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Uterine Polyps

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Hello ladies...

I have to have surgery to remove some decent sized uterine polyps... I am wondering exactly how invasive the surgery is and what to expect afterward?  I will (at the time of the surgery) have a one year old and a 5 year old so I need to prepare for recovery with them.  I am having it done on feb vacation so I will have time to recover, but just not alone.  Also how does this type of surgery effect fertility... does anyone know??


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Welcome to MDC; I hope your surgery goes well.


Anyone have experiences to share?

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Hi Mackie,
I was diagnosed with polyps this summer and had surgery in July. I was nervous about it, but is was really not bad at all. The only issue I had was recovering from general anesthesia. I felt nauseous for a few hours and then felt totally fine. I was even feeling ready to go to work the next day. The next morning when I woke up, I was having some residual side effects from anesthesia. I had muscle pain in my neck and shoulders (enough that I just wanted to sleep and hang out on the couch) and I was severely constipated. I wish someone had warned me about that! If I would have know, I would have planned to take a gentle stool softener after surgery. As far as recovery of the surgical site, it was a breeze. I bleed very lightly for a few days. I felt some tenderness/cramps in my uterus that were really mild. I did not have to have my cervix dilated, so I think that helped. My next period was heavy and cranky, like it always has been. However, on a super positive note, each AF since then has been waaaay better. It's about 5 days instead of 11 and my cramps are so much better. I've had no weird spotting since the surgery. I was spotting for days at O time and before AF, which is how I was originally diagnosed. I was cleared to TTC for the next cycle.

I hope your surgery/recovery are easy and quick! I'm really glad I did it. Sorry you have to wait till Feb. that a long time to be waiting and wondering.
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Wanted to share my experience as well.


We had a daughter that was stillborn in 2006.  After she passed we struggled with secondary infertility for 2 years and did lots and lots of meds, procedures, tests, and surgeries.  Discovered I had 1 uterine polyp and that was most likely the cause of the fertility issues and the 3 miscarriages I had during those 2 years.  I had the polyp removed in August, and on 250mg of clomid got pregnant in October right after.  I was warned that the removal could cause thinning in the area removed (in the uterus) and when my son was born via c-section (my 1st section) after 24 hours of labor with no progression a rupture (hole developing) was discovered in my uterus in the area where the polyp had been and removed from.  The MFM suggested that the the removal probably caused the rupture but who knows.


Not trying to worry you at all, just wanted to share my personal experience with you.  Good luck mama!!  I did have less bleeding with periods afterwards though.  Oh and my recovery ... the anestesia(sp?) caused a severe headache for about 4 days that debilitated me.  On another note, I had the same anestesia with another procedure in January and I did NOT experience anything like this after.

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Just sharing my experience.

I had 3 polyps removed in July. One was quite large and likely cause of some of my infertility issues (age being an irreversible factor). Procedure was quite straight forward for me. In and out. Recovery from anesthesia was not bad - though I was super hungry when I woke up (they had crackers and ginger ale). I found the ice packs they gave me really helped in the hour long car ride home (I asked for a few extra before leaving). Also I asked for a percocet before leaving - which was so much better at cutting the discomfort as the Meds that were in the iv wore off. I was in recovery for all of 45 minute after waking before I left.

The proceedure was almost mid cycle for me. I had minimal bleeding day after and then did a bit too much on second day (because I felt fine and had no bleeding) which made me bleed a bit on the third day - so I rested some more that day. I was definitely really tired after on the day of and also the next day. So you may want to have some help for a few days if you can. Periods definitely were lighter afterwards an a lot less clotting. I didn't have BM issues but did put some ground flax in a smoothie for lunch afterwards for good measure smile.gif

Best of luck and positive vibes!
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I just had a hysteroscopy done to remove a good sized polyp that my doctor felt should come out before starting IUI for the first time.  It's been three days since, and the light spotting has stopped.  The only side effects that I am having are headache, fatigue and heartburn.  I feel quite bloated and constipated.  I am thinking the heartburn might be because of that.  This was my first time going under general anesthesia.  Did anyone else get the heartburn I am experiencing?

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I did not get heartburn that I can remember. You may be experiencing some irritation in your esophagus from being intubated. Also, the anesthetic really relaxes all the muscles in your body, probably including your esophageal sphincter, which could cause some AR.

I hope you are feeling 100% again, soon! Good luck with your IUI. I hope it's a success. Is planned for your next cycle, or will you wait a bit?
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Thank you! I am feeling a little better today, and I am taking my prenatal vits earlier in the day to see if that helps with the acid.  In the meantime, I have some Prilosec handy! 


I think we're going to try IUI for the next cycle, so long as everything looks good.  I'm a totally newbie in this respect, and we only started working with the RE a couple of months ago after really trying for a year.  The doctor thinks it will go ahead as planned, but it remains to be seen when my cycle with actually start again.  He put me on BC for the surgery, and I've just stopped taking it as of Tuesday.

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PS: Sandwiches- love your icon!

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Thanks! It's a mothering.com default. I like it, too, so I'll keep it! : )
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Hi, again!

I wanted to check in with you ladies who had polyps. Since 6 dpo (now 8 dpo) I've had sharp pinching cramps that take my breath away. My optimistic side is hoping it's implantation. The cynic in me is sure my polyps are back and causing me pain. I had weird bleeding this month, two full periods in three weeks back to back, which makes me suspicious of polyps. My main symptom before my surgery was irregular bleeding.

Do you remember having pinching cramps at any point? If you've been pg, have you had it as a symptom? I don't remember this from my first pregnancy, which was a mc.
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Sandwiches, no pinching cramps after ovulation, but a really tough period after the surgery.  It was two weeks late, super heavy and my whole body ached.  Biggest symptom was stomach cramps, like the kind you get from a flu.  I spent the weekend in bed and had to take Monday off.


This month, I had strong cramps at CD15, after ovulating on CD11 with stimming.  We missed our IUI chance.  This month I have cysts on the ovaries from stimming and cannot move forward until next month.  So yeah, things have been a bit wacky since then, but not unusual, according to the doc.


I think polyps need time to grow?  I can't imagine they'd come back so quickly after removal.

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Sorry to hear you missed your chance this month. I hope those cysts fade quickly. I had my surgery last July, so it seems possible they could grow in that time. I asked my doctor how often they come back. She didn't have exact figures, but guessed 1 in 5.

I'm trying to hold out to test as long as possible. It helps that I only have one FRER and I don't want to waste it. If I drive by a $ store today, I'm in trouble. Have a lovely weekend, Goatmamma!
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Just thought I'd update, it's been a year since my surgery and I recently had an ultrasound -- no new polyps in there. I hope the same is true for all of you. : )

Happy summer!
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