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Wow! Edelweiss, that blanket is amazing! I love the little sheep, so cute!

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That is so cute!  Are you doing the next one in green as well, or another color?  What stitch did you use?

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How cute! You did beautiful work.

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Originally Posted by Mama505 View Post

That is so cute!  Are you doing the next one in green as well, or another color?  What stitch did you use?

Thank you ladies! It was alternating sc and dc to create texture for the pasture so the next blanket I'll use green to so it can be a cow pasture. I don't want to make black cows though because it is so hard to see while I'm working on it.

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I wasn't sure if you had intended it to look like a pasture or not, but that's what I thought of.  What a cool idea!

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Eidelweiss, that is the cutest blanket ever!! Wow!

My own craftiness has been reduced to fixing pants and hemming dresses. I just haven't been in the mood to do anything very creative or time-consuming! I did look over all of our cloth diapers yesterday, though, and found lots of elastic that needs to be replaced. So not fun!
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coffee-  My craftiness is being thwarted as well.  Thankfully it is through the generosity of others.  I pulled out a couple of wool sweaters with holes in them to felt and make soakers.  Then my friend came over and said to use them for something else, she had a bunch of soakers and covers that they no longer use (they are no longer cloth diapering) that she wants to give us!  I need to jump on the fixing boat though, so many things to be mended before August rolls around.

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Edelweiss, I love the sheep blanket, so adorable!!! love.gif

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Love the sheepy blanket! I have been so UN-crafty this pregnancy greensad.gif
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Me too, Banana.  It doesn't help that it's now prime gardening season, so the time I would have been spending (and should have been spending earlier this year) crafting is now spent in my jungle, er, yard...


I need to keep looking at that cute sheep blanket, maybe it will inspire me to finish that damn sweater that only needs the rest of the sleeve done!

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Thanks ladies. DH has been doing most of the gardening since I can't bend down very easily. I also had DD harvest spinach.  Now I gotta get started on Baby B's blanket.

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Looks great Edelweiss!  Can't wait to see pics of Baby B's Blanket :)


I finally finished the 6 hour afghan/throw that i was making for a wedding gift (now referred to as the 6 week afghan because I have pregnancy induced ADHD!)  Here it is: 


It is a really simple pattern, and would really like to make one for myself in a lighter color too.

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Looks great!
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Jillgayle-  Your afghan looks so cozy!






I haven't been very crafty lately.  I have been making an activity book for DS for our long plane trips next week.  I saw this on facebook and thought, 'Wait!  I AM being crafty after all!'

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jillgayle - I love that afghan. My husband has one that looks similar and it's very soft.


I finished Baby B's afghan except the cows. That's tomorrow's project: modify sheep into Holsteins. My wrists are so sore from all the crocheting but I'm happy to have it almost done. I love crossing things off my list.

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I've been doing a lot of baby knitting :)  





Hemlock Ring


Haruni Nursing Shawl


Sock yarn sweater


Little Oak (for a swap)


Little Coffee Bean (before buttons) 


I also have a Shale blanket half finished, a Zoom! cardigan that just needs sleeves, and I'm working on the sleeves for a Baby and Child Sophisticate (thats for the almost 4yo. )

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amahar - those are too cute for words!!

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Holy flying needles, Batman!  Gorgeous!

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Amahar, that is an amazing collection! You're a very talented knitter!

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I am so sucky at crafting right now, all I'm doing are boring home improvement projects
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