't mind the idea of having a child that is handicapped, mentally or physically, but am feeling over whelmed by the idea of having a child that is chronically ill and in and out of hospitals and never knowing how long they are going to last, etc.

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Oh Bailey, I am so sorry you are going through this! Sounds like the info you are getting is mixed and that just isn't fair. My thoughts are with you and hoping that everything will be just fine.

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Oh Bailey I'm so sorry that you are in this frustrating situation.  I will be praying that you will be able to feel peaceful about it until next week when you can hopefully get some real, clear answers!

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Bailey I am so sorry about your situation.  I really hope you get some firm answers next week (and that it all involves very good news!!)  hug2.gif

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Thinking of you Bailey, that's scary news and hard to wait even a week to find out more. Hang in there. hug2.gif

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