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off of domperidone--tummy troubles?

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I took domperidone/motilium to increase my milk supply with my 3rd child and it worked great.  I was down to a minimal dose when I weaned myself off the med but have since been having bowel issues--constipation alternating with unusual bowel "consistencies" or diarrhea.  [Ew, sorry!]  Wondering if my body became dependent on the motilium for elimination?  Anyone else?  Thanks...

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Apparently it is also used to help tummy issues.
Were you having stomach problems before you started using it that went away?

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No--no problems before I used it.  Only since weaning off of it.  Motilium is used to increased bowel motility but I haven't read of anything in the literature about women who use it to increase breastmilk having problems after use.  ??

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I was on it for a long time and I don't recall any issues in that department going off it.


Have you changed your diet at all? Fluid intake?


Theoretically I guess that's possible - maybe check with your doctor.  It couldn't hurt to start taking a good probiotic and eating more veggies...


Edit:  Another thought - the domperidone COULD also have been masking a pre-existing but not yet noticeable food sensitivity, like to wheat or dairy or soy or something.  Once you went off it, the symptoms showed up.  Your symptoms sound a lot like IBS, which can sometimes be resolved by figuring out dietary triggers.  If you can swing it, an elimination diet or an anti-inflammatory diet (like the Whole30) might resolve things then you can add things back in and see if anything in particular is causing it.

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