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Breech update

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Some of you posted responses to my breech worries, so I wanted to update.


I went to my appointment today and by feeling around it was unclear where the baby was so they did a quick ultrasound. Head down! Yay! Except, while I was still lying there, the baby completely changed positions and then became not head down. So....he still has room.  I'm still only 34 weeks, though, so nobody is hot and bothered by it. I'm just going to avoid "lolling about on the sofa" as the spinning babies website advises.

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Well, I'm glad he still has plenty of room to flip around. Hopefully he'll get settled soon!
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Good news...sort of! LOL A flipping baby is better than an adamantly breech baby :)

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Well, I got a stomach bug from my daughter and had to go to the ER for some fluids. (Gah! So hard to position yourself comfortably over the toilet for a 12 hour vomit fest while 35 weeks pregnant.) Anyway, I'm fine now, but we got a bonus ultrasound while at the hospital and the baby is still head down. 


The only thing now is that his body is way over the right side. Like, my belly looks lopsided. He never wants to go over to the left side, even if I lay on that side. Is this good or bad or nothing? 

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I'm so glad you feel better and that baby is okay!  I'd say his position is fine.  Still plenty of time to move over!

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