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Naturally minded providers in Eugene area?

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My husband and I are moving to the Eugene/Springfield area from Maine at the end of January and we're looking for a pediatrician or family practitioner who is open minded about vaccines and alternative medicine a quick search brought up Dr. Orestes Gutierrez and Dr. Leigh Saint-Louis, any experience with either or suggestions for others?

I'm also 5 months pregnant right now, so I'm also looking for a midwife in the area. I've looked into and heard good things about the Peacehealth Nurse Midwifery Birth Center in Springfield, anyone have experience with them?


We have family in the area that have given us some suggestions, but they are much more medically-minded than we are, so thought I'd ask here. Thanks everyone!

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I'm an apprentice at Growing Family Birth Center in Lebanon. You're welcome to come for a consultation. 



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Dr. Adrienne Borg has been my ND for 15 years. Now she also sees my son (5 months).. And has given me great information about immunizations. Highly reccomend!
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We take our five month old daughter to Dr. Leigh and really like her.  She is warm, knowledgable, and not at all pushy.  She is fine with the fact that we don't vaccinate (she doesn't even carry vaccinations in her office) and is very pro-breastfeeding.  She doesn't take insurance and charges a 60 dollar flat fee (you could bill your insurance on your own, but we don't bother).  One thing that we really like about her is that when you become her patient she gives you her cell phone number and invites you to call her whenever you need to regardless of day or time.  For this reason alone, in my mind, she priceless.  That being said, we will also be taking our daughter (and ourselves) to  Dr. Lisa Del Alba here and there as she is a naturopath and we like her approach to holistic health. 


As for midwives, I have a friend who gave birth at the birthing center at peachealth and had a good experience.  We had a homebirth and went with Elise Hansen at 10 moons midwifery.  We moved to Oregon when I was 35 weeks pregnant (which was insanity) and we were able to transfer our care with ease.  Elise was wonderful during the birth.  


hope that helps!

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My preceptor suggested Dr. Velarde at http://www.eugenepeds.com/

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Thanks for the tips everybody!

I think we're going to call or email Dr Leigh and ask some questions, but I took some time to look around her website and like what I saw, and I like that the whole family would be able to see her.


As far as midwives - Want to call and ask some questions of them, too, but I think I'm going to go with the birthing center at PeaceHealth. I would love to have a home birth, but had complications with my first that necessitated being at the hospital, so I want to be close in case of a repeat, though I hope it won't happen!

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So we've been out here in Springfield for a couple of months now. I've been going to the Peacehealth Birth Center and am very happy with them, due in 3 weeks, so we'll see how the birth goes!
We did end up seeing Dr Leigh, and I really like her, but the insurance thing has been a bit of a sticking point. Our insurance covers in-network preventative care 100%, but because she out-of-network, we have to pay using our HRA or out of pocket. I know $60 per visit doesn't seem like a big deal, but with a toddler and newborn and on top of all the other medical bills that come with having a baby, that's really going to add up!


So I'm back asking for more suggestions. We would prefer a family doctor that all of us could see that is open to delayed/no vaccinations. Any ideas?

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