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First Christmas!

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Is anyone else super excited!?! We decided to fight the urge to get anything for our little Peanut this year just because we know both our families are going to go above and beyond with gifts. Are you guys going the same route or did you get your LO some awesome presents? What did you guys get them?


Is anyone crawling or eating solids yet? My little Peanut is scooting all over the place and just cut her first tooth! I couldn't believe it since I've been breastfeeding her the whole time and didn't even notice her bite down at all. I guess I got lucky this time. Hope it stays that way though! We're starting solids later this week. :-)

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We got Hannah a few things, but not much. There were a few things that have worn out that would be getting replaced anyways.

She actually cut her 2 bottom teeth at 2.5 months, early just like her brothers lol. She hasn't bitten me at all thank goodness, but if she starts just playing she puts a little pressure with her teeth and then grins at me. I still remind her 'no bite' and end the session, but so far so good.

No scooting yet, though she's a rolling fool and is starting to stick her butt up a bit like an inchworm. We're waiting till at least 6 months to start any solids, so we have a little bit longer. Getting a bit bummed out at how quickly she's growing up!

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