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At wits end....What to do next?

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I have 3 kiddos ages 6, 3 and 2.  The first two were totally unassisted home/waterbirths.  100% quiet, quick and pain free.  My 3rd was a hospital delivery for no reason other than they more or less refused to let me leave, even AMA.  I was threatened with CPS and the local Police if I left.  It was an unholy mess, and a total mistake on my behalf to even set foot there.  Now I am 24wks with #4, and in ND instead of CA this time.  I have had to see an OB since the nearest MW is 5+,hours away.  The only reason I see anyone for prenatal care is due to a heart defect that my DH and his Nephew both had.  So I like to have the anatomy scan done to check for abnormal anything.  I had it done this time at 21wks, and had to wait 2 weeks for the results.  In the meanwhile, my OB died.  So now I have the locum Dr, that I am not fond of.  He read my anatomy results was he was on his way out the door.  He said I need a follow up scan due to grossly dilated fetal kidneys.  Then I get a copy of the order for the scan, which states kidneys dilated, CPC (choroid plexus cyst) and cervical length check.  I was only told of one thing.  I have to wait until the 8th of January for a follow up, and the have me scheduled for the GTT test as well, which I have never taken.  I do not eat refined sugars or carbs, and am Vegan.  That test is going to throw this babe and I into a tizzy.  But....I have tried to get a second opinion appt ordered all morning from 4 different OB's so far.  All of them have refused me because I am already under OB care.  My insur. covers it all, and we can pay OOP if I need to.  But I can't even get an appt.  If this babe is going to need Follow up care, or NICU time due to a medical condition that we are aware of and can plan for, I will be going home to California.  DH and I are planning on UC'ing again, but if there is going to be an issue, we will submit to a hospital delivery.  But I would like to know.  I am to the point where I just want to be left alone, and finish my own prenatal care.  But I can't in a clear mind do that until I know the status of my in utero sons kidneys and brain.  I had the Quad screen done, because it was the strict policy of the OB, as in if I refused, he would fire me as a patient.  All they keep telling me is the results were fine, but they won't give me a copy, and both of the things spotted on the scan can be soft markers for Trisomy 18 or 21.  How should I handle this?  I am 3 hours from the next town that offers regular OB care.  I feel like I am being kept in the dark about all of this, and I am not the type that handles that well.  I am keeping the appt for the scan on the 8th, and will most likely have to submit to the GTT test as well, since it falls on the same day.  If I could find out what we are dealing with before then, at least if there has been a change, I probably delay that appt, or not reschedule at all.  I am just stressed and worried over all of this.

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Are any of the other OBs in town more friendly to your ideas?  Maybe you could just stop being seen by this doctor and then the others would be open to meeting with you.  It doesn't sound like you'd lose much by getting rid of your current one. 

In any case, if it were me, I would officially request my records from the current office, drop them, and then if things didn't work out easily with a local OB, I would drive 3 hours to see another one.  Or I'd drive 5 hours to see a midwife if that person could get me the tests I wanted. 


I'm sorry everyone's making it so difficult for you to get information that you have a right to know.

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(I'm in health care.  I was looking at (in awe of) the birth stories and stumbled on this.)


Obtain copies of all your/LO's records.  They are yours.  You will have to fill out a release form, but you should be able to obtain a verbatim copy of the records, including the ultrasound report.  


Dilation of the kidneys happens in 1-5% of all pregnancies.  Most of the time, it is either transient or due to something that is relatively easily fixed.  Worrisome would be a blockage in the urethra (in males), a blockage where the ureter joins the kidney, or if the ureters do not plug into the bladder correctly.  


You are not under care of an OB.  A locum is a temporary physician, and obviously not one that you chose.  You have the right to be seen by an OB that you choose.  Also check out family practice physicians.  They may be able to see you more quickly, but if there is something that suggests high risk, they will refer you to an OB.  Check out the "tribe" portion of these forums for ND.  There is a wealth of information in there and you might get some more personalized recommendations about who to see from someone who lives in your area.  Also you might want to contact a midwife anyway.  If they've been there for awhile, they probably know the "lay of the land" as it were, and could perhaps give you some good advice.  

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yeahthat.gif You're awesome, PP.  That's some useful info/advice.

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