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I work for a cloth diaper store and somehow ended up with all the wet bags. I lot were freebies, a few I bought at a going out of business sale and a few, my monkey foot designs ones I bought on purpose. We use them for everything, well beyond diapers. I also somehow have five pail liners.
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So many beautiful things here! Nice work, mamas!


I haven't done any of the sewing or knitting I planned on doing *sigh* However, I did manage to make a new "milkie pillow" which is an essential for me :)




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Everything looks great you guys!  I am feeling so behind on projects.  Now I am limiting myself to the functional things (read BORING things), but necessary.  DS and I made wipes the other day out of a mismatched flannel pillowcase I found when putting away laundry.  I have the stuff out right now to make some pp pads with the leftovers from that and some prefolds that didn't make the cut (I remember being slightly embarrassed when people would see me using them to diaper DS because they are pretty ratty around the edges, but I always thought to myself, "They are going on his BUTT, to catch POOP/PEE for goodness sakes!  Does it matter if they are a bit frayed?"  Anyway, some friends gave us their huge stash of covers and prefolds, so I can recycle the ratty ones into pp pads! 


carmen, Did you make the whole pillow or a new cover for an existing form?  I like the fabric, by the way!

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I love your fabric for that pillow!
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Beautiful Boppy cover, Carmen! You jogged my memory when I saw it- I think I would have forgotten that we even had a Boppy stored in our attic!
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I did it! I actually got my craft closet together! I still want to do some tweaking, more throwing out of old papers and stuff, but the shelving's up and my stuff is in there in findable, usable fashion. Hooray!

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Whoa!  That is awesome Mary!  clap.gif

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Crafty. I love the closet.


I finally got some photos of some of what I have been working on. Her quilt and some room things are finished too, but I will wait until I get the bunting put up to photograph those.


Carrier stuff sacks a la Red Charlotte on etsy. The first on is for my friend due two days before me (I have the same fabric ready for one for my cousin). Fabric is Dwell Studio for target bedding via a consignment sale.



Stuff sack for my carrier. The pink stripe is me cutting the fabric too small and them being awesome.


Doll carriers for Bee and her friend (whose mama gets the stuff sack). I posted the link to the tutorial above. They were super fast to make.


Me (37 weeks today) in my new gauze wrap. Bee lent me her baby doll. 5.5 yards of gauze from fabric.com (3.99 yard) cut in half and hemmed. I dip dyed for the gradient with Dylon. I have another the same dimentions that I need to hem (I sort of tie dyed it by coiling it). I think it will be a ring sling.



Cover for my Target wipes. We use cloth at home, but these are one of my going out essentials. And now they are cute and have a strap. There are snaps on the bottom to open it up.


Carrier straps covers. Snaps on the back with a tea towel inside. I have more to match the zoo bags made that just need their snaps.

Carrier is my Onya that was originally brown and green. Which are not my colours. So a long wash and some navy Dylon later, it is blue.


I also dyed some of my muslin blankets and a nursing tank turquoise this week, but forgot to take photos.

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Love all the craftiness.  Here is mine and still working on the one diaper cover I'm knitting for this little one.  lol


My belly cast dh did for me.  37 weeks 2days


Close up of mobile stars and flower above changing table.


Tried to put them high enough so that me and dh don't get hit in the face with them every time we change a diaper. 

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Wow crafty I love your craft closet, so cool you have it all set up.


Leigh, love your projects.  I need to get my sewing machine out and do a quick blanket for this little one.  I haven't really done much after packing and moving and unpacking.

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Whoa Leigh! You are crafty in the extreme. The gradient dye job on the gauze wrap is GORGEOUS! Great job on everything. I never see Dwell Studio stuff at consignment sales here- unless I am the consignor! Ha. Would love a find like that.

Cathy, awesome belly cast and mobile. Is the cast papier mâché or something else? Did you have to Vaseline your body before you did it? We used to do that in high school with face masks, but I know some of that was because of eyebrows.

Now that I have a craft closet, I need to make some new crafts! My old craft area was our DS's room. He doesn't sleep in there, but his stuff overtook my space and I just stopped getting stuff done.

Similar to your pads for your carrier, Leigh, I think the last thing I made, if you can call it that were suck pads for DS's ergo. I just used two Thirsties wipes (thick & wash cloth-y) and sewed Velcro on them. Ta-da! But now I have space, I can't wait to do more actual stuff!
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Leigh, that gauze wrap is amazing! I love the gradient dye on it- how much would you say it cost you to make? I am suddenly very interested in making a gauze wrap...

Well, I haven't done any crafting for baby (that will come later, I suspect), but I did finish decorating our basement guest bedroom where my sister-in-law will be staying for a month! We painted and installed the chandelier, then I sewed the pillows and we spray painted an old thrifted headboard. I love how cheery it is now!

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Coffee. The gauze for two wraps was about $20, but you have to make two since you can not sew two shorter pieces together safely. $3ish for the dye. I think it took more time to iron the edges then it did to hem them. I got the gauze at fabric.com and I got a few more things to get to free shipping.


These are the tutorials I used.




I found them on pinterest, where I am LeighPF

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Coffee, I'd certainly feel welcome to stay in that room, very nice!

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Holy productivity ladies!!! Hey, I packed my family room up. Oh wait, that's not crafty at all.

Leigh, that wrap is great!
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Banana, that was me last time. We moved less than three weeks before Bee was born. I think that is part of the crafts binge this time. Because really, no cosleeper needs bunting.

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Such talent around here!

 Finally finished a couple hats, one for baby girl, one for baby boy. Pattern said 0-6m, but they are definitely more on the 3-6 m side and will be perfect for the fall and winter. DS has now requested one too so I have to figure out how to make it bigger to fit his head or find a similar pattern for a toddler. 


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Love the colors!  I plan on starting my hats after, I just can't sit still long enough it seems.  But put a snuggly baby near me and I will sit and sit and sit, so maybe I can feel productive that way.  ;)  This is assuming I can knit with a baby on me...it can be done, right?  RIGHT?! lol.gif

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I finally made something!





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I love that fabric!

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